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1:38 AM
@AnkitSharma is this in Arkham?
it sounds like something that happens in Arkham
3 hours later…
4:53 AM
@Memor-X Gotham TV show where Riddler can take any shit it seems
@AnkitSharma i figured it was the Gotham series but are they doing this in Arkham Asylum? or have they decided to create a dark basement under Wayne Tower where they do shit like that?
@Memor-X Hugo Strange
But many other places too
@AnkitSharma wait, so Strange is a place this time?
5:52 AM
@Memor-X no no no I mean most of crazy shit happen in Strange's labs/hospitals
Gotham tried to be realistic and than they took U turn and bring all crazy shit and called it science
@AnkitSharma well isn't that science?
@Memor-X depends how much scienece can achive after 100 years for now we are unable to do that shit
6:05 AM
Q: Does "V for Vendetta" have a religious subtext or bias?

Dave CousineauWhile watching V for Vendetta with a protestant family member (after having watched it many times myself), I immediately had to defend the movie as not specifically being anti-protestant (or pro-catholic). But, as the movie went on, I wondered about this more and more, and didn't want to defend i...

2 hours later…
7:39 AM
> “Make sure, whilst designing the costume, they consider how you’re gonna go to the bathroom,” Michelle's advice to new catwoman Zoë Kravitz
8:20 AM
Anyone celebrating Karva Chauth?
@NogShine Are you?
@AJ lol how would I celebrate?
8:43 AM
@NogShine hmm
@NogShine Do you think I am?
Q: Why did nobody try to save Tony?

user3399In avengers EndGame But at this point, the avengers still have all of the infinity stones with them, they also have a hulk who has been shown to be able to withstand their power. Plus in infinity war, we have seen Thanos use the time stone to bring back the recently deceased Vision back, to ...

@AJ I don't know. Are you celebrating?
@NogShine why not? You can fast for your gf and vise versa
@AJ you are also fasting or only her?
8:57 AM
@AnkitSharma Not me, only she.
A: Is there any mention or description of Karwachauth in Hindu scriptures?

AryaYes. The Narada Purana (Part IV) has an entire section dedicated to performance on vratas on different tithis. In the section of different vratas to be performed on the Chathurti Tithis, there is a rite known as Karaka Vrata observed on the 4th in the dark half of Karttika. The holy rite c...

If anyone is curious.
@AJ I can never fast for anyone. It's betetr to die togetehr than skipping food for me :D
@NogShine That reminded me where is ABCDexter these days
@AnkitSharma I was thinking of, but she told me that it's not required.
@AJ aww
> The holy rite called Karaka vrata is to be performed on the Caturthi day in the dark half of the month of Karttika. Only women are authorised to perform this Vrata. The rules of the procedure on it are being mentioned.
Didn't know that. I always thought men also keep fast on this day in some culture.
9:10 AM
@AJ no most of rituals are sexiest only :P
Yeah, I know. :P
Anyway, I am gonna leave early from work today.
9:29 AM
Q: Where are the other 36 children born the same day?

robThe S1E1 intro clearly states that 43 children were born on that day as "immaculate conceptions"(or however you want to define it). Hargreaves gets 7, but we never hear what happened to the other 36. Did he try and purchase them and was rebuffed? Did he know they were not "special" and not bot...

@AJ I can understand
9:52 AM
@AnkitSharma Some are only for men and some are only for women. So, I can understand.
Q: I no longer feel safe moderating this site

user58It's been just over five years since I joined the Stack Exchange network. I was awarded my fifth Yearling badge, over at Science Fiction & Fantasy, around a week ago. I became interested in the upkeep and moderation of the site not long after. One thing led to another, and I was appointed to mode...

Sad news :(
@MovieReel that was pretty fast accept
1 hour later…
11:31 AM
Q: Why Alan is against preventing the first attack after breaking enigma?

tryingToLearnIn the scene : where they are able to crack engima, Alan convinces his teammates to not prevent the next attack. He says something like: "Lie to somebody when they are expecting to be lied". What does the above line mean? And how is preventing this particul...

12:12 PM
Q: What's this comedy's name?

brilliantThere is one movie, the title of which I forgot, but really want to see it again. It's a comedy. It's about America of 20's. About an actress pretending to be a male actor. I remember one very funny scene from it. Her boyfriend, a boxer, is kind of tired of her life style, that is, going to oper...

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3:36 PM
Q: What happened to Jessi Quick?

codeczarIn season 8 episode 1 of Arrow it is seen that Anti-monitor destroys Earth-2 where Jessi Quick lives. So, what happened to Jessi Quick and HR as a consequence of this event?

3:56 PM
Q: What was the significance of the scene at 1:19:57 to 1:20:19 in the movie Grave Of Firelies?

HisenbergIn the movie a scene immediately follows after Seita buys charcoal for his sister's cremation. In the scene a few girls are enjoying their new home and a man dressed in soldiers uniform is shown. What does that scene signify at that point? Can anyone throw some light?

3 hours later…
6:40 PM
Q: Can a Person Really Be Abused Into Permanent Catatonia?

SpaceToastSorry for such a morbid question, but it's a common enough occurrence in films: Jasper lovingly tends to his catatonic wife, a journalist kidnapped and tortured by the government, in Children of Men. A similar relationship exists between Marie's parents in When Animals Dream (Når Dyrene Drømmer),...

4 hours later…
11:05 PM
Q: Samuel L Jacksons 1st kill

SeamusthedogSamuel L Jackson has been an iconic actor since the mid 80's and had many roles in popular film, both leading and cameo (Pulp Fiction and Menace to Society respectively) but in which film did he commit his first on-screen kill? I am unsure of any TV roles so my question is solely for film, Hollyw...


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