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12:41 AM
sooper sekrit ping!
2 hours later…
2:11 AM
Just because I wanted a still of NC
I didn't catch that *snikt* last time I watched the trailer
3:02 AM
Why is the Flash much slower in his TV series than in the comics? ... because it's an origin story where he's still gaining abilities and learning how to use them? it's like asking why clark doesn't have complete control of his powers in smallville.
1 hour later…
4:24 AM
PSA: theaters are now selling civil war tickets. the thursday night showings at my regular theater were already pretty much sold out of decent seats.
2 hours later…
6:35 AM
@JackBNimble :?
6:56 AM
@KutuluMike ^
7:44 AM
So I ended up watching Iron Man 3 last night with the bae, and I have to say - any issues I may have once had with it have totally disappeared on this latest rewatch. I know that the Mandarin twist was controversial, but once you've accepted that, it's a damn good film - like, maybe my favourite film in the Iron Man trilogy.
Is it just me who really want to see Tank's version of fantastic four???
@AnkitSharma No, I'm dying to see it too. I actually liked the first half of Fant4stic, remember.
@DrRDizzle wow, i need to pinch myself now ;D
Anyways i dislike kate mara for some unknown reason but i don't mind to see a better version of the film as i found it quite promising
8:07 AM
@AnkitSharma I said the same thing in my review - it's pretty good up until the "One year later" title card.
And as per rumor, after one year is the part where re-shots got done.
@AnkitSharma That makes a lot of sense.
5 hours later…
12:55 PM
questions like this are why i can't take quora seriously: why are people still eating kfc's food?
Q: Why are the Time Masters the villains?

Andrew CasaliIn the series, Rip Hunter took the Waverider and assembled a team of heroes to stop Vandal Savage from taking over the world. But the Time Masters wouldn't allow it, and they try to stop Rip and his team, first by turning one of them against them Mick Rory aka Chronos. When that failed, they sent...

1:36 PM
@phantom42 In fairness, KFC is trash.
2:00 PM
Q: Are there any superheroes in DC that break the fourth wall?

Md Danish KhanDeadpool is the ultimate fourth wall breaker and we all know that. But do DC have some or any superheroes that break the fourth wall? Not some random fourth wall breaks but someone who has a habit of doing so...

2:24 PM
@DrRDizzle popeyes > publix > kfc, for sure, but there are far worse places to get fried chicken from
A: Could the Earth-2149 Squirrel Girl destroy Colonel America's shield?

Jack B NimbleShort Answer: No In the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, teeth have a hardness of 5, where as steel has a hardness between 4 to 4.5. So the teeth are slightly harder. If the shield were made only of steel, the zombie squirrels could scratch it. Given enough scratches (like, a bajillion), they sh...

3:03 PM
How do we know Mohs' scale applies to Earth-2149?
the same way we know parsecs is a measurement of distance in the SW universe and not actually time
3:19 PM
but maybe Earth-2149 zombie squirrels have vibranium teeth?
I can't understand the hype of Squirrel girl
she killed Thanos.
and she dated wolverine and hasn't been killed yet
and she may be jay garrick.
3:41 PM
her name is barry allen, and she is the fastest squirrel alive
@phantom42 It can be a meme contender for scifi "everyone is jay garrick"
4:29 PM
meh, until we start using it outside of AoN, i don't care enough to add it.
4:43 PM
I am not a mos person, so can't use it there ;)
5:01 PM
neither am i
the many memes of nothing?
5:44 PM
Works for me.
I've also stepped away from Mos.
Maybe it became too mainstream for me.
@JackBNimble stop lying. everyone knows you and I are pouting about losing the election.
I've been definitively assured that's the case.
6:05 PM
i'm still pouting about it, and it was over a year ago
no that election was fine.
this time we're all angry because the chat room was changing for the better, or something, it gets really fuzzy at this point.
it wasn't. me and jack both lost
i just brought up spanking in mos
i like to bring chaos
i hope to go back there someday, it'd be nice if it still existed :)
well, it's already the second mos. what's a third?
all of these problems could have been avoided if i had been made dictator lord of all humans mod.
or arvin
6:30 PM
Kindly don't bring that stuff here
Let us blame jay garrick.
and move on
@phantom42 none of my bribes worked if that makes you feel any better
I've lost every election.
only 16 people voted for me
i lost worser
because i cant spell
It's the mostest worstester.
Get it right.
Anyways. what's done is done. and now AoN has experienced a revitalization.
It has nothing to do with the 8 comic book movies coming out this year...
@JackBNimble at my current pace, I should have an MCM blog post for you just in time for the release of Infinity Stone Pt. 2
6:44 PM
Q: Does Captain America have normal hair growth?

Md Danish KhanTo begin with, Captain America was buried in ice for 70 years. So,along with all his metabolism, his hair growth seems to have been inhibited. But even after being rescued, he has never kept a beard not even a stuble in the MCU... Can he grow hairs or not? If not, is it because of the serum or...

... do we ever see him shave?
or is he like a vampire now? he's locked in the body of a clean-shaven 25 year old?
Dawn of Justice did name him Barry Allen, right?
I don't recall.
I don't like the look of him though.
I like the TV Flash (aka, everyone is secretly Jay Garrick)
> Lastly, Jay Garrick is added to the film and he is a former professor at Central City University. He was fired by the university for fringe experiment involving the Speed Force and will have only a cameo role.
@KutuluMike That article calls him Barry Allen though.
there's too much f'ing TV on monday and tuesday
although Lucifer is over for the season so that helps.
I can actually watch all three hours of WWE RAW, or at least enough of it to get bored and go back to watching NXT online.
7:10 PM
@KutuluMike no, and this means that he also doesn't poop.
because just like how it's absolutely true if it's on the internet, if it doesn't happen on screen, it doesn't happen ever.
i know because i read it on the internet.
I've never seen someone on screen that's on the real not-fake-CGI internet.
does that mean we don't exist?
> "Oh dear," says God, "I hadn't thought of that," and promptly vanishes in a puff of logic.
7:27 PM
@JackBNimble I've won every election I've run for
I still don't understand that
i think a lot of the non-regulars think jack is less serious than he really is
or maybe there's really just a vast conspiracy
@AncientSwordRage i would hope so. not running for every election you've run for may cause the world to implode.
I am non regular and i did voted for him and two more people
But none of them won
I forgot my third vote :O
you dont count you're an agent of nothing
Anyway my first choice was mike because of his tag agendas
i think null was my third choice. i kept going back and forth between him and jason
7:43 PM
I forgot my 3rd vote i am sure it was not null, i had zero to no conversation with him and had no opinion about him
it was arvin
I selected alexwlchan for no specific reason, i did considered recent controversies and got no much option left
Anyway i still had not much interaction with null but with Rand, for me things are quite good.
Maybe because i avoid shenanigans
@phantom42 mod-edit
@phantom42 I've no idea how they got that impression...
@AnkitSharma same, but I think he's shaping up really well
It's all fine with me till nobody bring superiority complex.
sometimes translating your multi-level negatives gives me a headache
7:58 PM
"fine until nobody brings superiority complex" means you want someone to have a superiority complex all the time.
Wow, completely reversed translation
I think you mean "fine with me until somebody brings a superiority complex"
not at all
or "fine with me as long as nobody brings a superiority complex"
same thing, basically
8:01 PM
leave it
Now you gave me headache ;p
no. now it's bugging me.
we going to figure this out, damnit.
I mean, i am fine with things except the time when people start raising comparisons and try to prove the superiority of scif.se with weird reasons
Even on meta
right. those two things I said mean that, so we're good.
"means you want someone to have a superiority complex all the time." - not this
Now i can't sleep, need to clear my mind
Might watch some dumb YouTube videos
@KutuluMike I think on Sarah Connor Chronicles, John Conner goes to a computer store and gets on the regular internet to look himself up.
8:09 PM
he doesn't use gaggle or bong or facespace or timbre or something?
I don't remember.
I know he was using Windows Vista.
So it was probably bing.
I've noticed for awhile lots of TV show people had Windows Phones.
Probably the only market they did well in, TV America.
i want to put ankit and drunk himarm together and get a bowl of popcorn
AGH! finally. I heard this song on TV, on The Vampire Diaries and I knew I had heard it before.
and I COULD NOT figure out where.
@KutuluMike Nevermind. He uses a fake site 'LeSearch.com'
at least I think that's a real OS
looks Apple-ish
8:18 PM
Yeah, for some reason I thought it was Windows Vista, but it isn't.
So my recollection on that short clip was like 0% accurate.
anyone else recognize that song "Thousand Eyes" (without looking it up)?
drove me nuts for like 3 days
I didn't recognize it
apparently I watched the Jessica Jones trailer way too many times.
@phantom42 O-o
8:49 PM
How many trailers Civil war and X-men Apocalypse going to drop
All the trailers!
Age of Ultron has like 17 TV Spots, if you want to count those as micro-trailers.
that annoys me
And i have bad habit of watching them all
And it remove most of the fun while watching the film
Anyways, I'm sure there will be many.
wow, the Russos are being pretty harsh on Disney there.
> A Marvel movie every May, August and November. There's a Star Wars movie in December. You can't come out in those months or you're going to get killed, you know? I think independent cinema isn't going to exist anymore.
great, Wonder Woman Footage leaked
8:59 PM
You are in the wrong room if you are worried about spoilers.
I am worried about overs-used footage leaks and trailers
I don't mind mild spoiler
In Rogue One, they successfully steal the plans for the Death Star.
It's a midquel
WE know what happen before and after it
@JackBNimble windows iPhones and iPad surfaces?
Anyway i don't care about star wars
9:06 PM
@AncientSwordRage Something like that. Although Bones definitely had a Windows Phone for a little while, they had close ups of the interface.
Bye guys, time to sleep.
We didn't know everything coming in the prequels, we didn't know about midiclorians....
9:46 PM
some of us wish we still didn't.

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