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12:04 AM
@EliahKagan I actually have clinical OCD. I have approved the edit anyway.
@ObsessiveSSOℲ OK. I apologize if in my goal to streamline the post, I have actually offended or hurt you. That would be a very very crappy thing for me to do. (And of course, you can roll back the edit. But I'm hoping it was OK, since you chose to approve it.)
(Unrelated) Should this be closed as too localized?
Q: I erased osx when i installed ubuntu, how do i set up dual boot

mandyI have a macbook pro 8,1 running ubuntu 11.10 on it. Before I wiped osx clean off it, i was running osx lion. This computer was shipped with snow leopard on it so i know it will work on it, but when i try to run the install disk (Even before ubuntu while on lion) i got all kinds of kernel pan...

I thought so, and voted to close it ...but it occurs to me that the upvotes on the CW answer suggest a possible community belief that it's an answered question that ought to remain.
Also, this unrelated question needs one more close vote to dupe it:
Q: Can I set the default behaviour of power button to suspend the machine on 12.04?

EbenWhenever you press the power button on Ubuntu 12.04 a shutdown dialog appears, but I would like it to simply suspend the machine immediately (thus saving a couple of key pressings/click). I know it's not a big problem really, but it's a very handy feature that's especially useful when you're in a...

Can you answer this? 12.04 home encrypted and I have written down encryption passphrase. How to res... http://askubuntu.com/q/185370?atw=1 #password
12:20 AM
@EliahKagan No problem whatsoever.
1:09 AM
Q: Why might this be too localized?

Eliah KaganThis has a couple of close votes as too localized. As someone who personally is quite interested in the answer to this question, since I've heard of the problem before and would like to know how to solve it, I don't feel this is too localized. (I do think we may need to get more information from ...

2:07 AM
This is what I call art:
3:06 AM
Is there some convention or etiquette about asking the same question in different fora? http://meta.askubuntu.com/q/4167?atw=1
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4:08 AM
Is this on topic?
Q: Chrome crashes Ubuntu

Fred12.04. Soon after I start Google Chrome stable version, it crashes Ubuntu--whole system goes back to logout screen. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling google-chrome-stable, beta, and chromium. tried deleting ./config/google-chrome. no luck. Firefox works fine. How to

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5:59 AM
@amith Is the IRC bot still on?
@jokerdino Endavour's SSH access is broken
I'm not actually on IRC that often, but maybe someone should ask the admins of #ubuntu-packaging if they'd like the packaging tag there. The channel is for general packaging help. As opposed to #ubuntu-motu or #ubuntu-devel, you can go there for advice on your PPA or personal projects, not just distro development. — andrewsomething 14 hours ago
Does anyone have a spare server :?
@GeorgeEdison Is it possible for you to build a python / erlang IRC bot that spams the RSS feed in IRC channels? :D
you could possibly exploit the SE API along the way.
This is the basic idea:
Q: How about adding RSS feeds for certain tags in IRC channels?

jokerdinoOur good old Amithkk has made a IRC bot that adds RSS feeds for tags in IRC channels. Currently, the bot servers the #juju and #ubuntu-app-devel rooms for juju and application-development with plans to add community to #ubuntu-community-team as well. When I first brought this up with dpm, he wa...

So I'm developing something new from scratch?
6:04 AM
Amith had a bot. I guess he still has some code left behind.
@AmithKK Ping.
@jokerdino Yeah I do
@jokerdino You got your chunk yet?
6:05 AM
@AmithKK Let me check.
@AmithKK Nope.
I think so I'll setup amazon later this evening
Good luck.
@GeorgeEdison When will you be available after this
I might be around tomorrow.
I'm not sure though.
Does someone know if Amazon's free 1 year VPS supports India?
6:08 AM
I don't see why not.
Is there a good IRC library for Python?
What is it?
That --^
Okay. Is that in the archives?
6:10 AM
looks like it.
Weren't we originally trying to just add SE functionality to the Ubuntu bot?
(The one quite a few IRC channels on Freenode use.)
That was the idea but Alan Bell didn't mind a new bot doing that specific job.
Oh, okay.
This is probably a stupid question but... who's Alan Bell?
@GeorgeEdison he manages bot among other things.
6:11 AM
Ah, okay.
I think he is part of the accessibility team or something.
I see.
I'll throw something up on GitHub.
@GeorgeEdison Thank you very much!
6:13 AM
Of course, it will use Stack.PY :P
Now comes the fun part: we need a name.
[feature-request] make it easier for others to deploy bots in new rooms with tags, etc
I mean, I input a channel room and tag and it sets itself up :P
@GeorgeEdison That's great. Does it use the RSS from the tags API or something?
And regarding the name.. hmm
Stack.py time
I'll mod it :P
@AmithKK Nice.
6:15 AM
@jokerdino RSS?
I don't know o.O
The bot has to post the new questions link in a specific tag.
@GeorgeEdison That's what I do
There was no Stack.py at that time :/
So, if a new question shows up in a tag, the bot grabs the link and dumps it in the channel.
@jokerdino Actually, not so
@AmithKK Alright. Explain yourself sir.
I have had no idea what you were doing :P
6:17 AM
Since we're using Stack.Py we can have it retrieve the proper title and a short link
Which 2bottu used bit.ly for
Yeah, Stack.PY would be much easier than the RSS feed.
@GeorgeEdison Tons :P
So are we working with @AmithKK's code or starting something new?
I choose New
That's your call.
6:19 AM
We'll start something new.
We need a name though.
Or Stackirc
6:19 AM
@jokerdino inuse
@GeorgeEdison haha
use StackIRC then.
StackIRC it is.
first step done.
step 2
If anyone wants write access... let me know.
6:22 AM
raises hand
Okay. One sec.
I starred and am watching the repo.
I need your GitHub names / whatever then.
6:23 AM
@jokerdino Okay, you're added.
Thanks much.
@AmithKK There's a lot of them. Which one are you?
Oh never mind - there's only one 'amith'.
I wasn't reading it correctly.
I added you. Please double-check that it worked.
6:25 AM
@AmithKK Can you please star or watch the project?
I can grab the right user from there hopefully.
Thank you
Give me a second so that I can pull
Bounty offered: How to Install and Configure SWAT In Ubuntu Server 12.04 http://askubuntu.com/q/196272?atw=1 #samba
6:29 AM
Thanks much for your work George. Now I have a meeting to attend and will get back a while later. See ya!
@jokerdino See ya
6:42 AM
I'll be heading to bed soon as well.
hello all :)
@Prasad Hello
@AmithKK hi
@AmithKK I thought we were starting from scratch?
@GeorgeEdison Yeah
that's not my code
6:50 AM
it's a bot skeleton :P
sorry for interrupting..is there any way to run a app (like a conky) only on monday ??
Night all.
@GeorgeEdison Good night :)
3 mins ago, by Prasad
sorry for interrupting..is there any way to run a app (like a conky) only on monday ??
need to autorun some great conky configs on each day
@Prasad: I'd assume crontab would do it.
7:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek crontab?
cron for an individual user, runs a command on a day or time
@JourneymanGeek Thanks...!!!!!
I'd suppose you could write a script that 'rotates' startup scripts based on the day
@JourneymanGeek got it
that's what I wanted
@GeorgeEdison Good Night
7:18 AM
8:09 AM
Q: How to configure external IP addresses for LXC guests?

twblamerI'm exploring the LXC features in Ubuntu 12.04 and I really want to set up a network like this: client1: lxc-host: guest1 guest2 guest3 I just want a "flat" network where the guests have fu...

8:32 AM
good afternoon
Good day.
how are you?
I am fine, thank you. You?
8:37 AM
Did he give you the bounty?
I don't think so.
Because I was too lazy to install KDE, I wasn't sure what was the exact thing he was supposed to do.
I have KDE. but the strange thing is, there isn't any such option like his screenshot in mine
Which one?
If you look in the right place, you should be able to find it.
Now, tell me one thing. Just because you link the source and copy it word to word, does it mean you are not plagiarising?
8:39 AM
@OliveTwist I've seen it.
the first option is missing
Look into my Firefox answer for KDE.
A: Ctrl+F4 doesn't work in KDE for Firefox

jokerdinoThe reason Ctrl-F4 doesn't work in KDE is because KWin uses the same keyboard shortcut for switching between workspaces. If you would really want to use Ctrl-F4, you might want to consider editing the KWin keyboard settings. To do that, open System Settings and go to Shortcuts and Gestures. ...

@jokerdino hmm. i saw it. i mean the option Activate window is missing in my kde installation
It's Activate window.
8:42 AM
@jokerdino can you give me link?
Shell is reference to bash / terminal
@OliveTwist I wasn't talking about you.
@jokerdino i thought so
I was just saying in general with a non-specific you
@jokerdino I think, though it is a bad practice, it may not be considered plagiarizing.
@OliveTwist I would still consider it plagiarizing.
Because you are just copying it word to word, which also constitutes as plagiarism.
Ideal way is to write them down yourself with just a reference link.
8:44 AM
Actually, i am also confused with that thing
It may be better than just copying word by word and not giving any link or quoting
it is a lower level of crime but it is still a crime
"Low crime is not no crime"
but I'm not sure, as I'm also looking for a good answer/reason
@jokerdino yeah.
but well, i have done some similar things in the past. so i'll let it pass
Nicely said. :)
I always try to write in my own word
Then giving a link
as far as i remember
yeah that should be the recommended way.
this can be a problem if you just copy and paste the content with the link because you are converting someone's work from one license to another.
without any valid approval from the content owner
but since i see webupd8 is using CCBYSA, it might not be a big problem
8:50 AM
<-- a noob with licensing terms
wikipedia, stackexchange and webupd8 have the same content license
you are free to share as long as you attribute it back
for example, my latest answer
A: Install OpenOffice for headless use

Olive TwistInstall OpenOffice following the instruction given at their Website. The installation procedure is as follows: First Download the openOffice.org all in one tar package. Then extract the .tar.gz file into a suitable directory. I downloaded in my home directory. Then open a terminal and go the ...

first was thinking to give only a link
then thought, would be better if i copy the whole instructions
but decided to download,install and write my own procedure
thank you
I think, i'll be able to grab that bounty ;)
must be closed soon
hey @torayeff, Can you fix your chat profile that is linking to the deleted Security SE account?
8:56 AM
Hello all. Gravatar worked ;)
@Mochan nice
Turns out I had the wrong address -.-
@Mochan Fake :P
@jokerdino IKR. I just doesn't seem... right.
8:57 AM
hah, just joking.
That's you right?
I could lie and say yes, but no.
Alright. Fake indeed.
I guess it is one of the Korean pop band girls
That's how much I know about K-pop.
-claps- More than most people.

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