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9:34 AM
Q: How they got powers in the first place?

J MIn the Korean web series "Moving" (Korean: 무빙), it is mentioned that the children inherit their powers from their parents. I'm curious about how the parents acquired their abilities in the first place. Was it through experimentation, or does the series depict a world where some people naturally p...

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3:24 PM
@User1865345 I don't even know what they cooking and why after Morbius
@User1865345 they have to kill his dead if they don't want to start alternative timeline lol and it's better to end the show on good note. Maybe they can start spinoff of there family without Sheldon
3:40 PM
@AnkitSharma true that
@AnkitSharma I think the more practical point is they are getting older even though the timeline is lagging. Moreover the main thing is Sheldon should be moving for studying at Caltech making an end of his time with the family. So it was a correct time to bring down the curtains.
I don't know why I am bombarded by shorts of the old show "Mind your Language" but I am liking it although it has its fair share of bag of bones. Nevertheless, Prof. Brown, his students and their antics couldn't be snubbed.
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7:55 PM
Q: How many inception happened in the 'Inception'?

Iman MohammadiIn Christopher Nolan's 'Inception', the core concept revolves around the team's mission to implant a specific idea into Robert Fischer's mind, ultimately influencing him to dismantle his father's empire. A pivotal moment in the film occurs when Saito echoes a phrase originally uttered by Mal, Cob...

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9:50 PM
Q: What is the name of a movie about 3 ppl who travel time from the friend bsaement?

user1196715I can't remember the name but I will try to describe what the movie is about. The movie start when one of the friends in his house basement make a time travel experiment and send his dog and back. next his friends coming and he send them. in the parallel all the cars are white the same and anyon...

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10:59 PM
@User1865345 it's business so if it's making money they will try more. Maybe another spinoff

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