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5:36 PM
Hi Martin, Narasimham here , are you there?
6:03 PM
@Narasimham I am now.
6:23 PM
Hi, I liked your polygon inside polygon post
@Narasimham I am not sure which post you mean.
Maybe it's a different user with the first name Martin?
A: Regular polygon inside another?

martinUpdate Won't include the trig as rather lengthy, but included as visual complement to give genreal idea: Note that a shutter on a traditional camera works on this same principal: Note also that Narasimham's observation of the paths taken offer visual proof of the conjecture, and for gre...

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6:55 PM
Hi there, can anyone help me with an algebra question
@KellyBlunie It is probably better to ask in the main chatroom or in algebra chatroom. (But the later is empty most of the time.)
You have bigger chance there to find someone who will be willing to answer.
I see you have already asked in the main:
in Mathematics, 34 mins ago, by Kelly Blunie
Q: If the det of a set of vectors is zero, why does not span a vector space?

Kelly BlunieIf we want to see if a set of vectors spans a vector space $V$, then lets say the set $A$ spans a vector space $V$. If every linear combination of $A$ produces $V$, then $\text{Span}(A) = V$ Edit: if we forme the coeficient matrix of the system formed by $c_1s_1+..+c_ns_n =u$ where $s_i$ are the...

7:19 PM
Yes now i am kinda stuck
@KellyBlunie Does any of the things listed here help?
Q: What does it mean to have a determinant equal to zero?

user2171775After looking in my book for a couple of hours, I'm still confused about what it means for a $(n\times n)$-matrix $A$ to have a determinant equal to zero, $\det(A)=0$. I hope someone can explain this to me in plain English. Many thanks.


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