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Q: Was Geordi's VISOR ever spelled lower-case in "Star Trek: TNG" scripts?

DrSheldonReference materials for Star Trek spell the visual aide used by character Geordi LaForge as the acronym VISOR, instead of the word visor. Was this also the case in the scripts for the television show? Or were there some scripts (particularly early ones) where the prop is spelled in lower-case?

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Q: How does Arya get her dagger back in time?

elbrantIn Game of Thrones, S08E03, The Long Night, [~18minutes into the episode] Arya gives her Valyrian dagger to her sister, Sansa, as she tells her to go down to the crypt. Confirmed [~47minutes in] when Arya uses Dragonglass, instead of the dagger, to kill the wight in the library. Only to have th...

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A question re: Dr Who. On Amazon, Dr Who begins with Season 101 2005, but on BritBox there are another couple decades of seasons. Was 2005 a re-boot year? And more important, is there any advice on how one should start to watch this? i.e. "Best to start from the '60s" vs "Ok to just start in 2005"? Asking here as I'd imagine this is pretty off topic for the stack.
27 season from 1964 - 2013, interesting. And BritBox through Amazon is $3.49/mo for first 3 months.
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@JoeTaxpayer it was revived after it was canceled in 1989 after 26 seasons with a plan for a 27th and also some negotiations with Universal to make a US based Doctor who but from what i see they ultimately failed and because Universal couldn't get a broadcaster they let their rights acquisition expire so they went back to BBC, though i don't know why BBC then revived the series after it was cancled
Thanks for the history, that’s helpful. I’m trying to understand, if I start in 2005, will I feel like I am walking into the middle of something? Or does the series function well starting then?
as for where to start, there is some references from the old series like The Doctor saying he has kids or meeting some old character (Sarah Jane and K-9), more so with enemies like Darleks, Cybermen, The Master, The Sontarans (Sontar-ha!) but they more or less reintroduce them to the audience
my first Serial was "Genesis of the Darleks" and i saw a bit of "Revenge of the Cybermen" after that but not much else of the old Doctor Who from that and i only really started watching it faithfully starting with the revival of the series in 2005
Got it. Much thanks.
given how iconic The Darleks are i'd watch "Genesis of the Darleks" and then start the 2005 series knowing there will be gaps in your knowledge but you can fill them in by looking up he wikia or questions here or on SciFi
With the cheap BritBox deal and sub 30min episodes, I think I’ll start in 64. I had no idea it went that far back when a coworker asked if I was a fan.
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@JoeTaxpayer yeh, just keep in mind that far back it was originally aired in Black and White (the series did get color later on but don't know if 1963 episodes on DVD got remastered) and from what i saw in a documentary they had a small budget at the start
but if you got the time and interest in seeing it in the entirety then yeh start with the 1963 series
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