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12:02 AM
Google Translate fail: Bjarne Stroustrup becomes "biyanedo" when translated from Korean to English.
anyone know how hard it is to get crashplan web backups working with a headless ubuntu server (10.04 or 11.04)?
@GeorgeEdison an improvement surely?
@Cas What's an improvement?
the name :P
How so?
12:12 AM
it would be very unique and memorable
although he is famous I can never quite place his name
Is blu-ray writing support reliable yet? http://bit.ly/k0hyRY #bluray
1:00 AM
@Cas Creator of C++.
So... the world is supposed to end saturday...
and my birthday is sunday :(
End on Saturday... where did you hear that?
2:01 AM
Some...guy. We'll leave it at that.
2:18 AM
yay if the world really ends (so will my life)
yay if it doesn't...
oh btw I love it when I get downvoted for being helpful...
or were you downvoted for being wrong? :)
Still getting swamped by those two IP addresses - even though they're both getting empty responses now.
@ajmitch unless you were the one who downvoted me most recently and know why you say I was wrong, then no.
@RolandTaylor no, that's why I was asking
If it was the answer about banshee, it's a useful answer, but having to click through to a blog is bad form
@ajmitch XD kk, well, I was surely not wrong, but obviously someone decided that it deserved a downvote (I find it funny).
<--- lazy @ajmitch
anyways... going to play some games
2:26 AM
much better :)
3:17 AM
Accessing my Windows 7 files from my Ubuntu account http://bit.ly/mqkIBh #dualboot
1 hour later…
4:33 AM
anyone here?
I got a major problem with gtk applications
and compiz, icewm, etc...
every one of them segfaults
after I changed my default browser for gnome
but I can't change it unless I can open a gtk application O.o
5:29 AM
@Rinzwind morning!
someone need an answer for this
Q: Can connect to internet only via proxy.

KnowsnothingAfter attempting to use a VPN client (Astrill), I can no longer access the internet through my Ubuntu installation. Its not a network issue, as on the same Wifi and wired network both my Windows install and other comps can connect and use the network. I can, however, connect to sites via a prox...

and here created another question to bumping here
Q: Can connect to internet only via proxy.

KnowsnothingThis is a bump for this question: Can connect to internet only via proxy. I really need to find some answers and apologize for the spam

@Rinzwind oops i deleted my comment is it possible to recover it?
flagged'm \o
@Rinzwind good
are you guys (moderators) can recover deleted comment?
@Achu wait for Marco, Stefano, or Oli.
@KaustubhP ok, i thought you and Kaustubh are moderators
6:01 AM
A: Unity keyboard/mouse shortcuts

Jorge CastroKeyboard Shortcuts This page will document the keyboard shortcuts and mouse tricks for Unity. Please feel free to add more! Unity Terminology What are the meta, super, and hyper keys? Launcher Hold Super - Invoke the Launcher. Hold Super, then 1 or 2 or 3 and so on until 0 - Open or focus ...

this question has 99 votes and i haven't voted yet :D
@Alaukik you are lucky, i'm 99 yesterday
it was 98 yesterday
it removed my upvote yesterday so i could upvote it to 100 :D
and i did it
haha it now 101
A: Unity keyboard/mouse shortcuts

Jorge CastroKeyboard Shortcuts This page will document the keyboard shortcuts and mouse tricks for Unity. Please feel free to add more! Unity Terminology What are the meta, super, and hyper keys? Launcher Hold Super - Invoke the Launcher. Hold Super, then 1 or 2 or 3 and so on until 0 - Open or focus ...

i have a screenie for proving that i was the 100th voter
can anyone close this
Q: Can connect to internet only via proxy.

KnowsnothingThis is a bump for this question: Can connect to internet only via proxy. I really need to find some answers and apologize for the spam

6:11 AM
lucky :)
Great Answer 	 Answer voted up 100 times. This badge can be awarded multiple times.
Jorge Castro earned this badge 1 time
good morning @all, btw
@htorque good morning!
How can I view a live volume meter? http://bit.ly/iwQ4d9 #sound
@htorque yay \o/
what is the Community bot doing there?
Q: Periodic Keyboard Lag/Delay

Simon McDougallOn two of my computers running Natty with Gnome 3, I'm having periodic keyboard lag. It happens at a random interval after starting the computer. Basically, the keyboard will stop functioning normally and only register input if you hold a key down for two or more seconds. When you release the ...

he protected this question for apparently no reason ...
that resulted in a question which is meant to be an answer to that one above
Q: Re: Periodic Keyboard Lag/Delay

mretxSorry, but I don't know how else to respond to this question (the original is locked from new users)... Periodic Keyboard Lag/Delay I had the same problem with my Lenovo x61 laptop running xubuntu 11.04. After some experimentation I found that this only occurs when using xterm. Try using a diff...

6:22 AM
good morning @OctavianDamiean, @Achu, @htorque, @Alaukik and all else
@OctavianDamiean there are a couple of "me too" answers that got deleted
@Takkat morning!
i can see them because i have the power
nice power!
@Takkat morning
6:23 AM
"I see deleted posts. They are everywhere."
@htorque da powaz? :D
6:36 AM
@Achu nope, too little ever accomplished to even think about being a moderator :)
morning @htorque @OctavianDamiean :)
@KaustubhP hi
ello again
Even if you never saw a troll before you'd know it is a troll :D
@Rinzwind it isn't his fault, not directly at least
oh? :D
7:59 AM
the question he wanted to comment on was protected by the community bot
this however is still not a valid reason to post that as a question :)
tsk tsk tsk that community bot is more trouble than I thought :P
@Rinzwind i bet that is a html page made by the link poster
thats why the link is hidden
why can't I find any questions where I know the anwer too for the past 2 days? :D
@Rinzwind that happens to everyone
I think we should totally get that cleanup week going
8:06 AM
Or a clean up forthnight \o/
Q: Clean-Up Week - Event planning

OliWe (your moderators) have been mulling over an idea for a good way to deal with old, unanswered and unanswerable posts. We've been in discussion with the StackExchange team and while we're a long way from actually launching this, we feel it's about time we involve the community and let you help s...

Hiya ppl, Is thr any mp3 player which has only "Play, Pause, Next, Prev" with "Enqueue" options.. Simple one.. I don't need any other features.. just as simple as that
Q: Stupid simple music player?

itsadokHere's what I want: I have a folder with MP3 files. I would like to play all the files in the folder, alphabetically. And I need a way to pause, skip to next file, and that's pretty much it. I don't want to use my music player to organize my music library, I don't need connection to network serv...

8:11 AM
we could just silently remove all unanswered questions :P
@htorque lol
i have the best ideas!
indeed :p
drop the table and start from 0 :D
even better :p
that's my suggestion for launchpad, actually :P
@OctavianDamiean Can I enqueue a song to the current playlist by right Clicking the file?
8:13 AM
i bet >50% of open bugs will never get anywhere
@Rahul I seriously have no idea to be honest, I'm not really listening to music
@htorque +1. bugs like this should just move out: askubuntu.com/questions/41576/…
@htorque well you can't do that on LP but you can do that here and tell people that it is not our fault as the servers run on Windows :D
it was a system error hehe
\o/ asked Iain Farrell from the design team if there is any special reason that the Ubuntu t-shirt animal logos are not available as SVG. The answer was, no, they will release them. YAY!
^- @MarcoCeppi
sure i can do it on launchpad...
for (int i = 0 ; i < launchpad.latest_bug_no ; i++) {launchpad.set_bug_status(i, launchpad.BUG_STATUS_INVALID);}
8:17 AM
if only i had access to a botnet :D
@htorque O that will speed up searching on LP too
I'm still for dropping the table
plus more room for packages \o/
@OctavianDamiean add it as a cron job and run it @midnight \o/
8:21 AM
hack the sql server _O- drop it right after it was created with a error notice "we do not accept any new bugs so there is no need for this table" _O-
khartick87 did not use the seatch: askubuntu.com/questions/44032/how-to-make-my-own-ubuntu-disc and is getting hammered down \o
There's a bug in the consecutive counting: visited 19 days, 2 consecutive
I have been on AU for 21 days straight :(
@Rinzwind apparently not for the system :(
now it shows visited 20 days, 20 consecutive
8:29 AM
argh \o/ pulls out hairs
for me it is 89 days \o/
Q: Stack2RSS - A JSON to RSS Conversion Service [Now with a feed browser and email support!]

George Edison Important Service Announcement: Unfortunately someone is sending an extremely large volume of traffic to Stack2RSS (like more than 10,000 requests / hr.) This traffic is coming from two IP addresses. I originally tried banning the addresses but it wasn't working so I have tempora...

The service announcement -----^
I was looking at the meta site (seems I visited AU meta 1 day before AU _O- )
@GeorgeEdison oy
@OctavianDamiean It's sad, I know.
I gotta head for bed now... we'll see what happens with this issue tomorrow I guess.
8:31 AM
@GeorgeEdison it wasn't me! :=D
@Alaukik are you going to answer the deviantArt upload question yourself?
@GeorgeEdison you got a type in your question: unix.stackexhcange
@OctavianDamiean which?
he already did :=D
oh the inkscape one _O-
Q: How to upload a image to deviantArt directly from inkscape ?

AlaukikI want to upload a image from inkscape itself. How can i upload an image directly from inkscape to deviantArt ?

it is answered already :)
8:39 AM
now Uri needs to edit the answer askubuntu.com/questions/44037/… >:D
doing it now
@OctavianDamiean it is better that they should be kept separate :)
@Alaukik why?
@OctavianDamiean because they are separate tools
and not everybody uses both
8:45 AM
@Alaukik but the plugin is written for both, I really don't see why we should have two questions for this
@OctavianDamiean questions should be separated on the basis of problem and not solution
like how do i have a wallpaper in nautilus and dolphin ?
it should be 2 ques
well but it is the same plugin for both tools which are commonly used by designers together, it doesn't make sense to have the questions separated so people have to search twice ...
@Alaukik dude that is utterly unnecessary ... two questions for the same answer ... cmon
@OctavianDamiean but the question is different
@Alaukik absolutely not, how is it different?
8:57 AM
it is about how fast people can get the information they need. If the plugin is for both tools and people need it for both then they should not have to search twice ... that is wasted time
if people only need it for one tool then they can just install it for one from that one question
@OctavianDamiean i have casted my close vote
Q: How to upload a image to DeviantArt directly from GIMP ?

AlaukikI want to upload a image to Da while working on it in GIMP. How can i upload an image directly from gimp to DeviantArt ?

needs 4 more close votes
whistles innocently
still here but very massively absorbed
has the Spanish Inquisition here
9:01 AM
askubuntu.com/questions/44043/… how to answer this to make it understandable _O-
@Rinzwind I was trying to figure that out myself, I need a jar to run and test though
I guess a simple ps ax will do the trick
I think he wants to find the childs. Would a ps -p {process} not be enough?
I was testing this with apache _O- (we have 29 apache instances running :D )
just checked, ps ax helps
answer him! :-D and I'll consider upvoting >:-D
hmmm lsof _O-
oh I like Egils answer as well
9:10 AM
me too (one liner per instance) yours can be more than 1 per instance >:D
AU needs a 1/2 upvote to show preference over a normal upvote >:D
the new quality check is bullshit
i have to make up stupid stories in the question
to make it acceptable quality
Q: what is the difference between closing and locking a post ?

AlaukikSome posts are closed whereas some posts are locked , there must be some difference between them otherwise they would be the same. what is the dissimilarity amongst closing and locking a post ?

that's not a quality check! it is a QUANTITY check :=D
@Alaukik oh no it isn't it is one of the best ideas ever!
on SO you'd go nuts without it
you 2 disagree a lot today :-D
and if the sentence uses the same line as the question it bans it
i had to struggle 5 min on the above question to make it of accpetable quality
9:13 AM
of course as everyone already read the title
@OctavianDamiean did you read the above question ?
@Rinzwind actually both methods have the same effect (almost)
see how stupid it looks
@Alaukik the question looks awesome!
what looks stupid? You were forced to explain the question, this is just about right
@OctavianDamiean :facepalm
some sheeps are white some sheeps are black there must be some difference otherwise they would be of the same color
i doubt that anyone over 13 would need that explanation
9:18 AM
@Alaukik You are apparently not on Stack Overflow to understand why it is needed. Better don't judge before investigating on that! Just checkout older questions on Stack Overflow and you'll find out why it is absolutely necessary.
@OctavianDamiean but it is not needed on AU
How to upload a image to DeviantArt directly from GIMP ? http://bit.ly/l792Wn #gimp
@Alaukik it is applied system wide not per site
and anyways after some rep limit it should be disabled like 1500 rep
@Alaukik reputation doesn't mean anything about the quality of questions, that is yet another thing which is very easy to spot on SO
9:20 AM
because after 2000 rep you trust the user to edit ANYTHING but not to post a question of a short-length
also you have to think in a bigger scale, this site is not going to remain as it is user wise, we will get more and more users
@Alaukik there are a lot of users that just don't care about the edit function at all ...
reputation really tells nothing about a person and his intentions
so i can edit every post and spam the fsck of askubuntu but cannot post a question which is little short at 2000 rep
@Alaukik again, reputations is not a guarantee for quality ... not at all
that is also why there is an edit history, people often screw up edits too
you are not making sense at all
so if we post a bad question it can be deleted
if we do a bad edit it can be rollbacked
@Alaukik of course it doesn't make sense to you as you are not involved in the part of the community where the shit hits the fan. Me on the other hand is involved in the most hostile tag (quality wise) in the entire Stack Overflow site, the Android tag. People with rights to clean up simply couldn't keep up with the flood of bad quality stuff
I'm very sensible on this topic as I'm really someone that cares about quality and I've spent hours over hours trying to find a solution for that particular problem. If heard a lot of people like you just nagging that the ideas are not good or that feature is bullshit and so on without them trying to contribute some ideas to solve it.
oh and I've been involved in that hostile environment for over nine months so you can trust me that I know quite exactly what I'm talking about.
9:41 AM
but that isn't required on au
and as @Rinzwind said it is just a quantity check and not quality
I'm late to the party but what is the "new quality check"?
@Alaukik yes but the quantity of characters someone uses to describe a question most of the times is directly proportional to the quality of the question. Of course there are exceptions but for people that generally provide quality content it is not a big deal to formulate the question to be a bit longer and maybe contain more information
@Oli it is checks the word count and prevents the question from being posted if it is not long enough .
@Oli hello, yes :)
Any idea what the cut off is?
And can people over a certain rep circumvent it?
9:45 AM
@Oli and (in additions) bans questions that have the title in the body and nothing more
@Oli i don't think so
@Oli no and no. But the 1st can be tested >:D
body must be at least 30 characters; you entered 4
of course when I try to find that question on meta it is down ...
I wouldn't count 30 characters as a modern day War and Peace.
9:47 AM
@Oli it require much more than that .
@Alaukik yes a proper title, body and tags
well it says "at least" so the actual number might be higher >:D
it is not shocking is it?
is back in about an hour
should this be in meta?
@Rinzwind No, conditionally speaking, I take that to mean len(body) >= 30
9:48 AM
Q: How do I add links to specific software in the software centre in my posts on ask ubuntu?

mcheccybI've seen people give links to software in their answers on ask-Ubuntu. Seems like a pretty cool feature, how do I do it?

A: What can I do when getting “Sorry, we can't accept this question”?

Jeff AtwoodThere are certain quality filters we apply to incoming questions. Make sure your question has a clear title a reasonable explanation of what your question is, sharing your research on the matter correct use of English and actual sentences If your question is so brief that it could be looked...

@Oli coders do indeed assume that >:-D
that was what I was looking for
@OctavianDamiean you expert! the one I posted should that be in meta?
or just a "go see the faq or try and edit someones answer"
9:51 AM
LOL @Takkat :D
still smoke from Inquisitors in my office
no incense - feels more like from hell
Why do quality management people have the right to exist?
because people screw up at work? :D
@htorque QM wouldn't stop them
Best liars get the best quality badges...
don't tell me, i own 74 badges :D
@htorque they are not certified so they are true!
10:05 AM
what if not the community but some well paid company judged the quality of our answers - scary thought
if i'd be part of that company, no problem
@htorque unfortunately I'm too old to establish one - but may join them as inquisitor once I'm retired -> easy money ;P
hmmmm, retire.... isn't that that thing you do when you get 95 years old? :D
oh not that's called dying
10:14 AM
well, i don't believe in retirement pay so that's about the same :D
10:28 AM
Hi @all
listening to Frank keplacki! :P
10:51 AM
loves Launchpad and Bazaar
11:04 AM
anyone that has a minute?
try me ;)
askubuntu.com/questions/44066/wireless-internet this one needs formatting badly _O-
@Rinzwind you mean an hour? ;)
I read the 1st 5 lines already lost the context _O-
ask @jorgeCastro
he is the formatting king! ;)
a bit like my Fxx question
sry is a bit too busy to help u/them
@Rinzwind I like this one! "I turn my wifi in ubuntu and do not know where"
this tells me more: lksjhfjahdgflkdhfgnlkjfdagjklgkl lkdafbgnfdkghf ;)
11:11 AM
@Rinzwind I'll take care of that question
oh god
maybe not
@Rinzwind they posted the help screen for lspci ;)
well that was easy
Q: Wi-Fi hardware not working/detected

lawrenceI have a Dell Vostro laptop with a Dell Wireless 1390 WLAN Mini card and Broadcom 440x 10/100 Integrated Controller and I can't get my wireless card to work. Do I maybe have to install a driver? lorre@lorre-Vostro-1000:~$ rfkill list 0: dell-wifi: Wireless LAN Soft blocked: no Hard bloc...

don't be afraid to delete uninteresting stuff (like the help of lspci :D)
@htorque Bah beaten to it.
oh, sorry
but you beat me at the comment :P
11:20 AM
Fair enough :)
There should be a "Another user is currently ripping the guts out of this post" notification on the edit screens so clashes don't happen.
it's safe to always assume JorgeCastro is doing an edit :D
@htorque Indeed. 163 edits this week. For every two new posts, he's editing one of them.
Sorry that's wrong... amends
hm, we have 100-something new questions a day + even more answers ;)
At this rate we might do best to install Jorge at server level.
anyways, he's the master chief copy editor
11:31 AM
@Takkat aaaaaaaah now it makes sense _O- damn :D
can we have an upvoting systems for editors? >:D
@Rinzwind had no time to edit this out. But we have good editors around ;)
question about this one:
doesn't scp always show a progress bar unless you do '-q' ??
Q: Progress bar in scp command

Abdul ShajinIs there any way to display a progress bar while copying from server to local using scp(or vice versa)

11:47 AM
@Rinzwind Judging by the comment, he wants an actual progress bar, not just a percentage.
scp just shows this: 0% 2208KB 1.9MB/s 06:13 ETA
HMMM going to do a test! I am certain I also get a "----->"
or not :-P
like that? >:D
Okay, adapt that for scp and you've got an answer
or search a bit longer for a scp one ;-)
I gave up and made it a comment :-D
12:19 PM
Progress bar in scp command http://bit.ly/mHaW26 #ssh
12:32 PM
@Rinzwind that looks good to me
most programs are just built on top of smaller ones in linux
@Cas Yeah but I am not going to be able to rewrite it _O- (timewise and bash scripting skillz wise)
heh yeh its a complex bit of bash, i might have a look at it later then
12:49 PM
can someone add that to the indicator list?
@OctavianDamiean Yay!
@JorgeCastro can do
nice find @JorgeCastro :D
1:16 PM
phew that too more effort that usual
A: List of Application indicators

CasSSH List Category: Network Download sshlist.py from here In Terminal make the file executable and copy to /usr/local/bin chmod a+rx sshlist.py sudo cp sshlist.py /usr/local/bin Create a .sshlist file in home directory and add ssh hosts - one per line gedit ~/.sshlist Note: You can add ad...

1:35 PM
@JorgeCastro i'm thinking that it should really integrate with the existing network menu
IMO someone should just create an SSH lens
with quicklists of your commonly used ones
and in the lens itself you would just have them all sorted by name, or whatever
if that list of indicators was not community wiki id have a lot of reps!
1:39 PM
in hindsight maybe we should just have let it turn to CW naturally
since you put so much work into it
yeh tru
both that and the quicklists page are so awesome
we used the quicklist one at UDS to figure out which ones we want to ship ootb!
thats cool
i like my lists :P
1:42 PM
@JorgeCastro The rep would have been retracted as soon as it went to CW
@JorgeCastro I love that idea. I just don't think I could do it good enough
@MarcoCeppi my profile says i got 220 votes so in theory it would have removed that much rep from my profile once CW'd?
@Cas Correct, about once a week your rep gets recalculated for questions deleted, later CW'd, etc
@MarcoCeppi woot since when? That'd be a new feature then
oh it is new then :D
It's been around for about 3 months now
hmm interesting
1:46 PM
you can trigger it at anytime at the bottom of that page
you don't lose rep for answers later converted to CW i think (!)
you just don't get any more rep for it
Sounds like a meta qusetion
@htorque that is what I knew
sounds like something someone already asked for sure :P
A: What are "Community Wiki" posts?

Justin StandardWhy have Community Wiki posts? One of the goals of the website is to be a continually evolving source of good information. Community Wiki posts help enhance the wiki aspect of the site. How do Community Wiki posts work? Community Wiki posts work by transferring ownership of the post from the ...

you keep the rep.
1:48 PM
(i'm too slow)
1:58 PM
@JorgeCastro did you see my question in meta: meta.askubuntu.com/questions/1366/…
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