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11:00 PM
i don't know if i've ever been to the gamedev.net IRC channel
@Jimmy, I totally did.
i might have stopped by once, but everyone was idling or something
noo :P
11:00 PM
so i probably left
and went back to the ludumdare channel
It's not actually gamedev.net's IRC channel.
@Ohio, People don't idle around here? :P
what a b**** thou over e-mails
It's just #gamedev. They are not affiliated.
OMG 99%
its a miricle
11:01 PM
people idle everywhere :P but i'm pretty sure i hung around for a good day or so
hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
true geek. More excited about a game dev IDE download finishing than being upset over a gf.
A day or two in IRC time is like 10 seconds. :P
Not saying I'm much different, just pointing it out ;)
11:02 PM
still 99%
when there's a lot of conversation going on, IRC time does speed up.
you get into a good debate about hitler and time just flies on by
99% and disk drive is full
The things you can say in 10 seconds.
I've only ever used IRC when looking for PUGs or Scrims for CS
11:04 PM
I usually shop my Pugs on IRC too. You get the best breeds there.
you get a lot of lemons, though, too
IRC = Internet Relay Collars
its back
DCC Send Pug
Not <enter>, <tab>. ;)
11:05 PM
@DeveloperAaron Your work just probably blacklisted that IP because someone was leeching all of the bandwidth
lol, ty
Well, I'm off. waves
bye bye
its finally DONE !!!!!!! mwahaha
@thedaian now come the INSTALLATION
11:07 PM
great.... are we going to get a progress report for that, too?
haha nah too much effort
thank the gods
that was just me keeping my mind off the ex
Well, I am guilty of using work's bandwidth to download some personal once.
11:08 PM
lol, neg.
I think it was Rift...
b**** no space :'(
didn't take too long @ 3 megs/s
Rift? hahaha
no space on harddrive :'(
11:09 PM
wow, you have less than a gig left?
ahhh f*** this s***
new laptop, no space on hard drive?
how does that happen?
well it all comes down to all the software i have
ive been isnstalling s*** since 6:00 last night
11:11 PM
ok, better question, how big is the hard drive?
.... ok, then. assuming... say, 50 gb for windows, what do you have installed that takes up 950 gb?
porn.. lol jk i honestly cant rmember and i dont run windows :D UBUNTU all the way
cbf looking
wait... unity and linux?
didn't know they supported linux installs
11:14 PM
they... don't
i got a linux program that lets me run windows software
brb checking
mental blank
shrugs well, good luck with that
11:17 PM
will do :D
all this work is making me tired :P
type "rm -r / *" and go take a nap
yeah, downloading makes me lethargic as well
-rf otherwise you'll have to hit enter after it prompts you.
ah, right
11:20 PM
i cant sleep
ill get in S***
chloroform. helps anyone sleep, only requires a small cloth.
prop your head on your arm so it looks like you're awake from behind.
disable your screensaver first, it ruins the effect.
doesent work mate my arms twitch in my sleep
any of you guys want to tell my ex to fuck off
block her email
this is what she just said
I have to move on. I can't stay with you forever. I'm just not good
enough for you. I really hope that we can stay friends and at least
try and forget. It's hurting me as much as it's hurting me. Trust me.
I'm not changing my mind this time
i especially like this part
"It's hurting me as much as it's hurting me"
11:26 PM
seriously, you'll find someone else who is better and more awesome
yeah i really dont care atm
im just pissed
i think i used up works download limit :S
good job
:D its painfully slow now
no no its all good
turns out someone else was downloading unity
its funny how women often want to stay friends after ripping your heart out
11:30 PM
fuck yeah
heh, yeah
'i have about 5 exes as "friends"
any webdevs here?
kinda why\
just got a regulatory requirement pushed onto us. Have to ensure the user is able to view PDF's before accepting a specific T&C
trying to figure out a way to do that.
11:33 PM
hah, what?
so your saying that they have to open the pdf document before they can have the option to accept the T&C
user has the option have receiving digital statements.
statements are stored as PDFs
ahhh, so it's something like "check to make sure the user can open the PDFs"
11:35 PM
And you have to make sure that they have a PDF reader of some kind on their machine and working before allowing them to download it?
apparently other banks have been getting fined for allowing users to enroll in eStatements and not checking to ensure they can view them
ohhh now i get you
well. i know that recent versions of Chrome support PDF reading
yeah, AFAIK, chrome is the only one
FF was working on it too if I recall
11:36 PM
the only other option i can see would be to tell the user to download a "test" PDF and be like "if you can read this, congrats"
@thedaian yeah, thats kinda the route I'm thinking.
that seems just silly though
yes, yes it does
you could put a link in the PDF
maybe embed a link in the PDF they download that then lets them access the "turn into e-banking" option....
it's a horrible, HORRIBLE hacky method of doing it
11:37 PM
heh, yeah
but IIRC the user may be able to view PDFs but not have the ability to follow links in PDFs
but it's the only route i can see to solve the problem
Or have a PDF with a "code" in it
the only other option I could think of was putting a tokenin the PDF
yeah, exactly @JohnMcDonald
(PDF that can somehow write cookies)
11:38 PM
yeah if they cant follow links in pdf's honestly they shouldent be on a comp just sayin
@thedaian I would say no, and switch banks
@DeveloperAaron, sometimes the security settings on a computer will prevent you from opening a browser from a PDFS
you wouldn't believe the stuff I've seen come down the line as a result of OCC findings
awww true but then its just a matter of changing the settings
11:39 PM
it can be a security thing, since a lot of windows vulnerabilities come from PDF exploits
the autogenerated "security code" approach could work even better.
@DeveloperAaron: in a lot of settings, the user can't change the settings. they are put there by the admins.
yeah. If we actually have to 100% ensure they have the ability to view PDFs, doing a token in a file may fit the bill...
@DeveloperAaron and sometimes, the computers are locked down to the point where you CAN'T change the settings
wtf thats skrewed if u ask me
11:40 PM
"enter this code [12345] to accept the terms and conditions"
ive never been outside of admin permissions so yeah
@DeveloperAaron you are the 1% :P
However, legal is checking to see if we can just re-re-reiterate the need for a PDF viewer and provide a link to DL it if needed.
11:41 PM
cause im a ninja
anyone work in a dev setting with 'interesting' regulations?
nope, I have full admin, yay!
"do you have a pdf viewer? check this box"
"are you SURE you have a pdf viewer"
"no, really, we mean it, are you 100% sure you have a pdf viewer?"
@thedaian nice :D thats original
11:42 PM
Oh, so you mean go the Vista route?
brb fellas
@justnS lol
i had a job where the computers were locked down horribly (it wasn't a dev job, though. and i still managed to write a html page with a blackjack game on it, and draw things with MS paint)
haha, well done
got to love html
11:45 PM
i also found i could get around the "internet blocking" by going to the IP addresses of sites
ok ladies, I'm headed home.
have a good one
good luck with the pdfs
so they dident block the ip only the address
yeah, my last job blocked the dns lookup of certain services, but if you used the ips it would work just fine
@thedaian do you know any good 2D game dev software
mainly used for RPG
11:48 PM
i'd probably suggest flashpunk/flixel at this point.
what script do they rely on??
actionscript 3
what language
actionscript 3. it's basically flash
on a scale of 1/10 how ieasy is it to learn because i know javascript
11:50 PM
it's probably the easiest/best 2d gamedev thing out there right now.
or possibly XNA
xna that runs off xml??
ill reseach it
good idea
dude im a 3d person
11:52 PM
shrugs and heads home
haha yeah anyways...
yes it does :D
dw john
XNA is a bare-bones engine for C#, and I guess technically C# can load an XML file, but that doesn't really make XNA run off XML
It means you could make a XNA game that reads XML if you wanted
ohh ok :S i dont know c# i better start learning
ive done some research just then and i found "RPG Maker" is it anygood
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