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12:02 AM
oliver just told laural that felicity was not voldemort
that's the third Harry Potter reference I've heard this week.
someone on Supergirl, I think, said "muggle", and Lucifer used Tom Riddle as an example of patricide
,igg;e was def said in the flash cross over ep
whats lucifer
is that a comic show, or just whatever
its based on the Vertigo comic, similar to Constantine and iZombie
Lucifer Morningstar is a DC Comics character appearing primarily as a supporting character in the comic book series The Sandman and as the title character of a spin-off, both published under the Vertigo imprint. Though various depictions of Lucifer – the Biblical fallen angel and Devil of the Abrahamic religions – have been presented by DC Comics in their run, this interpretation by Neil Gaiman debuted in The Sandman in 1989. Like many modern interpretations of Satan, DC's Lucifer owes much to the character's portrayal in John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost, though Gaiman adapts the character...
are they part of a universe?
dc ic
no, separate, like iZombie
12:09 AM
is it like a 3rd party comic that DC owns but not really part of dc?
help me understand
constantine had cross overs so thats why im confused
all Vertigo comics are DC comics but just a different "brand"
like Marvel and their MAX imprint for a while.
Vertigo comics do occasionally cross over with the main DC universe but not often because they were more "adult-oriented"
things like Swamp Thing, Hellblazer, Sandman were all Vertigo
though I think now they've moved all the main-DC comics back to the DC name, and Vetrigo is basically a publishing house for isolated creator-owned comics.
makes sense
also. for the record. Felicity Smoak is a moron
i hate, i love you, but i cant be with you shit
kill the writters
12:24 AM
"You have literally kept secrets from every single human being you know for the entire time that I have known you and I have never had any problem with it before but now I found out one relatively minor secret that you had a perfectly reasonable explanation for keeping from me and that's it, we're over."
oh, wait, Flash also referred to the time wraiths as dementors, I think, so that's 4 HP references this week
okay dc
2 hours later…
2:11 AM
@KutuluMike but, as i understood it, max was still 616 - just sort of labeled differently
jessica jones was max
i love how everyone was talking like felicity had been gone for months.it's been 1 "week".
and apparently i missed something. why was curtis randomly using the phone to detect... things... that led to the bunker arrowcave
@KutuluMike and the secret that a) was not a vital life or death secret and b) he was blackmailed into keeping
2:29 AM
@phantom42 every single human involved in this storyline is acting like a moron except the kid.
Mom: You are untrustworthy and a liar. Therefore I will only allow you to see your son if you lie to everyone else, especially the woman that trusts you most.
Oliver: I had no idea my son existed and my life is too dangerous for him to be in, and his mother hates me, but I will lie to the woman I am in love with so I can see him a few minutes a month.
prob should have been like, sueing for visiting rights
ok. catching up on Legends of Tomorrow.
Rip Hunter's idea of "blending in" in 1960s middle America was to pair up a mixed-race couple?
2:46 AM
yes, i griped about this too
it was dumb enough sending the black kid into the all white racist town
"hey, go mingle"
send sara with ray, send chayara as steins nurse assistant.
then put chayara in the atom suit with the knife, shrink down, go all innerspace in savage, re-enlarge while inside him and kill that boring ass guy
or.. you know.. just pick a terminator plan, and kill his mother/him as a child
re-watched more dollhouse tonight. "wendy", the girl alpha kidnaps.. that's the waitress from avengers, and one of the girls from much ado about nothing.
those whedons and their constant recasting of people
3:17 AM
Saw the last episode of Flash!
It was really one of the best episodes of s2.....
cool room
@skillpatrol time zones....
the colours are much easier on the eyes
3:21 AM
It was worth watching how Barry tackled with Eobard-in-Wells....
The famous chair locked interview.....
It was really strong.....
And of course, the Time Wraiths
I was glad to see Hartly....
His hair style changed ;P
3:23 AM
But the most heart touching was....
Eddie's video message.....
"barry, don't screw with the timeline"
barry: "how many things can i do to screw with the timeline?"
I literally got emotional...
@phantom42 Ha!
right from the beginning, interfering with the fight with hartley
and then preventing the hub explosion
3:25 AM
The closing lines are worth noting.....
i'm only really surprised he didnt use the time to reveal his identity to more people
@phantom42: Do you know Flash is in hiatus again?
...other than hartley
@phantom42 Hahahahaha.....
i dont. i watch via hulu, so i dont see "next week" teasers
3:26 AM
@phantom42 Yep! You told me earlier.
@phantom42: BTW, you remember Chronos from LoT?
i do
Guess what?
Who is behind the mask?
is it jay garrick?
jay garrick is everyone
along with negan
3:27 AM
@phantom42 Sarcasm is in peak :)
It is none other than....
jar jar?
Mick Rory aka Heat-Wave :(
I knew Snart didn't kill him....
3:28 AM
but never expected this ;/
yeah, snart had changed too much to actually kill him
but that seems kinda dumb
chronos was trying to kill them back from early on
"hey, i know, i'll go hunt down my younger self and try to kill me. that definitely won't cause a paradox"
@phantom42 I watch this show only for Snart and Martin Stein....
@phantom42 Grandfather paradox in physics :)
well, they sort of subscribed to the BTTF rules earlier
steins wedding ring started disappearing
or did disappear
Time masters picked Mick when Snart left him.... they trained him for years to become CHRONOS.
3:31 AM
And our kind stupid damn Rip Hunter
thinks he can rehabilitate Mick after seeing all his menaces; he keeps him with all the team in the ship...
did rip know chronos was mick?
@phantom42 no.
And meanwhile in Arrow, Olicity nonsense is going on....
3:37 AM
and on and on....
i hope curtis doesnt become the new felicity
dont really like him
reminds me of that guy from it crowd
hate him too
@phantom42: Did you see this?
i saw the ad. hadnt clicked it yet
Is it related to April 1?
3:43 AM
is it april 1st now?
i have no concept of date or time anymore
i'm not even sure how i got here
@phantom42 Indian Standard Time.....
But they follow UTC....
@phantom42 Wait, what is the time in your place?
11:45 PM
SE considers it april 1st if it's april 1st anywhere.
that's how all their seasonal stuff works.
3:47 AM
@KutuluMike oh
@phantom42 UTC-4
so it'll be available for probably another 36 hours or so
@KutuluMike: o/
comic mystique body paint costume mild nsfw
3 hours later…
6:35 AM
Q: Why does Senator Finch suspect Superman's involvement in the "desert incident"?

Andres F.In Batman v Superman, Superman is called by Senator Finch to some kind of Congressional Hearing to account for what happened in the desert It's made clear in the movie why this hearing happens and who the real instigator is. It's less clear how the Senator or anyone who has seen Superman use h...

4 hours later…
10:41 AM
ammy was spotted again this morning. very close to her last sighting a few days ago, but this time, moving in the opposite (and better) direction - back towards town/the houses. she's probably going back into those woods there, but at least better than the giant reserve one the other side of alafaya. and more importantly, she's still in the area
10:55 AM
Q: Was Barry Allen ever mentioned in the Justice League Cartoon

RecycleIn both Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, was Barry Allen ever mentioned? After re-watching most of Justice League Unlimited again recently, Hal Jordan appeared in "The Once and Future Thing" part 2, due to the time skip, but don't remember any mention of Barry.

@phantom42 How long has it been now?
11:39 AM
Did anyone notice what Barry wrote in the board as speed equation before Eobard-in Wells?
Can anyone recognise this number?
11:56 AM
@DrRDizzle a week as of yesterday afternoon
you mean besides being the speed force equation in the comics?
@phantom42 You didn't watch the last episode Flash Back, did you?
yes, i did
@phantom42 Then you noticed when the future Barry wrote that in front of the then Wells?
the equation on the board is the same equation as it is in the comics. is there some other connection?
Easter egg?
12:01 PM
Need another clue?
i guess so because i'm running on about 2 hours of sleep
okay, Earth 2 Wells has his daughter named Jesse Quick?
@MAFIA36790 yup
okay, I'm talking about....
Johny Quick
12:05 PM
If anyone could remember this speedster, he invoked his power reciting that above formula....
He didn't believe in speed-force, although.
possibly, but he also taught it to his daughter jesse
@AnkitSharma o_O
who is already in the show
but sure, there's room for even more speedsters
and more people to learn barry's identity
12:06 PM
I don't think 3x2(9yz)4a is the sole equation....
Did supergirl and flash race?
you need fairy dust and happy thoughts too
@AnkitSharma not really.
for this is known to Barry already.....
@AnkitSharma: Where do you watch Supergirl?
12:09 PM
@KutuluMike k
@MAFIA36790 I don't. Only seen the leaked episode and disliked it
@AnkitSharma oh.
@phantom42 More and more Jay Garricks.....
It didn't made into my list ;)
@AnkitSharma oh!
Will check daredevil season 2 this weekend and might watch left-out of arrowverse episodes
12:12 PM
Whatever you people say, you have to agree that the Flash Back was really one of the strong episodes, I saw so far.
@AnkitSharma: Saw the Arrow last episode?
@MAFIA36790 Watched nothing after last break
@phantom42 Too old ;p
besides the normal amount of barry being stupid, yes, this was a pretty good flash ep.
especially compared to some of the real crappy ones this year
@phantom42 So he revealed his identity to?
12:15 PM
not purposefully this time, but the new member of team flash likely knows
i'm referring more to the fact that as soon as he gets back to the past, he immediately goes about screwing up the timeline
9 hours ago, by phantom42
"barry, don't screw with the timeline"
barry: "how many things can i do to screw with the timeline?"
does DC have a lead consultant like whedon was?
because synder just says that that's the backstory he came up with, but apparently never made explicit in the movie
@phantom42 That's a long time, I hope things work out.
@AnkitSharma Will watch LoT today at 7PM
which means that unless someone from above says otherwise, anyone else, suicide squad included, could come through and steamroll that
@DrRDizzle thanks. apparently, this is not uncommon with rescue dogs. a fact which is minorly comforting, i suppose, but not really.
12:31 PM
@phantom42 as I understand it, DC/WB has given Snyder control over the whole DCEU
I'm pretty sure he's listed as a producer on Suicide Squad
@KutuluMike Well, RIP any chance of a film being really good.
it's not like he's writing or directing them all
but I got the strong impression that he's "running" the shared universe
@KutuluMike But he hates superheroes.
good thing Suicide Squad has no superheros
@KutuluMike Batman is in it.
12:36 PM
I assume he's just a cameo
@KutuluMike He should show up and just kill all of the Suicide Squad.
this also assumes that dc doesn't listen to the petitions and fire snyder
which they probably wont do
but it's still pretty funny
Well, they shouldn't listen to petitions because people are dumb.
they might not fire him but you can bet he's getting an earful
But in this specific circumstance, they should definitely listen to this one petition.
12:40 PM
someone already mentioned in here that they went back to reshoot a bunch of Suicide Squad stuff, right?
it'll all come down to how well it does financially
thats all they really care about
yeah, someone mentioned it last night
@phantom42 It was me!
are you sure? i thought it was keen
@phantom42 Oh, maybe not then. I posted a link to an article about it for sure though.
it wasn't keen in here...
20 hours ago, by Dr R Dizzle
i did see keen in TSR though
12:49 PM
was joking. i havent seen keen anywhere since... things.
my humor fails this early and on this little sleep
ah. but i did see him in M&TV so i missed the joke :)
in The Screening Room, Mar 27 at 18:11, by Keen
@KutuluMike re: your scifi question: http://screenrant.com/batman-v-superman-flash-scene-details/
stupid consolez. what part of 'run as administrator' do you not understand?
1:10 PM
@KutuluMike That ding ding ding bit actually made me throw my hands up in the cinema.
It lasted so long as well.
3 hours later…
4:24 PM
just watching the trailer, I was afraid I would hate every scene that Luthor had dialogue in.
and I did
4:35 PM
was it the fault of eisenberg, or the script, or a little from column A and a little from column B?
the words were not interesting, but the delivery was terrible
so probably both.
I actually cringed at the red capes line
it didn't even make sense in context.
it just comes out of nowhere and you're like "Are you sure this guy is reading the right script?"
there may also be an element of "Jesse Eisenburg is about the least Lex Luthor actor in Hollywood"
from superman cartoons ive seen lex is always buff, well spoken, and doesnt appear on the edge of a mental breakdown
eisenburg looked like he was about to freak out at any moment, if he had to play a character i pegged him as a riddler type
he was playing like, a young hipster Luthor with a hint of Joker
definitely a character we either 1) never need to see on screen again, or 2) needs to be recast immediately
even if it wasn't Eisenberg's fault, he's ruined Luthor
@Himarm but movie versions are not that at all
see: hackman and spacey
i dont remember them being borderline insane, i really did get a joker vibe of him. i have only seen the other superman movies once years ago, but eisenburg like starts rambling in one scene and like upsets himself its so weird
4:50 PM
spacey was pretty wacky
hackman was almost a joke at times
i thought everyone hated that last superman movie, with the guy who plays Atom in it, but it got rated good?
everyone did hate it until Man of Steel came out :)
i have a friend who swears by superman returns
i dont trust him for movie reviews
i remeber feeling about the same after seeing man of steel
meh superman sucks
though i did like batman and robin
so nobody trusts me for reviews either
to be fair i was 8
5 hours later…
9:31 PM
scifi.stackexchange.com/questions/86165/… found this question/answer and really dislike what they did in season 2

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