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12:07 AM
@Mateo you sure?
12:35 AM
A long and great explanation of Metadata:
@Braiam I don't understand your question
Oof. Found the swig wrapper, but it appears it has loads of bugs and is being completely rewritten with ctypes instead like I initially planned. So at least I was thinking in the right direction...
1:35 AM
@braiam about what?
2:07 AM
Send this to the abyss with downvotes everyone:
A: How do I install the Unity desktop environment on Ubuntu Studio 13.04 (Xfce)?

Chad @Markus Thanks. Please just suggest an edit to the post next time. We encourage users on this site to improve posts of others rather than posting comments. ;) – gertvdijk Nov 13 at 13:05 Wow! What a complete asshole! The guy attempts to help out by posting a corrective comment and y...

i already flagged it, but we need it downvoted in the mean time to oblivion
aaand the aubergine is up!
@Seth it was up over two hours ago
@ThomasW. So I see (upon reading the transcript)
I like it.
2:36 AM
Moderator around?
2:52 AM
@Seth apparently not because i have a flag on a post that is offensive and nobody's handled it
3:16 AM
Ok, I give up http://askubuntu.com/questions/385602/camdesk-doesnt-work?noredirect=1#comment497552_385602
There is something getting lost in translation
I don't think this is going to happen. The whole reason they made it black was because they didn't want to make site specific ones. — Seth 11 hours ago
@Seth i think your comment failed :p
because revised se bar :P
3:32 AM
@ThomasW. Well at least it was a good fail ;)
What's up with this?
Q: DBPageNotFoundError

user224185I was in the middle of running a heavy python program and suddenly it was interrupted and got the following error: DBPageNotFoundError : (-30985, 'DB_PAGE_NOTFOUND: Requested page not found') How can I fix this problem? any help and advice is appreciated

1 hour later…
4:58 AM
Q: Able to connect to my dell printer but cannot print to it

Joe FokkerPC: Dell Inspiron Mini 10, Processor: Intel Atom dual core 1.6 GHz, RAM: 1GB, OS: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 32 bit, Printer: Dell P713W So I tried to add the printer driver for my ubuntu from the following site. http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/driverdetails?driverid=R294166 I followed ...

5:40 AM
Watch 10:30 Obama says "Ubuntu"
We should give 14.04 code names Madiba or Mandela since madiba is the one who formulated Ubuntu and strengthen it's philosophy. What do you think @canonical
that would be kinda,.. political wouldn't it?
political? really?
the alliterative animal theme is pretty inoffensive
no, we should start given a code name for hero's
No more creepy animal names
BTW, Madiba Ubuntu philosophy doesn't related to politics
@JourneymanGeek watch this => youtube.com/watch?v=vt72ORXUlao
Ubuntu ( ; ) is a Nguni Bantu term (literally, "human-ness") roughly translating to "human kindness"; in Southern Africa (South Africa and Zimbabwe), it has come to be used as a term for a kind of humanist philosophy, ethic or ideology, also known as Ubuntuism or Hunhuism (the latter after the corresponding Shona term) propagated in the Africanization (transition to majority rule) process of these countries during the 1980s and 1990s. Since the transition to democracy in South Africa with the Nelson Mandela presidency in 1994, the term has become more widely known outside of Southern Af...
You can see the deep relation between Ubuntu and Madiba. If Madiba doesn't exist, There is NO Ubuntu and its philosophy. don't you think?
6:06 AM
They changed it to purple.
Of all the things they could do... they changed it to purple.
Well what the hell.
@RolandiXor you mean 14.04?
6:35 AM
@Achu nah, the header of our site.
7:28 AM
1 hour later…
8:37 AM
8:51 AM
lol - fighting an eggplant is to become one.
9:10 AM
nuff said!
? the fudge?
my reputation is here 4829?
on askubuntu its sais 3796?
Ow wait, it adds all of my rep on the stackexchange network? Provided, on other sites in the network, its over 200?
Just a shoot in the dark, after one cup of coffee! :P
9:32 AM
Q: Run script file from command promt

user1501700I have bash script aaa.sh that runs fine from current directory. But if I try to run using full path /home/vik/Projects/updd/aaa.sh, system tells No such file or directory. What might be wrong?

10:10 AM
@blade19899 Yup.
10:24 AM
10:39 AM
Cough suggested edits queue cough
Sorry I seem to have a bad cough today
10:50 AM
@Mateo I didn't see the aubergine....
@Lucio what is your keyboard mapping? Some of them need to be activated to get AltGr + 2 = @
@Braiam the top bar on AU shows as purple for me now... might be a cacheing issue
well was like 10 hours ago...
sorry. chat didn't show the last message posted X hours ago message... and it's still working here.
I wonder how many peoples edit allowances I've maxed out so far
11:06 AM
@kalina I'm skiping your edits :P
how rude
I was hoping to edit suggest my way up to 500 rep today, that will never happen if you don't approve them!
this makes sense for anyone? askubuntu.com/q/384392/169736
he wants to convert the contents of his hard disk into an image that can then be imaged onto another machine
like using ghost or w/e
that's what I interpret... is still unclear?
I'm guessing you've never done that before
the only real confusion is him referring to said image as an iso
creating said image wouldn't allow you to just "install it" on another machine though
11:15 AM
there's a custom respin question somewhere. if they want to convert a running image to an iso they're looking for remastersys or similar
you'd need a program like Norton Ghost or similar
that's an option
clonezilla would let you image the disk... but it doesn't produce an installer iso, neither would ghost. remastersys would
so it needs reopening and answering with remastersys then, obviously
the question isn't that unclear
if it needs reopening it needs duping
11:18 AM
oh god...
Here's the seeming root question askubuntu.com/questions/48535/…
@jokerdino don't be mean :/
@jokerdino once I've killed the 18000 closed:no thanks questions, I will start on those
i dislike those changes :/
most seems too minor
11:22 AM
They're all valid changes as per SE policy
I'm obviously fixing anything else wrong with each post, where things are actually wrong
@jokerdino no different from removing "question" from the title
@kalina that one is rewriting the title actually
@kalina in that case, you should make a meaningful title :P
"apt question" --> How do I resolve an apt lock?
@jokerdino and my current one is fixing everything wrong in the question
I will do them, just not yet
@jokerdino don't add "How do I..." D:
11:24 AM
I need to do a lot more edits to be the #1 editor on AU
Q: How do I write a good title?

Mark HarrisonA good title helps your question get the attention it deserves. What goes into a good title? Return to FAQ index

"How can I" > "How do I"
There. "How do I [...]?"
"How do I Ubuntu?"
@Braiam let's just say I disagree with that.
I prefer a question than a statement or whatever
11:25 AM
I wonder if I can be bothered to mortarboard from suggested edits
that would be funny
all titles should be questions
2 of my most viewed questions are just an error message :P
@Braiam error messages are slightly different, because they're exactly what people are going to be looking for
Q: Where can I learn to fly in Pandaria?

kalinaOnce I reach level 90, where do I upgrade my flying skill so that I am able to fly over the island of Pandaria? Is it possible to learn how to fly over Pandaria before I get to level 90 or is this restricted to max level characters only?

^ one of the most viewed questions on Arqade
an ideal question title should be comprised of what people are going to search for on google when they're trying to resolve that particular problem
btw, for questions of apt add the apt/dpkg tag ;) and change the title for the final error
woo strunk&white
81 rep needed to unlock the review queue
@jokerdino badge list disagrees with you
@Braiam this would be like me linking mine from arqade
ok so after lunch I will do another 41 edits
11:49 AM
Maybe I will do them before lunch
Due to boredom
12:02 PM
anyone see how is this on-topic? askubuntu.com/q/389174/169736
Its not
Needs migrating
wait, now that I see it... looks like spam, no?
Yes. Also, we do not migrate crap.
If somebody wants to ask a crappy question on another site, we close the question as OT here and recommend they go elsewhere.
12:23 PM
My nexus battery is at 92% and says 4 hours left... That is so wrong
12:48 PM
Bye, and i love it, the new design!
lot of too minor rejects happening suddenly
all the nice people must have run out of edit approvals
1:09 PM
@kalina check mines... you will find why ;).
1:28 PM
I think I need like another 20 edits but I need to see how many of the ones I've already submitted get rejected
> kalina had 105 edit suggestions approved, and 11 edit suggestions rejected
> Braiam had 250 edit suggestions approved, and 17 edit suggestions rejected
sadly, removing "thanks", even with a pretty suggestion reason, gets rejected half of the time while approved by others
consistent behaviour would have resulted in me having 0 rejects
like flags, I don't really care if they get rejected
1 in 10 is not enough to stop me from suggesting more
@kalina check the tags too ;)
and the title ;)
I check everything
and the grammar ;)
and if it's dupe ;)
or OT ;)
1:32 PM
when I come across a post that only needs "thanks" removing, I will remove thanks and submit it
half of the time it will get rejected as too minor, even though there are no other faults with the post
half of the time it will get accepted
@Braiam you should keep in mind that I deleted my stack exchange account, otherwise I'd have over 5000 edits on Arqade, over 2000 edits on movies & tv, etc etc
I am well versed in editing
also, never delete your SE account, there is so much stuff removed that you can never get back
@kalina remember that someone might think that you are rep farming ;)
@Braiam I am rep farming
for the greater good of every site I farm rep on
all I'm trying to do is get to 3k rep, so I can provide an additional source of close votes and another reviewer
It would be nice to get to 20k for delete votes, but I accept that on a site such as... well, every one of them, I don't know enough about the subject matter to provide enough content to generate that kind of rep
so you'll have to do the deleting
but 3k should be doable, considering I'll get 1k rep from edits
I'm sure there will be a bunch of easy questions pop up during the time it takes me to max out suggested edit rep that I can answer
like the couple I've already answered
I noticed your new top bar went kind of purple
it's aubergine
that's "kind of purple"
but that "kind of purple" is called aubergine D:
1:41 PM
i was just enriching your vocabulary.
Or eggplant to the lingually deviant.
@thomas BTW, got responce from the release team about the whole Q -> R -> S -> T upgrade path...
@Braiam About some of those being out-of-date before you upgrade?
R is EOL when T releases, isn't it?
Q: StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ colour issue

kalinaOpening up the StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ after the recolouring on Ask Ubuntu main results in dark grey on purple: This is somewhat unreadable and really doesn't look very good. Can we keep it as a white "Stack" or change the colour of the background when the SuperDropdown™ is...

@Oli maybe I should post their response of the mail in meta?
1:45 PM
AU is the site today with the highest rep gain
for me, anyway
Q: StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ colour issue

kalinaOpening up the StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ after the recolouring on Ask Ubuntu main and hovering over the Stack Exchange logo results in dark grey on purple: This is somewhat unreadable and really doesn't look very good. Can we keep it as a white "Stack" or change the colour of...

@Braiam Yeah. I'd like to know what it says.
2:11 PM
@Oli done
@Braiam Why won't Quantal be EOL? It still will. Precise is the LTS.
apparently Quantal will continue receiving updates, a foolish thing to do but they are adhering to the calendar
@Braiam Because it was the last 18 month supported non-LTS?
Q: Quantal -> Raring -> Saucy upgrade path, how?

BraiamRecently in chat we noticed some kind of oddity about the whole 12.10 > 13.04 > 13.10 upgrade path, where Raring will reach EOL before Quantal and how that will play out for us and for the users upgrading. Here is the response: While raring with be EOL and stop receiving updates before quanta...

2:16 PM
@Braiam I already mentioned it. It is Spanish
@Lucio with Dead keys? or altgr? have you check AltGr + Q?
@Oli I tell you, will be a PITA
@Braiam It is AltGr + @
but keymon didn't recognized the 'Gr' part xD
@Braiam That's how it was launched. If they go back on their maintenance schedules now, nobody will trust them for any other release.
And I don't think an extra 9 months is going to stress anybody out too much.
@Lucio try AltGr + Q and see if the @ is there
2:21 PM
some keyboard layouts has the @ there... maybe you have spanish (spain) or something weird... there are differencies between the LA, the Int and the Spain keyboard layouts...
Have you seen the video?
@Oli no, I'm talking about the jumping releases thingy... I expect users to be confused about the process
Oh damn, I have created GPG key months ago but no idea how
@Braiam If they can make it work it'll be awesome.
that's a very big IF
2:35 PM
@kalina please, stop making too minor edits
@Lucio wrong, they're perfectly valid, if the only thing that is wrong with the post is the chatty ending, the chatty ending is perfectly valid to edit out
@Lucio please be more consistent with your approval of edits, "Thanks" in posts is well discussed on meta.stackoverflow.com and should be removed. If I provide an edit to an otherwise perfectly fine post, only removing "thanks", rejecting it is against the overall community consensus as determined on MSO
If there is anything else wrong with the post, I fix that in addition to removing "thanks".
Now stop wasting my effort with your misapplication of agreed community consensus
now if @kalina do not fix other problems found in the post you can reject them @Lucio or better yet, improve them (tm) and mark it as "not helpful" :P
oh yeah, if I miss something that does need fixing, feel free to reject or improve them
but since that isn't the case
stop complaining and follow the rules
^ Who says that this is a extremely useful edit?
@Lucio what other changes would you make to that post?
2:40 PM
I would let it like it was
Right, "Thanks", "Hi" and other chatty comments are not welcome in the post
The post was perfectly fine.
Please read everything I've just said and then answer the question: "What else would you change in that post?"
Obviously a dupe
@kalina nothing
@kalina what did you change in the title?
2:41 PM
@Braiam nothing, it probably tracked a backspace or something
@Braiam that was weird too
@Lucio In which case, you should have approved it as I fixed the only thing wrong in the post
@kalina yeah, it happens sometimes
@kalina but I'm considering that your edit was too minor
4 mins ago, by kalina
@Lucio please be more consistent with your approval of edits, "Thanks" in posts is well discussed on meta.stackoverflow.com and should be removed. If I provide an edit to an otherwise perfectly fine post, only removing "thanks", rejecting it is against the overall community consensus as determined on MSO
That is my consideration.
2:42 PM
Well, I'm telling you you're wrong
Reject if you want, don't try and school me on it
kids please....
I fully understand the rules around editing
@Braiam haha it is ok
Q: Should 'Hi', 'thanks,' taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

GEOCHETI edit a lot of posts every day. I often run across posts with 'Hi' and 'Thanks' on the top and the bottom of the post respectively. I also run across things like: --User Should these items be removed during the editing of the post by an editor?

Don't forget as a SE site, AU is bound by community consensus on MSO
2:43 PM
@kalina Do you want to get ride of any thanks from the whole askubuntu.com?
"Hi", "Thanks", "<user inserting their name>", etc
should all be edited out of every question
Then you will be years doing such
there are cases and cases
it's fine, I don't dislike you over it
2:45 PM
me neither
there is no harm done other than the fact you'll have a bunch of posts with "thanks" left on them because I'm not going to resubmit them again
I know what you mean, but think about the amount of posts that would be in the review queue.
meh, the review queue has been low these days...
@Lucio you should have arrived earlier, I've submitted like 50 edits today
if you don't like them being in the review queue, you could... always edit them yourself
the only way to stop me from editing posts is to beat me to them
@kalina I appreciate your edits today and the day befores.
Like any other user around
@Braiam the edits one
2:50 PM
@Lucio yeah...
time for coffee
@kalina with something for eat, I'm hungry
Today I woke early, not funny :(
wow I completely misread that on mobile chat
it looked like you wanted to eat me with something else
I was a little :o
like, that's a bit forward, isn't it
3:06 PM
1 hour later…
4:11 PM
Can we reopen this:
Q: Get an image from my system actual installation to install it in another system?

SubhoI recently upgraded ubuntu13.04 to 13.10 by using sudo apt-get update and then by typing do-release-upgrade -d. How to get 13.10 .iso file from my system, so I can install it in another system?

no because you haven't bountied me enough to give me reopen votes yet
@Braiam that whole upgrade path stuff hasn't changed though, ultimately. And there was already ML discussion about not removing R from the mirrors until Q actually EOL'd. (However they wouldn't accept new updates for R)... having said this why is your findings in meta?
@Seth no, not unless the asker revises his question to be clear what he's asking about
otherwise it won't get my reopen vote.
comments or no comments.
@Seth Nice new pic there!
4:29 PM
@Seth It still doesn't make any sense.
@ThomasW. because you kept it quiet :(
@Braiam i forget to inform people because busy.
@Oli I think it makes perfect sense..
@Seth Not until you read the the sixtieth comment.
I've read all the comments.
4:33 PM
@Seth isn't that a dupe of the question I answered earlier?
Exactly. So you understand what the question is about. Until you've read that comment, you might as well marry a cauliflower. It'll make more sense.
All he wants to do is clone his system from an ISO.
debian is awesome <3
@Seth I'm still not entirely convinced. Their comments repeatedly talk about installing more than cloning. Anyway, I've massacred the question now. It still means roughly the same thing. Roughly.
4:41 PM
4:51 PM
@Oli plz look at it. I don't think it is an answer
A: How can I make Chromium open apt links with xdg-open?

user224457the person asked about Chromiun, not how to install chrome....wow..what a waste.............................................................................................................................................................................................................................

@souravc Thanks.
5:09 PM
If bored, look askubuntu.com/questions/384242/…, needs answering, hour to go :-)
5:24 PM
@souravc is more easier if you just flag it as Not an Answer ;)
askubuntu.com/questions/389228/… kinda listy isn't it o0
could be a decent CW I guess
@JourneymanGeek I would close it as too broad...
but then I don't have close votes...
nor do I :(
I just got closevotes in SF ;p
but SF close queue is kinda slow-ish
@Braiam: I've been there longer
and I have one or two pretty well upvoted posts
A: I have 23 Web Servers - I need to wipe all the servers - without loss of service on any sites hosted across them

Journeyman GeekThere's no simple solution to this - its probably going to be a long and annoying road to getting everything moved. I'd start with a few things, but the book I recommended in the comments likely goes into a few details. I see four main stages here - inventory, redeployment, testing, and acceptanc...

I'm very proud of this
5:31 PM
@JourneymanGeek meh, I made that question too easy :P
@Braiam: Its also the thing I am trained to do
6:21 PM
@jou downvoted
@kalina take a free flag askubuntu.com/q/388576/169736 dupe ;)
Amg that question was answered by an imposter rainbow dash
6:52 PM
@Oli Looks fine to me.
Could we also reopen this?
Q: How to create an (Ubuntu) .img file from .iso on Ubuntu?

Marius HofertI would like to create an .img file containing Ubuntu 13.10. I know how to get the .iso, but instructions for how to 'convert' it to .img I only found under Mac (see, for example, here) -- however, I work on Ubuntu 13.10. Which are the steps necessary to create the .img file? Background informa...

is tempted to ping all the 3k users in the room
What's up with all the spammy edits lately?
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