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@steelersquirrel hello
@steelersquirrel ohh
R.I.P. Saroj Khan
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6:06 AM
Q: Tag is too long

VishwaFound a question about a movie called I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore. When I tried to edit the question to include movie name, I see an error saying movie title exceeded the maximum allowed limit. Has this happen before for any movie? What can we do about this(if any)?

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10:35 AM
Q: Quebec's got the bomb

XophmeisterIn S10E13 of The Simpsons, "Homer to the Max", Homer and Marge attend a garden party. During which, Marge dances with then-president Bill Clinton. However, he is forced to excuse himself on what appears to be official business, giving the excuse: Aw, shoot. Quebec's got the bomb. That is, presu...

11:02 AM
Q: Why does Sport the pimp have a long pink fingernail?

Moon ChildIn Taxi Driver Sport is the pimp of the underage prostitute Iris. His right hand's little finger has a long, pink / reddish fingernail. It's visible for example in his scene with Iris: Why does he have that long pink fingernail?

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5:21 PM
Just in case anyone's not seen this, or if you're outside the UK not yet had the chance…
Do not miss [Staged](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt12369754/) with David Tennant & Michael Sheen. Set in lockdown & all shot on webcam, it is simply brilliant. [Don't look at the full cast list on IMDB because it contains spoilers you really need to see as they happen]. Six 15-minute episodes, that's all.
Q: Why was the airlock left unlocked for Dr. Richardson?

ctsIn Mars s01e05, Dr. Paul Richardson in a state of hallucination opens the airlock from the greenhouse to the Mars atmosphere, causing catastrophic failure to a portion of the habitation in the chasm. I'm interested to hear fan theories as to: why would there be an air-lock in the greenhouse? why...

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7:00 PM
Q: Does the red flag scene in Ozark make any sense?

PaulIn Ozark episode S3:E4 Boss Fight, Marty Byrde fixes a red flag on a Panamanian bank account. He says: You have a red flag on a Panamanian deposit account. That happens. All you have to do is you have to clone the frozen assets, using a pre-authorized access code. And then, you have to redirect...


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