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2:26 AM
Q: Why does "Euphoria" avoid specifying its setting as California?

JonathanReezThe filming location of "Euphoria" is California, and the environmental cues, such as the absence of snow in the New Year's episode and the visible mountains, strongly suggest a Californian setting. Despite these indicators, the show refrains from outright stating that it's set in California. Thi...

@User1865345 but not as good as Tay Tay cc @steelersquirrel
@User1865345 how many they gonna make 🤣 I lost track
@AnkitSharma at this point, I lost track. There is a different movie simultaneously too.
Last one I saw had multi header dragon thingy, it was so difficult to make my partner sit through it. As he was bored lol
2:53 AM
Lol 🤣
@User1865345 that one not hollywood so not monster verse
@User1865345 he literally didn't let me see end credit, he was like I am going it's finished
Yes. I know. But it is still Godzilla. 🥸
People love it. 🥴
Good for people who likes kaiju stuff
At least it's making money when superheroes are dying
That's legit.
Point is Marvel and DC should take a long break (Star Wars too).
This is going oversaturated.
I was so rooting for the Flash. But then it was a thud.
How did they rope in Peter Griffin?!
And was waiting for this:
Anyway hope for a cosy Sunday night!
3:36 AM
@User1865345 agreed
@User1865345 behind the scene also it was mess only
@User1865345 I will say writers
@User1865345 looks like anime DC stuff will check later
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4:46 AM
Q: Why might Birdie Jay’s name be destroyed if she makes the statement about Bangladesh?

Max PowerIn Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, there is a scene where a character named Peg is pleading with Miles not to make Birdie Jay go through with making a statement to the press about Bangladesh. Peg is worried that if Birdie Jay makes the statement, her name will be destroyed. Peg: Bird showed m...

2 hours later…
6:42 AM
Q: What does "Googs" really mean?

Max PowerIn Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery (2022), Duke was holding his phone, smiling, as billionaire Miles and Birdie danced: Miles: Hey. Duke's smiling. There it is, there's my guy. What's going on? You look like you got good news. Miles approaches Duke and Duke shows him his phone.: Duke: I was w...

6 hours later…
12:29 PM
Q: 50s comedian with catch phrase "I know I did"

DigiprocLooking for a certain middle-aged comedy actor from the 1950s that often played rather loud but likeable characters in film and TV, and his catch phrase was a mouthy "I know I did". I vaguely remember him in a Disney movie, I think, but can't remember which one. Rob Petrie imitates him at the 12:...

@AnkitSharma <barf>
Too bad her boyfriend's team lost to a heart breaker last night
<evil laugh>
@User1865345 I can't
1:30 PM
@AnkitSharma exactly. He had too much bone in his closet. Plus the bad cgi
4 hours later…
5:36 PM
@User1865345 Too bad she wasn't there to see them lose last night. lol
It totally blows that there's no winterfest anymore :'(

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