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5:18 AM
@Gajoo model of map is from wow, with lights and camera nearer it would look ok i guess
6 hours later…
11:39 AM
GUYS. I'm here. We can chat now.
11:51 AM
do you know that there is no c# lua interpreter capable of interpreting lua the way wow use it?
I did not know that
it may not be true, though, maybe i just did it wrong :)
@Kikaimaru, What do you mean "the way wow use it"?
Cause I'm pretty sure a Lua interpreter is a Lua interpreter.
Can't really do it many different ways.
Did you know that Mario is invincible as long as he is moving down?
11:58 AM
@William'MindWorX'Mariager you need to implement some function in C# and then someone can override it in lua
That's nothing to do with Lua.
That's how Blizzard handle events.
What Blizzard does is have people write functions with certain names and signatures.
but i guess i could implement it in lua as call to MyMethodInternal
When an event happens, they call all functions that match the name and signature.
but someone from lua can call something like

DrawX() which is implemented in C# as drawing, and some guy can override this DrawX method in lua
That's all about handling it on the C# side.
You just look at what people override.
It's management, that's all.
12:03 PM
A program that learns how to play NES games? Crazy. cs.cmu.edu/~tom7/mario
Yeah, it's pretty neat.
Did you see how it handled tetris?
Just watched the whole thing
I am curious if it had accidentally completed a row if it would have learned to do that instead of stacking them
@William'MindWorX'Mariager how? i dont want to look at lua code, i wont something that will call my method, or lua method depending on if the method is implmeneted in lua or not
@Kikaimaru Look at what functions that are defined?
but it can be defined at any time
12:09 PM
When you have the LuaVM running, you can see whatever has been defined.
Yes, then you look every single time.
when is that?
not that i care that should do the library its not my responsibility
I don't understand what you mean.
You're asking when you call your own function?
Cause I really have no clue when that happens. :P
Lemme try some psuedo code here
drawRectangle = function () { log("no drawing"); }


public void drawRectangle() { graphics.draw() }
i want this to drawrectangle and log no drawing
public void DrawRectangle() {
	if /* find drawRectangle in lua */ {
		// call drawRectangle in lua
	} else {

private void drawRectangle() {

It's pretty straight forward.
and what would call the DrawRectangle?
i suspect the lua library, so the lua library would call my c# method so that i can call the lua method?
12:17 PM
I don't think I understand what you want to do.
i want the code above to work
with the lua library that i had it didnt
I can't tell you.
The concept is simple, you look for defined functions using the lua api, and then act accordingly.
What I showed you, allow people to define a function in lua, that overrides your C# function.
And here's an interesting read on why Metacritic Scores matter: kotaku.com/…
@Fratyr Hey there
Guys, how this constructor's pre-initialization in C++ called: Dx11DemoBase::Dx11DemoBase( ) : driverType_( D3D_DRIVER_TYPE_NULL ),
featureLevel_( D3D_FEATURE_LEVEL_11_0 ), d3dDevice_( 0 ), d3dContext_( 0 ),
swapChain_( 0 ), backBufferTarget_( 0 )
? :)
so I can Google about it
12:20 PM
Why don't you google the function? :P
because it's from the book
will not find much. just need the name of technique or whatever it is :)
Well, how it's called is pretty darn vague. :P
@Fratyr my vote is to use a graphics library :P
that's not the question T_T
Which is why he's voting, not answering. :P
12:22 PM
I like pure DX.. but sometimes I find unknown C++ techniques and want to know them as well.
There's no technique. It's a bunch of function calls. :P
On what looks like to be a class inheriting some different initializers.
Liking pure DX sounds oh so frightening :O
driverType_ is not a function, it's a class member
some why all class members are getting set to default values like this in constructor, explicitly. and I don't know why :))
Gee, maybe because the author of the tutorial wants those settings? :P
Sounds like a poorly chosen book on your part if it doesn't tell what it's doing.
i know why he wants those settings.. but this is a DX book, not C++. so he will not explain why he set default values like that, and not inside the constructor itself like we're used to
12:29 PM
So you know why he wants them, but he doesn't tell you, so you want us to confirm it?
do I ? :/
I have no clue, that's why I'm asking.
I think I've asked another question, just thought someone might know the answer to it. that's it. I couldn't find any active C++ chat.
You didn't really ask any question. You asked how a constructor is called.
Which is simply, when the object is made.
i think it's my lack of English experience. I meant how the technique of calling the constructor that way is called/named.
anyway, it is called "constructor's member initialize lists"
found it :)
12:33 PM
Now I see.
They way you asked, you asked more in the direction of how to call it.
sorry T_T
never attended English classes :)
so how's Oblivion with Tom Cruise? :)
12:51 PM
whoops responded to wrong person :P
@CodeAssassin I've seen stuff like that before. I really enjoy that the one I posted examines how a real person played the game (think younger sibling watching older sibling) by examining the bits and coming up with the win condition. It then learns what combinations of inputs when increases those bits and subsequently gets closer to "winning" the game
And it can theoretically be applied to any NES game with varying results
I wonder how it would work in Galaga
1:24 PM
I personally feel it would do pretty well in Galaga. Not sure though.
2:13 PM
Booting the computer
always a good thing
@Byte56 You have a boot sequence that allows you to chat in GD.SE at the same time? How do I get in on that?
Well, it's at the end of the sequence.
So pretty simple.
2:39 PM
@ToddersLegrande I was thinking of some external device to do that.
@ToddersLegrande don't you want to develop a WP8 app for chat.SE?
It's crossed my mind... but with the exception of logging in, the web interface is just fine
So as long as I don't actually have anything to contribute that I want to type on my phone I'm fine. Which I pretty much never do so yeah :)
If I'm bored and have free time... generally I've got a PC nearby.
@ToddersLegrande also you can't replay to chat messages
and note that it would be nice if you could just be signed into the chatroom without having to keep IE open.
@Gajoo I wouldn't know because I can count the number of times I wanted to chat using my phone on one hand. Read, sure. Chat, no.
So if you want to make the app then go for it. Not worth my time. I don't really care about the limitations of the web site in the phone.
Because I don't use it
like I spend anything for anything not related to games
howdy folks
2:47 PM
@ShotgunNinja heyo
@ToddersLegrande, How do you deploy your site? FTP?
I'm using a CMS so I dont really have a deploy step at this point
I used a web installer through the control panel
If it doesn't work for you, then I would use FTP yeah
FTP is fine really.
But supposedly web deploy is pretty cool!
I just need to have a separate live and dev version.
2:55 PM
Though I think VS has some FTP hookups too
Dev == local?
The way it's setup now, when using ftp, I'm editing the files directly on the server.
Very nice to work with really.
But not good if i need both a live and dev version.
I don't follow?
Well, I wouldn't want to be editing live versions and add instability while someone might be using it? :P
Akin to having a stable and a dev branch in repositories.
2:57 PM
I guess I am not understanding your dev environment combined with FTP
With VS2012, I picked the FTP as the website place.
Now, if I open a file and make some changes, it's instantly uploaded to the site.
Yeah I wouldn't do that
Me neither. But it's handy for dev. :P
2:58 PM
Build it locally
then there is a publish settings
You can select FTP
Then you can manually publish it out to the site using the publish button
I'll look at web deploy, and if it isn't working out, ftp publish it is.
I've only used it for local publishes so that I can use full IIS versus the express with Visual Studio and that works pretty slick anyway
So in my scenario it was a file system publish. But overall I like the publish feature
Which project type should I pick?
I don't know what Razor is, except for a different syntax?
3:00 PM
Why don't you have MVC?
Perhaps it's an addon?
What's MVC?
Model View Controller
Maybe try new project instead of new Web Site
Try the above first
I did new->Website and saw the same options as you
ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Application?
3:02 PM
Disclaimer: I have no clue how well that will deploy to the server
Yeah thats what I would pick
I'm trying a basic to see what it comes with...
I do need accounts for users. If that's what "account controller that uses forms authentication" means. :P
Yeah I think Internet Application is a good one to start with
Razor or ASPX?
Razor looked kinda neat.
3:07 PM
Razor ftw
More readability.
For me anyway
I've heard counterarguments that say they are essentially the same
which I can understand
but overall I like how Razor looks better
I have never used Unit Tests before, so I'll leave that out.
Well, I'm learning both things from scratch, so might as well go with what's more readable. And what you can guide me in. ;)
Unit Testing for games doesn't really work either way AFAIK.
Well, perhaps to make sure damage reduction formulas are right or something... I dunno. :P
Oh boy. That's a lot of files in a new project. :P
But its amazing once you figure it out
a little bit of a learning curve (I honestly still don't know much) but its very slick
I guess I should fix up the connection string in Web.config first.
For the SQL
3:12 PM
Set up a local one for Debug and the prod one for release
Like I said... I've never deployed one of these to my hosting so there is a slight chance this will just crash and burn when you try it out
any NFSU fans here?
3:16 PM
3:32 PM
@ToddersLegrande, I admit, the MVC template looks damn sexy.
Not the page, but the code behind.
Indeed! And there is a way to get it set up so that its all "code first" which means you write your controllers and the DB automatically gets updated when the code is ran. I think the template we chose does this by default but then getting it to make changes to an existing controller takes some finagling
But I think I'm going to switch back to regular ASPX for now. I was aiming for something simple and straight forward with a bit of a naive approach.
But I'm definitely going to look at this if I have to make something more advanced.
PHP to ASPX is going to be a much easier transition than PHP to MVC unless you were previously using an MVC like framework for PHP
I tried Web Deploy.
Looks like it's only for you.
Web deployment task failed. (Connected to the remote computer ("rose.arvixe.com") using the Web Management Service, but could not authorize. Make sure that you are using the correct user name and password, that the site you are connecting to exists, and that the credentials represent a user who has permissions to access the site. Learn more at: go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=221672#ERROR_USER_UNAUTHORIZED.)
I used the username and password you sent. :)
Yeah... I actually just stumbled into some web deploy settings while looking into something else. Give me a few minutes and I'll have you try again
3:40 PM
don't you agree?
@Gajoo Yes... yes it is
@ToddersLegrande, Here's the settings I tried:
@Gajoo, Looks about right. :P
@William'MindWorX'Mariager - yeah in my hosting I specifically found a place for enabling web deploy and setting a web deploy user and password
So I'm checking that out for your site
but this thing is just so slow...
I've got a support ticket out there complaining about it. I'm sure they'll say "you need to upgrade"
3:42 PM
@Gajoo I always write stuff in pico because VIM gets me all the time lol
I'm actually thinking about switching to arvixe.com next time my hosting is up.
vi isn't that flat. it's more like a steep cliff, then a steep incline afterward.
Perhaps you can get a reference bonus or something.
I use it. And I'm always surprised at how much I don't know about it.
actually I've found no editor so far that didn't surprised me by showing new features from time to time.
3:43 PM
I tried vim. And while some people like a program they can tinker with and make do anything, I'm not one of those people.
I like NPP, as it's nice and straight forward.
This is why there's this belief that programmers are smart.... We're just capable of reading things and dealing with learning curves.
Only someone smart would use vi or emacs.
I'm certainly not smart enough for them.
what are the actual benefits of VI and emacs over a friendlier editor?
@ShotgunNinja maybe, but I'm not so sure about that.
I guess if you're really proficient, you can be very efficient.
But I have macros for those times.
I mean sometimes it seems to me like some programmers use them just because it makes them look hardcore
3:45 PM
@William'MindWorX'Mariager Can't this be argued about anything?
I never needed anything that VS had to offer
for anything else
Gedit is more than enough
or is it gedit?
@BogdanMarginean Oh gosh, I did. All of my C#.
I mean developers sure do have their own learning curves but then again, they don't learn different things with same pace.
I use VS features a ton. Refactoring, profiling and sweet debugging.
I'd say it's gedit.
3:46 PM
I always install gedit on any platform, including Windows
for example learning a new editor always bugged me, but I can almost write any code in any language as long as I'm trying to expand an existing project.
I got stuck with it ever since I used Ubuntu for the first time
it doesn't really matter if it's the first time I'm using that language/framework at all, maybe just slowing me down a little bit.
I've fallen in love with ReSharper for VS2012/C#... I can refactor a foreach loop into a LINQ query at the click of a mouse.
I've never used ReSharper but I'm afraid it would make my OCD sense tingle
3:47 PM
there's some iffy contextual response times, but yeah.
I like to do all of my refactoring myself
:/ really?
Well, for me, who is just learning C#, ReSharper really helps.
yes, in case there are obvious issues, I refactor on the spot
yeah, I love ReSharper
3:48 PM
@BogdanMarginean get used to NPP, it's much better :D
at other times, I take an hour or two of my time only to refactor
I look at my code and think what could be improved
What does ReSharper do that you guys like (I'm completely ignorant of the tool)
@ShotgunNinja I don't really use mouse that much when writing code :P
I would really hate to refactor a few dozen files by hand.
I have tons of Git commits
saying just "general refactoring: <list of refactored classes>"
3:49 PM
@ToddersLegrande Better refactoring, class to seperate file.
Among other things.
Smart renaming of parameters, ability to re-order parameters (and all callers), Insert Parameters (and insert a default value to all callers), better "find all uses of symbol"
@BogdanMarginean But... With VS it'll literally take me less than 5 seconds to refactor 100's of files.
@William'MindWorX'Mariager it depends on what you mean by refactoring here
@BogdanMarginean Renaming variables is one thing.
are those minor edits? what kind of renaming?
normally, I build a regex and apply on all files for such tasks
3:51 PM
Method names and class names, and everywhere they're used.
this way I also ensure casing consistency in my code
sometimes I oscilate between casings
found no explanation for that
yeah, resharper also maintains all of your defined naming conventions, AND here's a really great feature:
but when I'm doing general refactoring
I'm more or less looking for:
Tabs for indentation and Spaces for alignment
Amazing, right?
I mean looking to:
reduce the number of statements it takes for me to actually achieve something
3:53 PM
I guess it's personal prefference. I would just hate to refactor by hand. Seems a bit pointless.
@BogdanMarginean I wouldn't be concerned with that
make use of some syntactic sugar that's popular among the language's programmers to make the code shorter and easier to read
and of course
method extraction
Shorter isn't always easier to read
Another thing I love with resharper was it's ability to convert foreach loops to LINQ.
@JohnMcDonald I mentioned it has to be popular among the language's programmers so it's fine :P
for example, the conditional operator in C#
3:55 PM
It's the only reason I know about Aggregate and other similar LINQ methods
instead of if (sth) return true; return false;
by the way anyone participating in google codejam this year?
pardon me, wrong example
@BogdanMarginean return sth;?
that could be refactored to return sth;
3:55 PM
yeah, wrong example
But I know what you're talking about
if (sth) return TotallyNotBool1(); return TotallyNotBool2();
return sth ? totallynotbool1() : totallynotbool2();
this is not that hard to read
but overall
I try as hard as possible for my code to be cleaner than it was after the previous general refactoring session
it's just me though
some might find it redundant
reducing 6 statements to only 4 is great success for me :P

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