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12:31 AM
It really does not make sense. Launching the project on an Android device (physical device, not emulator) takes hours.
What is wrong?
Should I have a super computer?
1:32 AM
@NotAZoomedImage I've never used Unreal.
1:43 AM
Is "shader graph" a Unity thing? gamedev.stackexchange.com/questions/180011/…
2:06 AM
@NotAZoomedImage According to The Internet this is somehow optimizing packages. If this screenshot is from an Android device, maybe this happens only on the first time it is launched?
2:28 AM
@Vaillancourt: Thank you. I am new to Unreal as well.
2:49 AM
np, that was not a lot of help, though ;)
3:47 AM
@Vaillancourt Yeah
4 hours later…
7:56 AM
@DMGregory i found this source too and am going to take it apart tomorrow i think: songho.ca/opengl/gl_sphere.html
5 hours later…
1:07 PM
@Vaillancourt A lot of tools have nodegraph shader workflows, but yeah, the one pictured in the answer is indeed Unity's. I've re-tagged the question.
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2:35 PM
Hi folks
Guess I missed out the whole thing
So what's new. Any new release from u folks
i was kinda think7
@DMGregory @Tyyppi_77 thanks!
@Chiho My next game's not due out till February. 😉
@Chiho what thing?
@DMGregory You could work on another game and release it before :P
2:52 PM
Not while also juggling teaching, if I want to survive 2020. 😆
Oh, right.
I wonder how many tattoos "I survived 2020" will be made...
Feels a bit redundant. By the time radiometric dating can't sort that out, the tattoo wouldn't be particularly legible anymore either...
3:19 PM
3:33 PM
I feel bad reading the news again.
Stop reading the news.
The US is just turning into a fascist police state, that's all.
3:41 PM
sorry I'll shut up about it.

Play Untitled Goose Game. it's fun. :)
honk honk
Analysts say the elected president is generally the reflection of the population. /shrug
EC made sure that is'nt true
Trump lost by 3.5 million votes
3:44 PM
That's a bad take, dictators hold fake elections all the time, plus yeah you can lose even with the popular vote
it certainly reflects a certain portion.
"..in a democracy" ;P
@Almo That's one percent of the population, though.
sure, it's still a majority
I don't know how US election works, so I'll stop arguing about it :P
hahah :)
Basically, it doesn't work.
3:52 PM
Larger percentage of votes though which is what it should be compared to
No. Well. In Canada, the Federal elections are organized by a federal entity that takes care of it. Provinces have nothing to do about it.
Some say, and it's probably true, that hte EC was because slaveholding states wanted the slaves to count toward electing the president without giving blacks the right to vote.
What's the EC?
electoral college
it's what's responsible for WBush and Trump being president despite losing the popular vote
@Vaillancourt What I meant is that a difference in votes should be compared to the amount of votes cast, not the population
3:56 PM
Basically each state has a number of votes depending on size, location, populace, etc.

That is originally to balance between populous and industrious/agrarian states
Yes; there seems to be less rules about the vote than we have here. It's a law here that says that employers need to allow 4 hours for people to vote, where in the US, there is no such thing.. "can't go vote cuz' I need to work".
@Tyyppi_77 Yes
I don't know how much 3.5 M votes represent in that specific election.
And I don't know what is the actual percentage of citizen that is allowed to vote.
120 something million votes cast, so that's about 3% which is like already kind of significant
Yes, more significant that 1%
(I also heard that if you had a police record, you were not allowed to vote. /shrug again)
For comparison, the Swiss votes this weekend had ~3.2 million votes cast. Which is a turnout of ~60% of the populace that could vote.

What's the 120 million votes for the US? ~40%?
@dot_Sp0T Supposedly to balance those. The reasons I've heard are that, also someone voting in florida wouldn't know the people running for office so they'd vote for electors they trusted to go to vote in washington for the pres, also that it shielded slave states from having to let blacks vote to get their population to count toward a share of electing the pres.
I'm most inclined to believe the slave one. The Senate already balances states with high and low populations
4:02 PM
@Almo yeah obv there were plenty actual reasons hidden behind the 'explanation'. that's a flaw with every system :/
One reading of the second amendment is "militia" meant "group of armed people to keep slaves from escaping"
Aliens are just waiting and watching until we self destruct to take over.
Them slaves and them aliens smh
4:54 PM
Do you guys have "anti mask" protests?
I haven't heard of those but masks here are a fairly new thing, only like a month ago recommended for public transport and this week recommended for all public indoors
@Vaillancourt Yup. Ours got disbanded by police for violating social distancing and mask wearing regulations.
@nwp heh... masks become mandatory during protests here tonight at midnight. There is a protest organized against it at 5 pm.
@Tyyppi_77 Really? It's been mandatory indoors in public places for quite a while here.
Glad you guys could "survive" without it for longer than we did :P
I'm not sure how much the police has means to force the protesters to wear it. These are interesting times.
Lots of stuff happening.
They've closed the public meeting places again here (restaurant's dining rooms, movie theaters, bars, etc)
My city is rising steadily.
It looks like we'll get restrictions soon.
Yeah. So people will go party in other cities.
(That is what happens here.)
5:02 PM
I guess. I don't follow the news. I just watch the graph go up.
Lots of interesting things happening, nowadays!
I guess I should watch the highlights of orange man interrupting senile man, but I heard it sucked, so I probably won't.
Yeah I don't think there's anything to gain from that
Joe isn't senile.
Trump is more likely the senile one.
5:07 PM
I don't really even understand why the whole event had to happen
@Tyyppi_77 Selling ads probably.
pres debates are a tradition
there were no ads during the debate
A tradition like publishing tax records and stuff :D
5:08 PM
Rip. Lost the last bit of justification.
yeah, Trump generally doesn't give a shit about norms or tradirtions. Unless he thinks they will help him.
Yes, I think they should happen to see how a person is. But as far as I understand, this will not make a lot of people change their mind.
It's helpful to tell the world how the US will look like for the 4 years to come.
(I hope it's just 4 years.)
Hoping for a republican in 24?
Trump 2024!
Wallace: Will you urge your supporters to stay calm during this extended period, not to engage in any civil unrest? And will you pledge tonight that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified? President Trump, you go first.

Trump: I'm urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully. Because that's what has to happen. I am urging them to do it. As you know, today, there was a big problem. In Philadelphia they went in to watch. They were called poll watchers -- a very safe, very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren't allowed to
that's pretty much all you need to know from the debate.
He's preparing his followers to insurrection if he loses. He's also not committing to conceding if he loses.
No joke, this could be the end of uninterrupted peaceful transfers of power.
we'll see soon
5:16 PM
Sounds like Trump being Trump.
I said 4 years because he's talked about wanting a 3rd mandate.
We should check on Brexit. That used to be a shit show, but now it kinda feels nostalgic and simple.
From what I understand the problem of being required to have a border but not being allowed to have a border still persists.
And on December 31st the solution is supposed to be in place.
Schrödinger border?
Last I heard UK was making national laws that disobey the Brexit deal
From what I understood that was proposed but didn't pass parliament.
Maybe they'll vote no on all options again.
5:25 PM
this is going to make such a mess of their economy :(
Hmm. mess to the economy? worse than covid's impact?
It's pretty safe to say that it will cause huge traffic lines.
@Vaillancourt Well now they have to negotiate trade deals with the EU
they've lost easy access to a huge market
Ah, right. I haven't followed the whole thing.
And the miracle that is being hoped for keeps not happening.
The miracle could be the EU having mercy but it currently doesn't look like they will.
5:32 PM
They want to make it hard to dissuade others to try.
why should they have mercy?
the UK fucked this up SOOO BADLY.
I'm talking about their failure to negotiate with the EU about it by the deadline
and extending the deadline and missing it again
Partially. And partially they have a legitimate interest. There are rules about what products can go in and out of the EU and border checks that enforce the rules. Having mercy would mean allowing wares to enter the UK and then Northern Ireland and the EU market unchecked. That would be kinda bad for the EU, depending on how much gets through that way.
it was a botch job all the way
I saw a question on SE somewhere about why the EU is so hard on the UK and so lax with with for example Canada. The answer is that Canada is unable to flood the EU market because shipping takes 3 months or so. The UK doesn't have that delay.
There probably were many more details I forgot about.
Also the time Trump asked Merkel 12 times for a trade deal :D
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6:46 PM
70msgs wowo

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