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12:12 AM
guess i should rewatch age of ultron this week
4 hours later…
4:31 AM
probably being either killed or otherwise abused by a whedon
seriously, you'd think the whedons hate amy acker based on how much every one of her characters gets crapped on in any whedon production
@phantom42 May I ask what you are talking about?
@MAFIA36790 "cello girl" in the MCU refers to coulson's ex-gf
fred/illyria, whiskey/dr saunders, cello girl, beatrice in much ado - every time she shows up in a whedon production, her characters get the short end of the stick
@phantom42 Hmmm... damn I don't follow it.... is Caulson the man working in the SHIELD... he is the dean of Peter Parker's school in Ultimate Spider Man... is he the same man you are talking about?
4:44 AM
phil coulson, director of shield
Yep! He is the mun!!
killed by loki, got a robot hand...
hmmm.... this didn't happen in Ultimate Spiderman... Loki is a damn joker there.
Hmm... I would try MCU this year.... I want to get new things other than Arrowverse.
5:13 AM
@JackBNimble In Vixen web series , flash did met her, so he can call her for help.
5:26 AM
@AnkitSharma: Watched Arrow... the Black Canary tuned out to be a prisoner of Damien.... ooh.
I thought Diggle would slay Damien's wife.... but on the contrary, she issued arrest warrant, damn.
So, should we take Black Canary is retired?
being dead is usually considered a forced retirement
@JackBNimble She even mentioned Barry when she debuted in the Arrow episode.
5:34 AM
Probably don't tell Barry about this.
5:53 AM
@phantom42 she is coming in flash as earth 2 version
And i am sure few flashback this season too
@AnkitSharma Black Siren....
I liked this idea
But i am sure it's one episode thing
But it will better if they can make it arrow crossover
@AnkitSharma yup.... she wouldn't be regular... would feature in some flash back and a bit cameo of Earth 2 version Laurel Lance.
BTW, Amazon would deliver the Flash: Rebirth today ;) @ankit
1 hour later…
7:22 AM
I finished my Road to Captain America: Civil War last night with Ant-Man, which I still really love. It's so imaginative and inventive and funny and just fun that I find it near impossible to criticise in any meaningful way. I can't wait to see Scott Lang show up in Captain America: Civil War and interact with rest of this universe's characters.
Incidentally, T-minus 11 hours until I see Captain America: Civil War.
7:42 AM
@DrRDizzle I am jealous
@AnkitSharma So am I; my brother, who has the day off college, is seeing it in just 4 hours.
8:16 AM
Q: What does the appearance of a Ten Ring terrorist in Ant-Man mean?

Dr R DizzleIn Ant-Man, we can see at one point that one of the potential buyers for the Yellowjacket (Darren Cross' version of the Ant-Man technology) has a tattoo on his neck. Under closer inspection, it becomes obvious that this tattoo is the logo for the Ten Ring terrorists. Below is a picture of the ch...

3 hours later…
11:02 AM
it means that someone who likes the 10 rings logo enough to get a tattoo of it on his neck wanted to buy the yellowjacket suit
it may mean that mandarin and the 10 rings are interested in it
11:14 AM
i assumed it just meant that every bad guy on the planet wants to buy this thing.
11:43 AM
Q: How does the Flash have powers on Arrow S04E19?

gfgqtmakiaFlash didn't have powers on The Flash S02E19, but has powers at the end of Arrow S04E19 just one day later. How is that possible? The answer is probably a plot hole or to not completely trust episodes order between those shows (although it was accurate since Barry appeared on Arrow in the 2nd s...

11:56 AM
@KutuluMike @phantom42 "Has anyone involved with either Ant-Man or the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe commented on this? I'd be interested to know what link, if any, this has to Iron Man 3 or the "All Hail the King" One-Shot.".
I was looking more for an out-of-universe perspective.
oh, ok.
mike, did you watch the new season of kimmy schmidt?
i don't watch kimmy schmidt
i have too much other tv to watch as it is
it's pretty damned hilarious
the last episode takes place in orlando and titusville
"titusville is where dreams go to die"
and carlos from monsters shows up as a roller coaster junkie
12:20 PM
I can't remember who I was talking to this about some time ago, so I'm just going to post it.
Confirmation that Marvel Studios are the ones with creative control over Spider-Man.
Kevin Feige said, "Well, I’ve known all those people for very long. Amy Pascal, Tom Rothman, who runs Sony now, I’ve known for years. So it’s been great. I mean they really are supportive in allowing us to make the creative decisions to make that movie, but they’ve been great partners, and uh, so far so good on that movie."
12:38 PM
i have been doing research for my Marvel blog post.
I have seen lots of things that imply that Marvel's always had some level of control over it.
people at fox and sony talking about Avi Arad's vision for the characters and such.
it makes no sense.
apparently, Marvel's original plan for Marvel Studios was to film the movies and sell them as a package deal to fox/sony/universal/etc.
but it doesn't seem like that ever happened.
Hmm... they are never clear whether Arrow is ahead or Flash....
I came to say what you all are talking about. Back to lirking i guess
They were same only during the Legends of Today.
@KutuluMike That's true, we actually had a question where I used some Marvel Studios gave Sony about Spider-Man that helped answer it.
its making it hard to write this blog post not knowing what these actual deal were.
i also had no idea how long Fox has the license for X-Men before they made a movie.
or that Marvel licensed Spider-Man out like 25 years before Sony made Spider-Man
i always assumed they farmed all their stuff out to get out of bankruptcy, but apparently that just kicked them into overdrive.
12:43 PM
A: Are there any rules/guidelines regarding Spider-Man's appearance?

Dr R DizzleThis article claims that when Sony Pictures attempted to reboot the Spider-Man franchise in 2011, Marvel gave them a list of rules about how both Spider-Man and Peter Parker should be depicted on screen. These rules are; Spider-Man Male Does not torture Does not kill unless in defense of self ...

@KutuluMike They are probably the most closely guarded contracts in Hollywood. No one knows the details of them beyond guesswork.
@MAFIA36790 typically, no. except at the crossover points where we can usually firmly establish that they are in or out of sync. this flash cameo (yes, this was just a cameo) is clearly out of sync
T-minus 5 and half hours until I'm waiting for Captain America: Civil War to start.
it's a matter of which direction it's in
so you're waiting to start waiting?
why don't you just cut the waiting and start waiting now?
we really need a custom reason for the future works policy
"closed as off topic because it's not related to sf/f within the scope" is really misleading
1:08 PM
we're supposed to be closing them as opinion based.
@phantom42 did someone just close one with that reason?
i need an example.
i am doing something fundamentally stupid and posting to meta
Q: When is Attack on Titan Season 2 coming?

user65389I am an ardent fan of attack on titan. waiting for the next season. anyone knows when it will be released?

@phantom42 Is anime on topic here?
@MAFIA36790 yes.
well, provided that it's got some sort of SF/F element
1:15 PM
holy crap, "future works" is by far our most used custom reason.
which every anime i've watched has
like.. 90+% of them.
Q: Do we have room for a custom close reason for future works?

KutuluMikeWe have had a long-standing policy that questions asking about material from unproduced future works should be closed until such time as they are answerable. The meta consensus was that we should close them as primarily opinion-based, which is as close to a legitimate reason as we can get. But i...

Hehehehe.... my first question here got closed due to this.... but it got re-opened a month ago ;))
anyone have a link to the meta discussion where we said "don't spoiler block the whole damned question"?
@phantom42 I'm not waiting for it to start at the moment though, I'm waiting for work to end. At that point, I'll be waiting to go the cinema. Then and only then can I start waiting to enter the screen, at which point I can start waiting for it to start.
Typical American, ignoring the benefits of an orderly queue.
1:30 PM
forget queueing. reserved seats are where it's at.
@phantom42 My local multiplex don't do that :(
and you claimed to be a civilized nation
@DrRDizzle You don't reserve seat before going to cinema?
1:51 PM
@MAFIA36790 I physically can't.
@phantom42 Darn.
Everybody knows that Punisher works better as a supporting character.
2:15 PM
@phantom42 You didn't mention that a writer from Hannibal is the showrunner! Now I'm excited.
2:40 PM
how many movies does ironman still have on contract
and how many does captain have
if we know
2:53 PM
I thought Evans said his contract was up and he wasn't going to come back, then changed his mind.
that, to me, implies that he's decided whether to sign a new contract
and does bucky have super powers, or just a human with a metal arm
he's got similar powers to Steve
he's the result of HYDRA trying to reproduce Erskine's experiment, I think.
so he has a super solider serum in him
its not the same, exactly, and I dunno if they've been very specific about what happend.
but HYDRA "experimented" on him, plus brainwashed him.
@Himarm Or some version of it, yes. The Super Soldier Serum used on Steve came from Dr Erskine; the version used on Bucky was created by Dr Zola.
2:58 PM
to make someone to counter Captain America
Q: What is the policy for spoilers?

Merlyn Morgan-GrahamIs there any official policy for mandatory use of the spoilers features? Or is just a courtesy/fully voluntary? I didn't see anything on the FAQ. Is there any particular action that should be taken on posts that do not contain spoiler blocks? If there should be such a policy, should it have a ...

> Put as little text as possible into the spoiler tag, and try and surround it with context that doesn't give anything away, but makes it obvious whether you want to reveal the text.
I have a bunch of meta questions bookmarked now
i just remeber the move not being very clear
if they actually gave him something or not
i saw your answer about it @DrRDizzle
@Himarm When Steve finds him in the Hydra base, he's clearly out of it. He's definitely undergone some form of experimentation, but it's left ambiguous (presumably to make his return as The Winter Soldier less obvious).
i came away with the impression from winter soldier that he was only a match because of his arm, since his arm is like equal to cap, but his other arm is barely but he is jumping over cars and stuff
i thought bucky did some fancy boomerangy stuff w/ the shield?
with his metal arm
3:09 PM
@KutuluMike He throws it, but he doesn't ricochet it and stuff.
don't murder me but i still haven't seen that movie
he catches it with the metal arm too all cute
okay rand
@KutuluMike Wait, what.
Are you talking about Captain America: The Winter Soldier?
i didn't go to the movies when that one came out.
@KutuluMike Dude.
Sort that out.
3:10 PM
and I haven't seen it on cable yet. I check all the time.
Like, tonight.
and netflix has no marvel movies.
torrent it
It's on Netflix UK!
3:10 PM
via the dark webs
Buy it on Blu Ray!
oh yeah, I have a bluray player now.
did they fix it were we could watch netflix uk with an addon?
Borrow it off someone, I don't care. But you need to see it man.
@Himarm Some proxies work, others don't.
More importantly, T-minus 3 and a half hours ish until Captain America: Civil War.
i have a week, at least.
i'll find it somewhere
3:12 PM
yeah you just have to proxy from uk and you can watch it, i know they were mad for a while but as of like last week people still say you can do it lol
oooh it's on STARZ tonight at 7pm
I think I can DVR it
@KutuluMike I'm actually kind of flabbergasted that you haven't seen it, especially when it's widely regarded as the MCU's best.
3:37 PM
as bad as that is, mafia said he hasnt watched any mcu movies
and yes, evans just said like.. this week, that he wants to keep doing more movies
@DrRDizzle sorry. I guess I didn't realize "but it's really really good" was a substitute for $$ when buying movie tickets?
also, SUPER nitpick, but I'm watching it now and they put the "coordinates" of the Triskelion on screen and they're clearly screwed up.
@Himarm part of the problem is that they can apparently choose whether their appearances will count against their contracts. i saw an interview with paltrow saying that she wasnt counting her appearance in (i think) avengers against the contract because it was such a small bit
though Google is also being stupid.
possible that evans did the same thing with thor 2
these coordinates, if I assume that "77S" actually means "77W", are right where they should be, but google puts them in Manilla?
3:43 PM
it's like the island from lost
it moves
the coordiates they give are 38N 77S.
it doesn't just "move", it "exists on a separate plane where normal coordinates do not apply"
i assume those coordinates are supposed to be smack in the middle of the patomac, though
which, if I remember my geography from grade school, means it's in Virginia, not DC
oh, no. it's on Theodore Roosevelt island, which is actually pretty big.
that's odd, cuz this building looks like it's just sitting in the middle of the river.
and is not that far from where wolverine is thrown in DoFP
4:44 PM
i should have known better than to even try.
5:30 PM
> I tend to use the "custom close" text to explain why I've voted to close. Simply marking them as 'opinion-based' doesn't really explain to the user why you want to zap it.
except for today...when he closed it as off-topic
Problem is when people select close reason from the list due to laziness even when none of them apply
5:55 PM
Damn, couldn't watch LoT; balance got end ;((
Good night, comrades.
7:11 PM
worst part: a mod closed it with the wrong reason
@DrRDizzle i suggest a rollback on this
your statement is still correct. inhumans may be off the film schedule, but they're still on AOS and effectively the mutants of the MCU,
macavoy and boyega cast for watership down. get your questions ready, @himarm.
i saw that lol
7:54 PM
Mr @KutuluMike, any reason for deleting your recent meta question?
8:22 PM
kinda pointless to have the conversation if it's not really an option, isn't it?
9:05 PM
it was the most effective way to avoid saying something to richard that would get me in trouble
9:22 PM
you guys wana filter the feed in here
to drop marvel movies for a week
so the UK guys on movies dont start posting spoilers that hit the feed
and here
I'll just stay off chat for a week :)
hold on. lemme check something.
ok, safe until jan 2017
9:39 PM
you're never safe
someone will likely come in shortly to chastise you for being mean
stage 1 finished.
this took me almost a week
to do...?
i had to find thumbnails for all of the marvel movies & tv shows pre-X-Men
figure out what earth #s they had
figure out when they came out
stitch them together
i thought you watched them all
9:51 PM
oh jesus christ no.
yeah, that was my thought too
Howard the Duck is on there
was like, "dude, that is some serious dedication"
speaking of terrible decisions... i got drunk and watched TMNT this past weekend
did you know that there was a Marvel TV show called Night Man in 1997
it wasn't as bad was i feared/expected, it was mostly just boring.
9:52 PM
that crossed over with Manimal?
i do recall that it was a thing, but i know nothing about it
should have crossed over with day man
10:03 PM
Q: When did Captain America learn what happened to Howard Stark?

IxrecNear the end of Captain America: Civil War we learn that and Captain America admits that he already knew. But how did he find out? I don't recall this being revealed in any of the previous movies, and I can't think of a reason why the characters who already knew would have gone out of their w...

it starts
He talked about Howard Stark in The Winter Soldier and Zola basically admitted HYDRA killed him.
but I can't go answer that question yet.
wait. i thought you said you hadnt watched TWS
i just did.
~2 hours ago
didn't you see me bitching about the latitude/longitude screw-up?
that's probably the only reason I remember that scene, it was really brief
@DrRDizzle you might know this off the top of you head.
which movie franchise (adjusted for inflation) has made more money: X-Men, Superman, or Batman (assuming the various Batman reboots are separate)
I am tempted to claim that X-Men is the second most successful comic franchise in history but I'm not sure if the Superman movies beat it.
oh yeah. derp
10:14 PM
and am too lazy to look
and on that note, heading home
actually, i wasnt sure if that was something at the beginning of antman
@phantom42 also.. i wasn't mean. I'm in a really crappy mood this month and am rapidly losing my patience for trivial reasons, so I was trying hard not to be mean :)
i never saw you be mean to anyone in the first place
I know. but just in case someone comes chastise me for it, I want it on the record: i was not being mean to Richard, I was merely worried that I would be, so I took preventative measures.
10:45 PM
@KutuluMike I don't know
I just got back from Captain America: Civil War, by the way.
I have... mixed feelings.
11:02 PM
and mike's meta question has been undeleted.
11:14 PM
meh. if the question and answer were even the tiniest little bit useful that would be fine.
as it is, it just reminds me why I'm a moron for going to meta.
11:44 PM
Q: Do Central City and Starling City send their convicts to the same prison?

Nu'DaqThe Iron Heights penitentiary was a recurring location in the Flash as it holds many of Central City's worst (and for while wrongly held Henry Allen) however dialogue in in Arrow's fourth season says criminals from Starling (or Star city, whatever) are sent somewhere also called Iron Heights- are...


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