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12:22 AM
Q: How did Smaug know to call Thorin "Thorin Oakenshield"?

Pro Effects MAXIn the Desolation of Smaug, when Smaug was talking to Bilbo, he made a reference to Thorin as "Thorin Oakenshield". How did he know to call Thorin "Oakenshield" since he only got the name Oakenshield when he tried to reclaim Moria when Smaug took the mountain?

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5:14 PM
Q: What actor has the most total screentime?

Ham SandwichI'm not asking who has appeared in the most movies. I'm asking who has the most time on screen. So, for example, Robert Patrick would only get a "few" minutes for his portrayal of the T-1000 in T2, since he only appears on camera for a few scenes. Voice roles do not count. I doubt this can be rea...

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6:21 PM
6:35 PM
Good day!
How's it going?
6:52 PM
Steelers are out of the playoffs :(
@steelersquirrel Nice.
@steelersquirrel Me knowsns. :'(
7:09 PM
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8:38 PM
@steelersquirrel things! stuff!
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10:44 PM
Q: Meaning of the cat in the opening scene of Godfather I?

releseabeI am aware that the cat was a spur of the moment idea of Coppola who in explains that Coppola had seen the cat running around and handed it to Brando who liked animals and took to the cat. It occurs to me that the playing with the cat is sort of out of character f...


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