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8:03 PM
Q: What hardware will work with Ubuntu Mobile

Marco CeppiWith the announcement of the Ubuntu Phone OS I'd like to know what phone models are supported at this time.

Q: Ubuntu Phone for Samsung Wave 3

TomekWitam. Mam małe pytanie.Czy będzie tez Ubuntu Phone na smartphony Samsung Wave 3? Pozdrawiam

here's the first one
sorry, out of close votes
yeeks. 47 close votes.
Another canonical question when more details come available is SDK, how to install it, and use it
I see about 5 questions that cover just that topic
SDK for what?
The Ubuntu Phone?
8:23 PM
Q: Are questions about running Ubuntu Mobile on X smartphone on topic?

Uri HerreraWith the announcement of this Android based Ubuntu derivative some questions other than what it was have started to pop out, such as "I have X brand of smartphone, will it run Ubuntu Mobile?". I consider this questions off topic on the grounds that are about an unreleased, just announced, no dev...

@MarcoCeppi dupe of...?
9:17 PM
@LordofTime he wants us to close Ubuntu Phone question as dupes of that one.
ah OK
9:37 PM
Need backup!. anybody with an intel motherboard and nvidia video card that can help me with this
Q: Unity does not appear after installing proprietary Nvidia drivers (GPU has fallen of the Bus / ACPI Failed)

Luis AlvaradoBefore starting I should mention that even though the title is similar to the following questions, is not the same problem and I have already tested the answers of this questions with no solution in hand: Unity doesn't appear after installing Nvidia drivers Unity Not loading after installin...

9:55 PM
@MarcoCeppi the elastic search for AU landed
<3 new search
I don't.
10:14 PM
nice search! It might need some prettying up, maybe bring back the circles with the votes and colors
yeah, but it's still good.
It helped me find some meta answer
whereas before I'm sure it would have taken forever
wild cards still aren't so great
10:29 PM
Q: Why are questions explicitly permitted by the FAQ closed?

RazickI have had questions explicitly permitted, and certainly not prohibited by the FAQ closed multiple times. The most recent one, related to Ubuntu One (which can be found here) Is permitted in the FAQ: -Services provided by Ubuntu -Any question not mentioned below or here are great! There are no...

eh, elasticsearch is pretty good.
Is there a way to get the wild cards to work with single words, say a word beging with U and ending in U like "Ubuntu" by using u*u It seems not to keep it as a whole word
not sure.
It's doing something... but it just removes the ? askubuntu.com/search-new?q=u?u
10:37 PM
it takes that literally and searches for the symbol "*"
this new search will be something I will have to explore more over the weekend, this is very interesting.
Hats go away tonight.
cool, using the - sign works askubuntu.com/…
yeah, time to get a screenshot of me wearing each of my hats
@mateo_salta if you find foul language, just edit it out. It really doesn't need to be flagged.
10:46 PM
oh crap
we're almost at midnight UTC
emails about work can wait, I NEED TO GET ME SOME PICTURES OF MY HATZ
ah. does it operate on UTC time?
everything does around here at SE
and in computers (generally).
that explains the weird time schedule.
@mateo_salta also don't flag questions that have accepted answers for closing. If it has an accepted answer it's pretty much fine (unless it's like a duplicate or somethign)
@jrg @iSeth I forced myself to use 24h time just so I could schedule things better
@MarcoCeppi last time i didn't use 24 hour time, i was having serious issues.
10:48 PM
hmm, good idea.
and my friends all thought i had come back to my senses.
which we obviously can't have.
I've found it a lot easier now that I've adjusted. My friends still hate me though. "What time is it bro" "20:00" "FUUUUU"
errg. someone downvoted my [good] answer without giving a comment. I hate that.
@MarcoCeppi I should really try that :D
meh, the upvotes outweigh the downvotes @iSeth. :)
@jrg true...
wait a sec... they also downvoted the other answer
but not the third
10:50 PM
ah, darnit. he discovered our conspiracy @MarcoCeppi!
i count 30 hats. i earned more than 50% of them. :)
same here :)
11:06 PM
and now to upload to g+, for posterity.
11:18 PM
I think I got them all
11:36 PM
ugh, this new search is awful.
Using what now?
2 hours ago, by Jorge Castro
@MarcoCeppi the elastic search for AU landed
^-- that
Hey guys, when does winter hat thingy end?
@LuisAlvarado in fifteen minutes
11:44 PM
I mean today is the 4th
O.o loll
27 mins ago, by iSeth
@jrg https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=A6485FD89E164437!2377&authkey=!ANL7mT6ADNy‌​Rq48
I made a tar.bz2 with all the hats in it
( at least I think it has all the hats)
i counted 23
how many did you get
oh, no
I personally got 19
there are 36 in the file up there ^^
@iSeth You got more than many of us.
11:48 PM
@Flabricorn yeah I guess
@gertvdijk O_o
is this a sign that hats will be gone in a moment or what?
good question
I don't have any trouble
has anyone used the pantheon DE?
@LuisAlvarado Phew, I'm not #1 anymore. Thanks! Oh and congrats.
pretty sure that rank position won't change in 9 minutes
6 minutes...
4 minutes
2 minutes
1 minute
30 second
10 seconds

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