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12:51 AM
Q: Why did Kido accede to working for the Yakuza in SF?

Greek - Area 51 Proposal Did he lack enough net worth to pay his son's debts? S4 exhibits him living in a typical high-rise apartment. Even if he did, why didn't he seek assistance from the 3-star admiral whom he saved or the Crown Princess? Couldn't they have loaned him money, or at least goaded the Yakuza to waive hi...

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3:39 AM
just watched Deadpool 2, Negasonic and Yukio need more screen time but at least they had more screen time than that one guy who was dealing with the Snap
4:37 AM
Q: Do we know what system of units are used in-universe throughout the Star Wars series?

user45266Most of the planet Earth uses the Metric System of units (grams, metres, seconds, litres and many others) to quantify the dimensions of time and space. Do we have any definitive evidence as to the units of measure used by the characters throughout the Star Wars Universe? I recognise that there's...

5:31 AM
@Gallifreyan I read it's story didn't like the twist in start but waiting for it to come in streaming to check
@Memor-X at-least Fox did it before Disney acquired it
Anyways the only Yuri from Legacies is not even Yuri now. She is bi and running after guys who love someone else
6:09 AM
@AnkitSharma yeh, chances are there wont be Yukio in Deadpool 3, or they'll take her being so friendly too far
@AnkitSharma no issue with bi women but i do have issue with that last bit
just wondering, who owns Legend of Tomorrow now?
4 hours later…
9:43 AM
Q: In Men in Black International, how did Agent C realize High T was the traitor?

JeffLLAfter Chris Hemsworth retrieves the weapon, he talks with Agent C at the after party. Agent C: "Saving the world twice, in as many years. I mean, what are the odds?" Agent H: "What are the odds?" They kind of look at each other and start thinking. Then we see Agent C in High T's office, looki...

10:04 AM
Q: Abducted on Friday, only to be reported on Monday, how does it work?

Yu ZhangIn the TV show, Hannibal, ep 1, Jack tells Will that all the girls were abducted on a Friday, so that they would have been reported missing until next Monday? What does he mean? My understanding is: law enforcement do not report missing persons or do not accept missing person report on a week...

Q: What is Senator Votto's actual relation to Nina, and motivation for having her rescued by Joe?

galacticninjaState Senator Albert Votto hires Joe to rescue who he says is his daughter, Nina from a pedophile ring. He mentions that he heard Joe is brutal and that he wants Joe to "hurt them" (the pedophile ring people). However, there seem to be scenes where it is implied that Votto is one of Nina's abuse...

10:24 AM
Q: help me remember the name of a TV series about a writer, his manager and his ex-wife

David PortabellaCan you help me remember the name of an old US TV serie that I watched once? It's about a writer and his manager. The ex-wife of the writer goes out with a rich stupid guy. The day of the marriage, she leave the wedding with her daughter and ex-husband (the writer). The daughter of the rich guy g...

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11:46 AM
Q: Bates Motel is a true prequel to Psycho?

Yu ZhangBates Motel is considered a prequel to Psycho, but I have noticed that the model of the cars the country sheriff are driving, and the fact that one of Norman's school class mates mentioning she has read more steamy manga than the book Norman finds which has tortures in it. People in the origi...

2 hours later…
1:24 PM
@gerrit I hoped I could thank you with an answer, but I'm afraid I didn't entirely get the technicalities either. The implication does seem to be that Eva switched the two Fred's while he was dieing from the shots, but how she managed this is unclear. She would have to have connected the real Fred from the outside, possibly by force. Maybe this just has to be accepted as orchestrated by her in the real world somehow.
In fact I actually thought the real Fred had taken control of him when he slapped Eva in the face the next morning, but his actions afterwards would seem even more erratic then (not that it made much sense for the simulated Fred to do what he did at the IKZ entrance).
It was an interesting film, though. Sometimes a bit oddly acted, but I'd be willing to blame than on Fassbinder. ;-)
I knew its central idea already, but I didn't know it was a direct adaptation of Simulacron-3, which is why it reminded me of The Thirteenth Floor so much.
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3:10 PM
Q: In Dr. Sleep, why didn't they just shoot Rose the Hat?

SAKURAI have never read the book and only saw the movie last night, but from my understanding the Knots (quasi-vampires) are prone to bodily harms just like normal humans. This is further shown in the movie when Dan shot and killed most of the group with a deer rifle. My questions are: Why did the...

2 hours later…
5:08 PM
@NapoleonWilson I haven't seen The Thirteenth Floor. Glad you find it an interesting film. I did find it oddly sexist, but I think Fassbinder did that on purpose to make it look unreal and somewhat dystopian, when it is after all a simulation created by people who are apparently megalomaniacs.
5:19 PM
@gerrit Oh yes, quite a bit. All the women were secretaries and very much explicitly sexually so. But I also thought this was supposed to be taken with a grain of salt.
5:32 PM
@NapoleonWilson I agree. Eva was the least sexualised of them, in particular after she took him up to the "real world", although that part of the film is short.
The Thirteenth Floor was pretty much the same story, details notwithstanding, and was part of the wave of films playing with the virtual world concept all released in '99. But it didn't have the big action blockbuster appeal of The Matrix or the cult director appeal of eXistenZ, both of which we now, that Welt am Draht isn't really in the common consciousness anymore (if it ever was), associate with this idea.
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6:52 PM
Arrow: that coming out was way too easy. Hmm
@Memor-X not sure how Disney will handle Deadpool as he is too dark for MCU tone and timeline better if they keep it standalone
@Memor-X ofcourse being g or b is fine but that girl lost her love and now just compensating with the available option in the most childish way possible in legacies
@Memor-X means ? It’s DC show made by CW, DC is WB property and CW is kind of too to an extent. Nothing changed
1 hour later…
7:58 PM
@NapoleonWilson I like to watch films that explore an idea long before a blockbuster did. See also Paprika vs. Inception.
Or half a dozen films and books vs. Interstellar.
I didn't appreciate these films for exploring some idea first, though.
I liked Inception, but not Interstellar or The Matrix.
And you're allowed to. ;-)
I remember it causing some rather heated discussions in my classroom when I was a teenager (for The Matrix).
I liked it quite a bit, but it either hasn't aged well or the sequels have detracted from it, but I don't really watch it anymore.
8:09 PM
I'm told that in an earlier draft of the script of The Matrix, humans were to be enslaved not as an energy source (which I found so illogical that I couldn't buy it at all), but to use their brain capacity as a form of memory or calculation that computer find hard to do (which I would find a lot more acceptable).
I haven't seen any of the sequels.
I heard that too and it's a cool idea. But I never really took umbrage at the battery concept, implausibility notwithstanding. Maybe because as a 12 year old I didn't really care about it. ;-) But in later years maybe the more interesting explanations that the machines are somewhat psychologically dependent on human existence were sufficient, too.
Touched upon here, too:
Q: Has the Matrix canon or the Wachowskis ever suggested that the machines' co-dependence on humans is psychosocial instead of energy based?

LateralFractalThe script of the first Matrix movie is almost flawless, but one theme that doesn't hold water is the statement that the machines' need of humans are as an energy source by extracting waste heat and "bioelectricity". This breaks the suspension of disbelief somewhat*. Since we know later on that ...

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9:19 PM
Q: Why didn't Greg House just amputate his leg?

Danny RodriguezThere's an episode where Dr. House says that he should have amputated his leg. So why doesn't he?

9:36 PM
I watched the whole of Brooklyn Nine-Nine
And it ends on a cliffhanger!!!!!
10:00 PM
@Gallifreyan you sure it ends there and that you haven't missed and episode?
It's the series 5 finale
Oh Dog
Series 6 has already premiered but it's not on Netflix here
Well, no point in living anymore
But I have to say this is the best comedy TV series on Earth, no contest
10:51 PM
@Memor-X You'd like it, there's a bit of yuri in the 5th series
A nice cherry on top of its general wholesomeness
@Gallifreyan oh i used to watch it on SBS's Viceland channel.....until it became World Movie and SBS HD became Viceland HD which i did get before but after the switch i lost the picture and returning lost me the channel all together
but it sounds like i never saw Season 5 then
only LGBT+ thing i saw was that the captain has a boyfriend/husband
@Memor-X That is true
@AnkitSharma ok, that gives a bit more context. though my interest is lost when a guy is involved
11:36 PM
@AnkitSharma ahh i see, i just wanted to know owned the series currently for having a main yuri character. on the Discord Server i learned about it from someone was saying how DC was more progressive than Marvel because of the recent films/series but i was thinking if that's the comics themselves or if it's the series producers

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