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12:20 AM
Can you please help me with this question on SO?


The accepted answer says "start them". What does that supposed to mean? Im new to java and having difficulties getting those server and client classes to work together.
1 hour later…
1:31 AM
It looks like they mean instantiate an instance of the Server class (we'll call it server) and call server.start(). Likewise, instantiate an instance of the Client class (we'll call it client) and call client.start()
@DMGregory but there s no such method start in the class. Multiple threads are defined and started in constructor.
1:49 AM
Server.start: https://github.com/mordechaim/javax.server/blob/master/javax/server/Server.java#L333

Client.start: https://github.com/mordechaim/javax.server/blob/master/javax/server/Client.java#L322
You may be using a different set of classes than the ones the answer by Mordechai is referring to.
i see. That implementation is too difficult for me then. I need to send message from server to all clients. Is that possible to achieve that with this server implementation?

class ServerThread extends Thread {
private Socket socket;

public ServerThread(Socket socket) {
this.socket = socket;


public void run() {
try {
InputStream input = socket.getInputStream();
BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(input));

OutputStream output = socket.getOutputStream();
PrintWriter writer = new PrintWriter(output, true);
That looks like a question to ask on StackOverflow.
11 hours later…
12:55 PM
I have finally committed the changes to update boost.
The fact that it is a core library means I needed to build the whole codebase many times just to make sure everything worked..
We don't have a simple "build all yo" command and so I had to "build this" then "build that" a few times.
For 32bit and for 64bit.
1:08 PM
Ooooof. 😩
Congrats on the successful completion!
Thanks :P
Now I'll have to see if this change made my code about the Graphs compile :P
2 hours later…
2:50 PM
@Vaillancourt 👏Nice!
And yeah, wrapper was a great idea, I just didn't wrap as much as I should have.
I left the point class as was for performance reasons, but I maybe didn't consider developer performance :/
Honestly it's sort of bewildering how common it is for a point class to get reinvented - engines, libraries, etc. I suppose there's always int vs real & 2d vs 3d & X bit vs 2X bits. So maybe it's already hard to come up with a canonical language level implementation?
@Vaillancourt What sort of graph stuff did you work on? Once upon a time I took a graph theory class - I took my knocks in that one, but it was super interesting.
3:17 PM
@Pikalek It's something that makes me envious of languages with parametrized types where you could write Vector<float, 3>, Vector<int, 2>, etc.
3:37 PM
@DMGregory Very. Somewhere I recall running into a lang that had n-tuples & they got some negative press because this int 2-tuple could be a XY coord but that int 2-tuple could be a birth date & the lang shouldn't allow them to be interchanged.
C# has value tuples like that, so I only ever use them for quick temporaries - nothing that's going to hang around long enough that I can forget which bit means what.
Fair enough use I'd say. I don't want to go all the way back to the dark ages of "it's all just bits" but I also get tired of too much well intentioned safety.
2 hours later…
5:26 PM
I'm a happy c++ template user :P
@Pikalek navigation of a forklift agent in our warehouse.
"AI" stuff
they will be going randomly from point a to point b
That's the plan, at least
So many things could go wrong :P
4 hours later…

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