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12:51 AM
Q: What movie was this, with a wolf girl and neo-nazi midget?

RW1020I saw a movie in the late 80's or early 90's on The Drive-in Channel I believe, on our satellite tv with the giant dish. All I can remember is a naked, blonde, beautiful wolf/dog woman shows up, maybe washed up on shore, at a castle where a strange party or event is happening. She is greeted and ...

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2:15 AM
@AnkitSharma Do you remember Arjun Reddy? It's on Prime. If you are interested, watch it. It's a serious love story.
2:57 AM
Q: A B-movie about soldiers fighting robots

madmadaI recently watched the second half of a cheaply made B-movie on tv, it was in English, recent, probably from the last 10 years. The characters had some strange names, Corina Nadeer & Tolan Van Ray Berg (I searched for those names but nothing came up) It was about a group of soldiers fighting ro...

3:26 AM
@NapoleonWilson ToW has ended. Declare the winner (though, I am not in the race).
All blade runner questions... -_-
4:17 AM
@NogShine ok I will later
@AJ most probabaly I won
@NogShine I had paycheck question but didn’t got time to ask
5:11 AM
@AnkitSharma and they say Bollywood dances are funny.
Q: Can "VOLTRON" Speak?

RANSARA009in any Voltron seasons afters combine the 5 lion's together & forming Voltron. so my question is after forming Voltron did any one saw or herd that voltron speaks?

@AnkitSharma lol
@AnkitSharma I watched Spider-man Homecoming. I found it good, but not as good as Sam Raimi's Spider-man.
5:57 AM
@NogShine that’s was supposed to be funny not serious
@AJ homecoming is way overrated and it’s okaish at best
And Sam Raime’s Spider-man 1 & 2 are the best Spider-Man live acting films till now
@AnkitSharma Yeah. It's funny. I'm not serious.
6:25 AM
6:36 AM
"Aaoo kabhi haveli pe". Evergreen meme
@AnkitSharma Yup. They're the best.
Amazing Spiderman was not good.
Peter Parker looked very anxious in those series.
I think we have another ID fan.
6:54 AM
@NogShine that was worse
7:28 AM
Q: Exam movie - Why Dark specifically used the word "only"?

Jack JonesIn Exam (2009), Invigilator gave blank papers to candidates with no questions on it and gave 80 minutes to complete the exam. Dark one of the candidate applied for the company to cure his partner's disease So Dark said these words: And if I could talk to the CEO I'd assure him the treatment ...

7:55 AM
Q: Why can't Mal give a kick to Cobb from the "real" world if she actually escaped

Kashif SiddiquiIf Mal was right that it was all fake, and she jumped and got out of the dream, Then upon waking up why can't she give some sort of kick to Cobb in the "real" world? (Just like Arthur gave the kick to everyone in the elevator) And since so far Cobb didn't receive a kick, is this a good argument ...

8:16 AM
Did you watch Salman Khan's Wanted? @AnkitSharma @NogShine
8:38 AM
Q: Inception: How can Cobb use Mal's totem for a reality check

Kashif SiddiquiINCEPTION Isn't this defeating the whole idea of totems. That totem belongs to Mal so how can Cobb use that to check for reality. Wouldn't that give inaccurate result??

9:14 AM
Q: Why Jack asked Pavel two days permission to drop?

ZoinkellasIn The American (2010), Jack already prepared the M14 Silenced model gun which is for asked by Mathilda, but for delivering it to her, he asked Pavel two days permission. Is there any reason for this?

10:10 AM
Q: Searching for a specific film

Haidro AltfaterA man down on his luck. Purchaces a small boat as a ferry and then several more. Slowly grows his buisiness. Saves his money. Has a greedy girlfriend who takes advantage of him. He eventually becomes mayor. Marries his girlfriend's steward. Happy ending!

10:40 AM
Q: Really need help finding the name of this religous movie please :'(

angelheart87This movie was set in the time of Jesus's birth (i think its a movie they used to get on hallmark in the 90's). Its a 90's to 2005 movie about up to 3 men traveling trying to find the baby Jesus to give him jewels as a present, one man gets tired and tells the other that they found Jesus and to c...

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12:34 PM
@AJ I think I have seen the South Indian version more and I avoid Salman Khan stuff
12:46 PM
Q: Movie a boy who They thought was Lost returns

Josh RømerThe movie is about a family of 5, a Dad and mom 2 brothers and 1 sister. I think the Dad is some sort of a politician i i remeber forrest. It Can also be he was major im not sure. So there was an event in the Streets and there was a lot of People there. The Big brother and Big sister was supposed...

1:30 PM
Q: A not-so-well-known movie on virtual reality

velut lunaI remember some ten years ago I watched an old western movie about virtual reality similar to "Matrix" and "The Thirteenth Floor". In the movie, a computer game designer (or player?) lives in a computerized house and the computer will give him "suggestions" (instructions) on what to on everythin...

2:01 PM
Q: Need to find the name of a movie about a disabled girl who got murderd please

angelheart87Movie about a married couple in a quiet town who adopt a disabled girl (about 5 to 10 years old). Think it was her birthday and then the next morning she goes missing this girl and police are called and they find her close to home (dead next to a dumpster)... and police straight away accuse the...

Q: What (tf) is the point of this style of place names?

user3306356I wish I knew the name of this style of watermark(?), the best I can do is just show a picture from Mindhunter: What is the point of this style of place --- watermarking(?) in tv/movies? I want to curse David Fincher every time these pop up...

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4:59 PM
Q: Old horror movie with living puppets and a "drill hat"

FullMoonIssueI'm looking for an old horror movie for which I haven't so much details (I've seen it maybe 20 years ago) but there is a particular scene which could help. A couple is playing on their bed. One of them has a blindfold (and, maybe, is also tied to the bed). Suddenly, their door opens and we can ...

Q: Technical realisation of fade-to-black and freeze frame (analog)

Xan-Kun Clark-DavisI wanted to know how a fade-to-black was done before NLE but could not find any information. In older movies and TV-productions (analog, before digital editing), the picture vibrance often changes visibly in a scene, that eventually fades to black or beomes a freeze frame. It is most significant...

Damn...Walt is on fire today!
6:07 PM
I want to make a question, but I don't know if it's too broad and open to opinion
(I think I always come with the same question to the chat :P)
So ask it here first or perhaps ask for opinions on Meta
is the city from Wall-E the same city as Big Hero 6?
or are they even in the same universe
Hmm...what I think you might want to ask is whether there is any official confirmation from the makers that the cities are the same. That takes it away from too broad and opinion based. If it's intended to be the same the film makers might have said so.
initially I wouldn't have thought anything like that
but watching the movie with my kids I saw this
I don't know what the thing in the bottom left is, looks like a helmet but a bit small
and it is really similar to Eve's head
also Hiro is a robot designer
although both stories happen really away in time though
6:26 PM
It might just be an Easter Egg....there are a lot of them in Big Hero 6
7:24 PM
Q: How educated in math is Bruce Wayne?

Zachary AhearnI know Bruce Wayne has a degree in Mathematics, but exactly how educated is he in math. Did he complete all of Calc? Linear algebra? Advanced algebraic topology? Real analysis?

7:39 PM
Q: Do Wall-E and Big Hero 6 take place in the same city?

Alvaro MontoroThe cities of Wall-E (2008) and Big Hero 6 (2014) hold some similarities (mainly because of their San Francisco-esque style): close architecture, tall buildings, by a bay... Hiro is a 14-year old robot designer from an unknown time, likely beginning-mid XXI century, around 50-100 years before t...

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10:10 PM
Q: identify the movie. 2010 till now. drama

Юлия Свеженцеваall i remember is the main character telling how his young daughter was hit by a car at their front yard...his wife left him because of what happened please help me...i can't sleep


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