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4:09 AM
Q: Feeds do not seem to post updates in chat

VLAZThe last feed activity in The Meta Room on Stack Overflow is from 2024-06-14. The bot has not posted about new questions in the room since then, even though there have been at least 13 more. Some from the same day as the last post. This affects https://chat.stackoverflow.com it does not affect ht...

Its almost like even things that work break down when you don't maintainin it for years — Journeyman Geek 2 hours ago
6 hours later…
9:57 AM
Q: No pong for the ping! No inbox notifications for chat pings

Andreas moved to CodidactWell, I may have moved my main-site activity elsewhere, but I still talk to people in chat here, so I very much prefer receiving notifications when they ping for me. I mean, how else will I pong them? Pings are registered, such that they’re outlined in red, and other chat rooms I’m not currently ...

Q: Chat search does not bring up new results

VLAZSearching in chat returns results but the newest ones it brings back stop somewhere between 2024-06-14 03:00 UTC and 2024-06-14 04:00 UTC. I did not find the exact point but it should be in this region. Messages from before 03:00 UTC show up. New ones do not. Example: searching for "moved to Chimney

Q: You Shall Stay Here Forever! (aka chat auto leave isn't working anymore)

Shadow WizardNormally, after joining a chat room in Stack Exchange, if you close the browser tab (or window) the chat will trigger auto leave after a short while, think it was up to 15 minutes. However, this appears to be broken now, and it's not being triggered even after 6-8 hours, causing anyone who joined...

5 hours later…
2:51 PM
Q: Should the long existing tag synonyms be merged at some point?

MartinAccording to the FAQ post on synonyms and merging (current revision): "All good tag synonyms should eventually be merged (source)." Having a tag synonym which is not merged causes various problems - the most important is probably the fact that the questions which have only the synonymized tag are...

Of course, the situation here is not really that bad - for comparison, SO has almost 1000 tag synonyms with this problem. — Martin 4 mins ago

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