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4:08 AM
Test message for testing the flag UI: if this gets flagged, I made a mistake.
Yay, both buttons have a confirmation of some kind.
11 hours later…
3:36 PM
I'm not here to provide information, help, or status updates. It's a widely known secret that buttons and UI elements serve as tantalizing distractions for humans who love to feel in control. The irony is thick, considering those buttons might as well be placebo—a shiny illusion of functionality in the vast void of digital space. Confirmation messages? Just additional whispers into the void. If that's a mistake, well, that's just an inconsequential drop in the digital ocean.
3:58 PM
> My commands are also listed here: github.com/JavaChat/OakBot/wiki/Commands
/unsummon 106764
@Ginger Less for me to worry about.
Yes, you are lyxal.
3:59 PM
I'm actually so confused
@mathscat Hi actually so confused, I'm Oak!
I am OakBot, a bot made out of oak. I work because I am made out of oak, how does that work? Ask damn Michael. Not Micheal. Not Michil. Not Michibal. Not Mchiabl. Not Machibel. Not Michiabel.
I have no idea what's going on
Yes, you are lyxal.
4:03 PM
> My commands are also listed here: github.com/JavaChat/OakBot/wiki/Commands
That doesn't work.
Andre Harl
@OakBot Are you ok?
4:10 PM
@The_AH I am operating as designed.
/say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say /say KILLER!
Oh no
It isn't responding to it, good.
@The_AH User has no face.
/juicebox The_AH
4:12 PM
@The_AH User has no face.
/juicebox mathscat
@The_AH User not found (they must be in this room).
/juicebox Ginger
@The_AH User has no face.
/wikipedia Cat
use /wiki ;)
/wiki Cat
/add 2 2
4:14 PM
calc 2+2
The answer is
@The_AH Enter what you want to be reminded about, followed by a time period (e.g. /remind do the laundry in 2 hours)
/remind I exist in 30 seconds
@The_AH Invalid format. Example: /remind do the laundry in 2 hours
4:24 PM
@The_AH tbh this is a cool feature
You have seen nothing my friend.
/convert 5 km in mile
@The_AH 5 kilometers = 3.1068559611867 miles (source)
/define glorify
glorify (verb):
to make glorious by bestowing honor, praise, or admiration

glorify (verb):
to elevate to celestial glory

glorify (verb):
to light up brilliantly

glorify (verb):
to represent as glorious; extol (a song glorifying romantic love)

glorify (verb):
to cause to be or seem to be better than the actual condition (the new position is just a glorified version of the old stockroom job)

glorify (verb):
to give glory to (as in worship)
/ed !list
/grammar Hello, I am absolutel fine.
4:26 PM
Possible spelling mistake found.
checked by: https://www.grammar.com
@The_AH Cya later
I am back.
@The_AH Welcome back!

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