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1:42 AM
Q: Can Meemaw's age be reconciled in Young Sheldon?

AlexIn Season 1 Episode 8, when they are planning the trip to the space shuttle launch, Sheldon says: I wonder if we'll get to meet an astronaut Meemaw replies: I remember when I was a teenager, I had the biggest crush on John Glenn. This takes place in 1989. John Glenn went to space in 1962, onl...

2:20 AM
@JohnMeacham - I'm not sure what the disconnect is here. If you are looking AT AN ACTUAL PHYSICAL POINT ON THE WALL, or at the camera, or at the person behind the camera, YOU ARE NOT FOLLOWING AN IMAGINARY OBJECT, YOU ARE FOLLOWING AN ACTUAL OBJECT, that is never seen by the audience. — PoloHoleSet Jun 1 at 19:46
@AnkitSharma to what extent is this type of "yelling in ALL CAPS through the keyboard" tolerated or discouraged on this stie?
2:59 AM
@user1271772 not that I want to meddle here (I don't know the context) but the go-to action is flag the comment as rude or abusive; if you have other specific grievance, seek for moderators' attention via the flag.
Although to be frank, if one is having problem in the conversation, they can disengage instead of resorting to all-caps rant ( btw I have not seen this conversation linked).
3:39 AM
@User1865345 I think you're assuming there's a lot more to my question than there really is :) I'm pretty new to Movies.SE and I don't think I have ever seen so much ALL CAPS in a comment anywhere in the SE Network before, so I wanted to check what others thought about it before flagging it!
It wasn't directed at me or anything. It was directed at someone that I don't know, in a thread involving a bunch of people that I also don't know, haha.
3:52 AM
@user1271772 hm. Back at CV, I have not seen all caps, I would say, a year. Whatever may be the circumstances, this is good to not involve in commenting all caps. I would have flagged it anyway.
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3:01 PM
Q: Question category and movie identification

jw_This question presents an extension/generalization of the SE system so that movie identification can be done more formally with less compromise, i.e. the source for the identification problem could be missing of crucial features from SE. Since it may be hard to push SE to make such change, this i...

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5:15 PM
> It’s the end of an era on ABC’s Shark Tank. Mark Cuban, who first appeared on Season 2 of the business-themed reality show before settling in as a full-time host the following year, announced that he is calling it quits after Season 16. Shark Tank is currently in the middle of its 15th season. He made the comments on Showtime’s podcast All The Smoke, telling the hosts: “It’s time.” He added: “We’ve got people coming on saying, ‘I watched you when I was 10 years old.’ I’m like, fuck. But we’re helping them, right?”
Is that the entirety of the article?
3 hours later…
7:52 PM
Q: The Killer - "Need help please call police"

WynDieselIn the 2023 movie "The Killer", there is a scene (around 50:39) where he parks his car in front of a house, and puts up a sun visor that has "Need help please call police" written on the inside. Is this a common thing in American rentals? What is the purpose of this?

3 hours later…
10:34 PM
Q: What kind of tunnel was One Thing Leads to Another filmed in?

king of panesMost of the video for the song One Thing Leads to Another by The Fixx appears to have been shot in what looks like a concrete tunnel with a row of lights attached to the ceiling- does anyone have any idea what purpose this tunnel originally served?


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