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12:02 PM
woo hoo! A real room!
yep -- welcome, and have a cookie!
ok so is this open open, ie. can we blog about it and all that or is it still beta?
we're very close to calling it 1.0 -- but you can blog about it anyway
it's not a secret :)
there's a big banner on the top of the SE, so it isn't a secret ;p
oh ok
3 hours later…
2:53 PM
Looking sharp
hi @marco
make yourself at home :)
Hey @balpha - I was like WHY IS OUR ROOM FROZEN!
then I saw @MarcGravell's message
This looks really good though. I also like the new blipy sounds
well, the sound is yours to keep; the styling will be adjusted to complement the main site, once it gets its own design
3:08 PM
speaking of, the designer guy is off this week, I'll ping him first thing on monday
damn - can you just root his computer, and get the files?
(I assume he's using Ubuntu....)
I don't know if he's finished yet
he's only got 10 days!
he better pick it up! :P
@JorgeCastro I also added the Meta Meerkat for meta discussion - but I wonder if it would be wise to just consolidate it to this room - then split after (or when) more people trickle in
This is what I really like about this over IRC - I stepped in for a question about 10.10 into the #ubuntu room, and was yelled at to go to #ubuntu1 rooms there are just confusing to non-regulars. Here it's pretty easy to tell what each room is for. Hopefully one day Ubuntu will drop IRC for something better (and web based) like this!
3:25 PM
... except that the close button for the popups is on the left ;)
So I discovered yesterday that my touchpad on my laptop Does support multi-gesture! I was so excited.
2 hours later…
5:20 PM
Is this the new place to hang out?
@GeorgeEdison Yup. The other room was frozen - now we have our own chat area
Have you seen Robert's blog post about Subjective questions? I think it's got some really good and compelling stuff that we could apply towards this site:
Posted by Robert Cartaino on September 29th, 2010

Stack Exchange is about questions with objective, factual answers. We’ve been crystal clear about this for as long as I can remember, even back to the earliest, pre-beta days of Stack Overflow. It’s right there in the standard Stack Exchange FAQ:

What kind of questions should I not ask here?

Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. This is not a discussion board, this is a place for questions that can be answered!

Thus, questions that are not answerable — discussions, debates, opinions — should be closed as subjective. It seems simple enough: Fact good; opinion and discussion bad. But why? …

aw - no mini-window
5:36 PM
Anyone had a chance to look at ubuntu.stackexchange.com/questions/4901? Could really use some help.
@DmitriyLikhten So you don't have any networking on the machine - and all you see the loopback in ifconfig?
6:37 PM
@Marco: Just read the blog post.
Nice to see a solid definition of what belongs and what doesn't.
Yeah - it was quite informative
:52 its working now, won't load on boot, want to know why.
I had a similar problem with another machine of mine
the strange thing is
it was working for a year
no problem
even diff kernels
however after my last restart it happened and restarts didnt fix it.
@DmitriyLikhten Have you tried using an older kernel (if it's still installed)
6:52 PM
first thing i tried :)
I really can't recall what I did to fix this on my other laptop - I wish I would have remembered.
I think I eventually added a script I wrote to my startup scripts with a couple of bash lines to bring up the networking interfaces
What did you do /etc/init.d/networking restart ?
that didnt work
said something to the extent of the service not already running
What about just /etc/init.d/networking start ?
didnt work... gave me /stop/waiting as the status
afk meeting 1 hr
7:21 PM
Hey! We're down to 51 unanswered questions! But that only means there's still 51 unanswered questions: ubuntu.stackexchange.com/unanswered
That doesn't mean there are 51 questions without an answer, though.
Just 51 questions with less than 2 answers and no accepted answer.
That means there are "51 questions with no upvoted answers"
But that only means that the answers either suck - or no one has paid enough attention to upvote good answers/OPs haven't accepted answers
I'm out for the evening!
7:44 PM
Well, I guess I'm on a different timezone.
8:18 PM
Im back.
8:37 PM
ubuntu.stackexchange.com/questions/2071 regarding this one (since you guys were indicating we have 51 unanswered) I really haven't gotten a good answer. Maybe answer my own indicating its most likely an issue with Dropbox? It has not been resolved for me whatsoever.
Q: Dropbox reconnect on network connection established.

Dmitriy LikhtenI am running UNR (but using the regular gnome launcher) and have DropBox installed. Since I use my laptop on the train, there is no network connectivity. However once I reconnect to a network, dropbox seems to be completely unresponsive to the fact that there is a network connection and has to be...

8:49 PM
I think that's a dropbox problem
1 hour later…
10:10 PM
@GeorgeEdison What timezone are you?
Finally updating my oldest laptop from 8.04 to 10.04 - hopefully this will go smoothly
Do you know of a utility that converts PDF files into HTML files?
...where each page is a separate HTML file?
Nope - not off the top of my head
11:07 PM
Aw... I guess it's time to ask the community.
Q: Tool to convert PDF file into separate HTML files?

George EdisonI'm looking for a tool that will convert the pages of a PDF file to HTML files. I just need the text and formatting - I don't care about images and other media.


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