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2:16 AM
1 hour later…
3:22 AM
this time, i took notes.
1) Zemo specifically tells the HYDRA guy in the beginning that if HYDRA guy doesn't talk, then he will be forced to use the book, and "other bloodier methods", which he "doesn't want to do", to get what he wants.
2) The title page on the Accords says something very close to "SOKOVIA ACCORDS to RECLAIM AUTHORITY over ENHANCED INDIVIDUALS"
so it does apply to all enhanced people -- any enhanced person has to choose to a) join the avengers and sign the accords, or b) never use their power
3) The bomb happens after the funeral (which Natasha was at), but while Steve was still at the airport with Sharon and Sam. They see it on the news in the airport bar, I think.
4) Why the hell did the German police get sent to Romaina to apprehend a criminal wanted in Austria?
5) Why was the UN in Vienna anyway, and not their HQ?
6) it's 18 hours round trip from Berlin to NYC, that's cutting it really close just to run over there and pick up Spider-Man
7) Zemo kept up his interrogation of Bucky until he got email confirmation that the EMP had been delivered; it was set to go off when opened so he just waited for it to happen
8) I still have no idea where Zemo's kid was in Sokovia that he was close enough to see Iron Man fighting but Zemo thought was far enough from the city to be "safe"
9) No one asks Ross the obvious question of how the hell the Accords are actually going to solve anything, since presumably they will continue to cause massive collateral damage every time the UN sends them somewhere.
10) Ross brings up the end of Winter Soldier when talking about the bad things the Avengers have done but that wasn't the Avengers.
that's all i got.
3:50 AM
@KutuluMike 18 hours if you're not tony stark in a quinnjet
i guess that's true.
he does tell Steve at the airport that it's been 24 of his 36 hours
so i guess the timing isn't that far off
speaking of which... last week's shield. the way it's cut, the quinnjet flies off. the next-ish (i forget exact order) shot is it landing at hive's base. then lincoln comes out of hiding back at shield base and they reveal the ruse while lash comes out of the quinnjet
it just seemed like a huge detour
it's cut so that it's all happening at the same time
haven't seen it yet
3:52 AM
which only makes sense if hive's base is like.. next door, or the quinnjet teleported.
@KutuluMike not the avengers, but three avengers were directly involved
which the argument is fine if we go back to your point #2 - that it's all enhanced individuals, not just the avengers
#4 is really bugging me, because I got the really strong impression the Russos though Vienna was in Germany
Sharon tells Steve she's working for the CIA out of Berlin. Then a bomb blows up in Vienna and she's all "I gotta get to work". and then she's in Vienna giving Steve intel and says "my boss wants a briefing like, now."
then the Berlin police go after Bucky in Romania and take him back to Berlin where's being being held pending extradition
jokes on you. all these cities are in latveria.
none of that makes any f'ing sense.
including the german police. because the speed force.
well, apparently bucky and steve and t'challa are all jay garrick
cuz they were all outrunning the cars
4:02 AM
does panther actually have superpowers?
I'm pretty sure a normal person would have gotten pulverized by some of the things he did.
He went hand-to-hand with Steve and Bucky and got thrown around like a rag doll quite a lot
i've read about a total of 2 black panther issues
and i think both were part of the original civil war run
I think in the comics he has mystic powers
I also thing that maybe the MCU is hinting at them, because they focused a whole lot on T'Challa's ring.
Add in the comments she made about the movie guys whitewashing the mcu and they can't be too happy with her
some of that panther stuff could be attributed to the vibranium suit, but he fought bucky hand-to-hand in just normal clothes
we'll see if she gets in trouble over it or not, that will show just how much pull Feige has over the other departments he's not in charge of.
what she said wasn't all that bad, though.
they basically set her up.
4:13 AM
it really isn't, and this isn't super critical, but the comments about the white washing were pretty ticked off
true, that's a bigger problem, because that's really a sore point with them
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7:27 AM
@KutuluMike Agents of SHIELD says that they don't have to join the Avengers, but they do have to register, which Coulson is against.
Which is a problem when the film itself doesn't deal with, y'know, Spider-Man appearing.
@KutuluMike Sokovia doesn't go airbourne until a while into the fight, but it's also worth mentioning that unless I'm forgetting Zemo specifying this, his family could have been killed in the opening assault on Strucker's base. At one point, they start firing into the city.
@KutuluMike It was 3 of the current roster of Avengers.
3 hours later…
10:43 AM
i was under the impression that the family was killed when sokovia came down, not from the actual firefights.
11:11 AM
@phantom42 So was I, but thinking back I don't remember it being specified.
11:28 AM
he talks about 'after the dust settled' spending weeks picking through the rubble
that strongly implies he's talking about the events at the end
@KutuluMike That's a good point.
but I thought they evacuated everyone before the city fell back down again?
@KutuluMike They evacuated everyone who was still alive.
We know that some people died.
"We dropped a building on him while we were kicking ass."
11:30 AM
@DrRDizzle true, but my point was more of, "Lets suppose the Avengers were under the control of the UN; how would that have changed Winter Soldier in any way?"
the Accords seem to be a highly controversial solution to some other, unrelated problem
they keep talking about the death and destruction and accountability, but their solution was basically designed to solve the 'jurisdiction' problem.
@KutuluMike Well that's part of Steve's argument against it. It just shifts the blame.
Well, I got that part, but even he doesn't make the real point.
that the Accords won't change anything that matters
"General Ross, lets say I sign the Accords and the Chitauri invade; how will things be any different?"
@KutuluMike The difference would be that Steve and Co could legally take the battle to anywhere on the planet and not be held personally responsible for collateral damage.
which is part of Steve's point, but it doesn't address the bigger issue of, how does that actually solve the problem Ross is complaining about?
Tony sees that as a bonus, because he feels guilty about Ultron and doesn't want to be, and he thinks if he moves the decision to someone else it's a weight off his mind.
11:34 AM
yeahy eah yeah i get why Stark and Rogers are making their arguments.
I don't get why Ross thinks this is going to help anything.
I don't get why the UN believes that being able to decide where the Avengers go is going to change what happens when they get there
@KutuluMike In fairness, The Sokovia Accords would have entirely stopped Sokovia from happening, because Tony wouldn't have been allowed to create Ultron in the first place.
would he have not?
it might have stopped him from getting Loki's scepter, but then again... as a private contractor he might have gotten it anyway.
the same way they gave the tesseract over to people to make weapons for it.
@KutuluMike But he wouldn't be a private contractor anymore. He'd have been a foot-soldier for the UN.
but he would also be the leading theoretical engineer in the world
he created Ultron on his own private time.
he didn't use any of his 'enhanced powers' to do it.
I understand the point your making, but I don't think that's what the Sokovia Accords are actually about, even if that's what people involved claim they are for. Logically, we all know regardless of UN oversight, collateral damage is always a risk. What the Accords do is legalise and regulate a private organisation that have been acting outside any legal framework since 2012.
11:39 AM
right. they solve the "we don't like the US having power" problem.
which is 100% political
"Look at this mess you've caused, you need oversight" is a valid argument even if the oversight itself wouldn't have made the mess any smaller. It just would have made the mess Government sanctioned.
Well, UN sanctioned.
also... weren't they technically sanctioned right up until Winter Soldier, since the WSC was a legit international organization?
and clearly being under control of a government-sanctioned agency didn't work out too well for NYC
@KutuluMike SHIELD assembled the Avengers outside of the World Security Council though. They didn't like the idea of the Avengers.
OK, swap 2012 for 2014 just to be sure.
12:08 PM
remember, tony's whole impetus in supporting this is his own personal guilt. he wants to be able to say, "they told us to do this. they approved this."
and really - how often to political documents, especially from the UN, ever actually solve anything?
why would the sokovia accords be any different?
the avengers seemed to have been a SHIELD program. SHIELD, was run by, or was overseen by the WSC. while the WSC may not have had direct control of the avengers, they had some.
i think ss is back
I'm telling you, we seriously need a "This question is too stupid to exist" close reason
Q: Is Colossus is asexual in nature?

user66199During Last fight in Dead Pool (2016), Colossus cover his face by hand when Angel Dust cleavage came down. So why did he cover his face, is he asexual in nature?

@phantom42 I'm not sure I agree. At the end of Avengers Assemble, they all go their separate ways. It's not like the WSC has any control over them.
it's paper control from on high. they make decisions, but fury is supposed to have managerial control at that point
they give fury crap for letting them walk away.
12:23 PM
I just couldn't stop myself from answering that stupid question.
particularly since thor took the tesseract
@KutuluMike no relationships with colossus and anyone in the movies yet
the first avengers movie actually shows why an oversight comity doesnt work, the oversite commit ordered a nuclear strike on new york city
of note: hydra ordered a nuclear strike on NYC
@AncientSwordRage we are suspicious that scifi.stackexchange.com/users/66199/user66199 may be a sock puppet, just FYI.
the alternative being there's two of them :|
for the sake of humanity, i hope it's a sock puppet. because the last thing we need is two people asking questions like that
12:35 PM
@phantom42 Well, one member of one subsection of Hydra did.
Q: Supergirl has pierced ears - how exactly did she manage this?

DaveSupergirl is effectively invulnerable (her cousin is known to have to use his heat vision to shave; presumably she does too for legs etc). But her ears are pierced in the TV show. This image shows that they were not pierced before she left Krypton, and since Kryptonite isn't well known on Earth...

12:52 PM
well that sucked.
middle of typing an answer my PC just decided to power off for 10 minutes.
SE sometimes saves drafts
little consolation for your borked computer though
throw it away buy a new one
I wish
i need to. ammy got spooked the other night and ran under the table and knocked into my laptop power cord. laptop hit the ground
I already sunk $1000 into this stupid thing, I have none left
12:55 PM
still functions, but it's not its first drop
Q: What was Black Panther's ring doing?

gowenfawrThere is a scene in Captain America: Civil War which happened so fast I'm not sure what I was seeing: Obviously the ring is something special, just from the way it's handled reverentially earlier in the movie. But this scene happened too fast for me to understand what happened. Am I misunde...

my wifes using a 7 year old graphics card im going to have to spring and get her a new one soon, when she plays sims her pc sounds like a jet
or buy myself a new one and give her my hand me dow
1:12 PM
so... you're buying yourself a new one
we all know how this works.
how did her tattoo go?
sqb edited the colossus question into something completely different
still a stupid question
that's twice in two days that someone has edited a terrible question by just rewriting it into a new question
1:33 PM
it turned out pretty good
she said it didnt really hurt
1 hour later…
2:49 PM
The looks like a frowny face over a treble clef
bass cleft is sad cleft
Oh yeah.
I see it all so clearly now.
No alto clef?
thats a fake cleft
It is used sometimes for violins and violas.
for fake people
rather, its a hipster clef
acting like its all cool
3:07 PM
we always played treble clef when i played violin
once upon a time in the long long ago
i dont know what circles use alto or C clef but ive never met anyone, and my wife has never done anything with it and she has a bachellors in music
its probably some specific composer or 2 that uses it
I know my son uses it in his viola playing.
All the cool kids are doing it.
Don't you want to be cool?
Whatever. Treble clef is too mainstream for me.
3:28 PM
yep, looked it up it appears violas dont have many parts pre 20th century, but new composers have included it more and more, its pure a hipster instrument!
I like reading the spam blog comments. They are always so positive and uplifting.
> Whats Happening i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I’ve found It absolutely helpful and it has helped me out loads. I’m hoping to give a contribution & aid other customers like its helped me. Good job.
That is for a review of The Croods. I'm glad that review was able to positively affect someone's life, that is going beyond the normal movie review.
thats how i answer required disccussion threads in college
"wow great article that really helped me understand this topic" +30 for discussion that week
> Hello, I just wanted to tell you, I disagree. Your point doesn’t make any sense.
Also on the Croods. I didn't realize that was such a controversial review.
3:45 PM
your croods review changed my life
the planets aligned
it allowed meaningful contact with all forms of life, from extraterrestrials to common household pets.
You'll have to let DavRob60 know, he is the author.
that sounds like effort
1 hour later…
5:03 PM
@KutuluMike thanks for the heads up
5:15 PM
Q: Where do all the skin cells go, that Superman and Supergirl loose every day?

F4QAs by this article a normal human being looses about 3.6 kilograms (8 pounds) of skin cells every year. They are usually eaten by dust mites. But certainly this does not apply to Kryptonian skin cells as they would resist any dust mites' approach to eat them. So I was wondering where do they go...

@phantom42 A life-changing Croods review? I'd like to read that. Is it on the blog?
we have a blog?
@AgentObie downvote for the question, extra downvote for 'lose vs loose'
@phantom42 Perhaps they need to make an effort to shake 'em loose, so they "loose" them?
@phantom42 Yeah, I'm not happy with the Colossus question either. Problem is, I don't want to turn it back into the mess it was. I'm open to suggestions.
just leave it, my answer applies either way.
it would not be the first time we had a user ask a question that showed a fundamental misunderstanding about how sex worked.
5:31 PM
Was it accidental sex in the back of a car? I've heard that results in pregnancy 100% of the time.
accidental sex
its always accidental
@Himarm Yeah, we were both naked, and I slipped and fell over and...
my cousin just told me his wife got pregnant by accident
Were all those villians that Zoom had assembled from Earth-2? Or had he recruited all those people from Earth-1?
@KutuluMike Okay, I'll do so.
5:34 PM
im like, i dont know if you understand how that works
Also, when Sisko used his power to open a breach, did it remain permanently open?
My (late) grandmother told me how she once had a housekeeper who didn't know how she got pregnant. So her mother asked her if she had done this and that. Yes, she had. Well, that's how.
Character on Tv Show: I was on every birth control known to man, and I still got pregnant. My brother: She was on abstinence?
Q: Shall we ban identification questions?

Napoleon WilsonAs many of you know, one way or the other this site has a problem with identification questions. The relative ratio of those questions on the site is steadily increasing over time without a sign of decline and they will at some point become the primary type of question on this site. At the same t...

(That's over on Movies & TV).
@Himarm did she work in a sperm bank and have a labour accident?
Did she slip and fall into the "gene pool"?
@SQB That is sort of what Lex Luthor did in BvS.
I can't remember. Did Superman keep that 20,000 year old spaceship that Lois Lane went to investigate?
For some reason I thought Zod had taken control of it.
5:47 PM
he crashes one of the spaceships into the big lazer thing
i cant remeber if it was that ship or the ship he arrived in
But then I was thinking Zod just had the World Builder and his other ship. And Superman crashes his baby pod ship into it.
Which means Superman still has that other ship.
I was trying to figure out why Superman didn't remove the downed ship sitting IN THE MIDDLE OF METROPOLIS and use it build his fortress of solitude.
Or why the government didn't remove it.
Or why Lex was the other who thought to use Zod's fingerprints to access its dark secrets.
Or why Lex thought fingerprints would even work on a super advanced space ship.
@JackBNimble The answer to every question related to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is "because it's poorly written, nonsensical garbage".
6:02 PM
Q: Captain America : Civil War :- Zemo's plan

TheReignOfKurI just watched Captain America: Civil War and these were the questions I had after leaving the theatre: Was Zemo's plan really that brilliant? Okay so I understood that he wanted to pit the Avengers against each other. But all of that was riding on the footage of Bucky killing Stark's parents. ...

or lord we spoke of superman
7:02 PM
@SQB i dont really care enough to do anything. i just think it was the wrong action to take.
in all likelihood, mike's answer addresses the actual concern anyways
now we just upvote and get mike his reversal badge and let the question rot
@AgentObie non-canon for a russo brothers movie, but whedon says that the rule is that if you're under mind control and you get hit really hard, you snap out of it.
> The only rule of science I have in Avengers movies is "if somebody is mind-controlling you, then you get hit really hard, then it'll probably end."
7:34 PM
Q: Why was Captain America not wearing his helmet during battle of Sokovia

Andrew CasaliIn Avengers Age of Ultron in Sokovia ultron plans to use the city as a crater to destroy mankind all of the Avengers were their in their suits fighting back Captain America had his whole outfit and shield except the helmet he wears. So why didn't he Weare his helmet during the battle ?

7:52 PM
@SQB they could use some help getting rid of those things.
1 hour later…
9:17 PM
oh mother f@!#!@#
@phantom42 so I just upgraded my house to level 3.
spot the design flaw
9:38 PM
@KutuluMike lol. you can move those though. i accidentally move my tv all the time
yeah, it was the chest that annoyed me
you have to take everything out of it then pickaxe it
yeah, that's a pain
thankfully I figured out how to drop things.
so i've got leah at 8 hearts (just the two greyed ones missing) and hayley at 7
leah made a comment basically coming on to me saying something like she could help on the farm
its a new week, so I should get there momentarily.
leah's a drunk, she loves wine.
9:44 PM
so just within like 2 miles of my place, this past weekend,a couple of guys broke into at least two restaurants and a church. then last night, some (possibly homeless) guy tried dragging a lady into the woods, and there was another burglary. the search copter came out for at least one of those not sure which. and then today some guy holed himself up in his apartment with a gun and the cops had to shut down the area.
not sure what the hell brought on all the crime lately
though, the guy with the gun is probably just crazy
who the hell breaks into a church
on a saturday night too, not even when it's full of collection/tithes

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