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3:07 PM
I need help
some one know how to remove the file manager (in my case PCManFM) without removing other important packages togheter?
shouldn't be a problem.
apt-get remove pcmanfm
In my case when I type apt-get remove pcmanfm it says that: The following packages will be REMOVED:
lubuntu-core lubuntu-default-settings lubuntu-desktop pcmanfm
except for lubuntu-core, the rest won't hurt much.
3:11 PM
I will try synaptic
actually, it doesn't matter at all
all three are just meta packages.
what it mean?
it means nothing to worry about
in case of grave danger, you can just install lubuntu-desktop back
I will try, and later I install these packages again
okay. good luck.
i'll just sit here and wait for you.
3:13 PM
if something happen I still have openbox
nothing will happen.
and you still got TTY
yeah, but in my case something horrible always happen ^_^
Status: Packages removed, and now installing again
wait why?
3:18 PM
Because, as I corrupted my pcmanfm I removed it and now I'm reinstalling it to fix the problem
oh heh
should have asked how to force reinstall it
apt-get install --reinstall pcmanfm
now it's installed and I need to reboot the system to check the changes, see you in a moment
3:21 PM
How do I preload a program for faster start? http://askubuntu.com/q/197438?atw=1 #login
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Can you check my python for coding practices? I've never used Python.
A: How to add information indicators to a Launcher icon from a script?

ObsessiveSSOℲThis is for Python, perhaps something can be found for another language.. From the update-manager source, UnitySupport.py: You need to: from gi.repository import Dbusmenu, Unity to get Unity support. You can then define a function: def set_launcher_icon_num(self, num_count): self....

@ObsessiveSSOℲ Do you know what you are talking about?
Yes... a little...
he is asking about those small badges.
so i would just link to the API because they can change anytime
@jokerdino I am explaining how to get that number and progressbar badge.
I'm back
your answer is fine either way
it worked, now I'm running PCManFM 1.0.1
Good sir.
the newest version
@jokerdino I need to study, else I do not enter the university
3:26 PM
3:39 PM
Q: What is peer review?

lambda23What is peer review? I always see this quote on a statement after edit a post. And how much reputation user can do the peer review? This is the example: Thanks for your edit! This edit will be visible only to you until it is peer reviewed.

Hey @msPeachy @HackToHell
And @AmithKK
Hello @smartboyhw
hello Howard
@msPeachy Hello
3:57 PM
one vote left
this means I'd have to sleep early....
good night
4:35 PM
Q: weird software centre issue

varunitnoticed this behavior from ubuntu software centre today. A few seconds later, I right clicked and the image changed as I first opened those games and went back to the previous screen as the images are taking a while to load. But later I opned GParted and waited till the image of software to a...

Good Night
5:23 PM
Does anyone feel as if the following wording is strained?
5:37 PM
6:09 PM
Versoining a package for uploading to PPA http://askubuntu.com/q/197479?atw=1 #ppa
6:55 PM
Do we need a "How to install using Alternate CD" canonical question?
Hey guys what you think about my answer? askubuntu.com/a/197520/85688
Anyone here?
@ObsessiveSSOℲ indentation is 2 or 4 spaces depending. i fixed the couple of 5 space indentations to 4
@AbrahamVanHelpsing Do we need a "How to install using alternate CD" canonical question, or should we forget it since there is no alternate in Quantal?
@ObsessiveSSOℲ it was my understanding there was... an alternate iso that is...server x86 went away i thought, but alternate stuck around
Anyway, do we need such a canonical question?
Or one how to monut a DVD-RAM?
7:08 PM
i think a "how to install a cli only minimal system" should probably already exist. if it doesn't... on the other hand, i think there should also be a question tree that is "basic cli only", "adding kiosk capability to cli only", and "adding minimal desktop(openbox) to cli only"
would make a nice set of questions with answers dumped on the wiki
which has happened before
The question I am proposing is how to install using alternate; one can be installing a ful lGUI using the alternate CD...
that's the default install with alternate, so it's not substantively different than installing with any other iso
7:54 PM
@ObsessiveSSOℲ: sudo mount -t iso9660 /dev/sr0 /mnt/sr0
They may have an iso data disk
and they may not have mount point /cdrom ;)
@Takkat See comments.
I've seen them all.
/cdrom was never created.
udf lowercase was a good thought \o/
But it may be iso if they have it burned from their photographer
GOO is goo
BA is bad?
that's not what sheep said...
<-- suffers from evening finger-laziness
You know what? It's these typos that make debugging of my code such a pain.
Do we need any canonical questions and answers? I'm itching for some good posts here...
7:59 PM
someone's on the prowl for rep. hang out in chat and start telling people to "ask on site" before you solve their problem in chat...
then let it close as dupe by @AbrahamVanHelpsing :P
or me
Just tell me when we need a canonical question, especially about partitoning or installation.
@ObsessiveSSOℲ: "I have no sound - what should I do?" - it's going to be an endless answer.
endless answer with doubtful solutions.
@ObsessiveSSOℲ how to migrate a remote server install on lvm to another install without remote access...no really it got asked in chat the other day
Ay, me.
Maybe later... I have to clean the house.
8:03 PM
I'll just take every Unity feature request and make a PPA for it.
@ObsessiveSSOℲ assuming the feature request is actually solved by the ppa, that sounds legit... ahem lenstoggle ahem
9:04 PM
w00t, gold badge :P
Q: How do I disable the boot splash screen?

Lord of TimeI'd like to be able to disable the Ubuntu splash screen that I see on boot with the indicator meter of progress, and replace that with a text-only readout of the boot up process (such as you can get by hitting the esc key during the splash screen). Is this possible?

It is a famous one :)
9:26 PM
thanks :)
Those badges always come totally unexpected.
(What makes them like a nice present)
Can you answer this? HP Compaq 2510p wireless disabled by hardware switch http://askubuntu.com/q/184271?atw=1 #wireless
@ObsessiveSSOℲ - re your flag for this Q&A (askubuntu.com/questions/197519/…) - any-chance you can edit the OP question with relevant stuff from the comments - I'll then clean up the comments. Cheers!
<-- suspend to bed - good night all
night @Takkat
9:35 PM
@fossfreedom Not much to salvage, but I did mention the I/O errors.
ok - cheers - tidied.
9:47 PM
All I wanted was to read an article - instead I get a giant red paragraph full of nonsense.
I hardly know where to begin there are so many problems with those arguments.
10:03 PM
@fossfreedom This got buried in chat earlier, can you take a look? I can try to edit it all into a canonical Q&A tomorrow if you think it's good enough to merge everything.
@TomBrossman let me have a look...
@fossfreedom Thanks, no rush as I'm going to sleep now. 'Night all, back tomorrow...
@TomBrossman - I'm not convinced that these should be merged. However, what I would recommend that where possible, links to other related Q&As should/could be added to either/both the question and answers. That way, someone reading an answer can move to related information quickly.
10:26 PM
@Takkat Indeed. Getting "Nice Question" shortly afterwards makes it even better, especially if its on the same question :p
good morning!
this needs closing:
Q: Desktop thinks it's a Laptop - revisited

Lisa SmithMaybe this information will help Jude with any problems. I didn't use my Ubuntu desktop for a long time, so I decided to do updates. When I installed the NVIDIA driver on my desktop (I thought I needed it) I got weird messages, then suddenly the screen resolution was very low - icons were very ...

Done, and a comment was give,
saw yours :p
i posted a comment and a VTC:NARQ as well
thanks to fossfreedom :p
11:03 PM
@GeorgeEdison there's so much WAT in there
11:19 PM
A: Unknown Icon on my upper bar in Gnome

Thomas B.It's the ubuntu virus. It steals all of your personal information before spinning up your hard drive to dangerous speeds until it explodes. I recommend using finallyfast.com to get rid of the viruses and also speed up your PC.

Yes, there is a user-mode rpogram that can spin up my hard disk without Sudo and fill it with explosives. ;p
Not spam:
Q: Missing period in explanation about review queue badges

ObsessiveSSOℲWhen mousing over the badge progress in a review queue, one gets the following explanation: These badges are awarded once per review queue which is missing a period. Can someone fix this trivial(to the point of severe OCD) problem? Look at the bottom line of text.


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