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12:00 AM
@steelerfan Aww, you know I'm not good at e-mails (and I certainly can't keep up with you. Hell, I friggin' can't!). ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Yes. I know. <sigh> No worries ;)
Ugh. I gotta get out of here for a bit. I'm sorry :'(
@steelerfan Don't worry, have fun! ;-*
@NapoleonWilson I'm sure you could if you really wanted to ;)
@steelerfan <sigh> Give me a little, I try to come up with something, ok?
my ex-wife came into my room while i was at work and stole my snacks
12:06 AM
@NapoleonWilson OMG. I am just messing with you!! It's okay, really :)
OMG. You need to kick her ass to the curb, Mike. You're too nice.
12:25 AM
@Catija don't blame me
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1:30 AM
Q: Any James Bond films that used a Ford Mustang?

Gayot FowAre there any James Bond films in the "canon" other than "Goldfinger" where one of the principals used a Ford Mustang in a high performance scene?

1:41 AM
Q: Why are movie scenes shot with green background?

eYeI remember reading that green colour makes the best contrast with colour of human skin so in post editing it is easier to remove it. Is that the only reason why they use green backgrounds when filming movie scenes? I would think that different skin colour would contrast differently against gree...

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3:37 AM
Q: How the invisible boy remains in the real world in the Goosebumps?

QuinticIn the movie the Goosebumps, every monsters got sucked in, in the book, including Hannah, but in the latter part of the climax, it was shown that the invisible boy is typing in a type writer. Wasn't he also supposed to be sucked in and never come back, like the others?

Q: 80s drug smuggling movie

mattlooking for a movie that was on HBO in the 80s. The opening scene was a cocaine lab in a jungle river base destroyed by Indian assassins using blow darts. I'm not sure if I imagined it or if it really exists!

Q: Why Ser Davo looks for a second to blood stain after Jon's body is removed

PantherIn Season 6 Episode 1 of Game of thrones , when night watch people take the Jon body to other room , Davos paused to see the blood stain. It looks like he is observing something? So is there something to notice or I am just reading Davos body language too much ?

4:36 AM
Q: Alien Movie on Another Planet

BeCeBeCeBeCeBeCeBeCeI saw a movie a few years back that had a lot of blue aliens in it. The main characters would become an avatar for the aliens, and then talk to them. There was a lot of action and a lot of CGI. Production quality was fairly good, so I'm guessing at least $1 million went into making it. I've b...

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6:07 AM
Q: What is the best order to watch batman animated movies?

SasithI really like batman movies but I never watched any animated movie. So is there a order to watch them and get better understand about the batman?

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7:57 AM
@MovieReel I want to answer it but it need large amount of time :/
@MovieReel Hey common cars tag is not a generic tag
8:14 AM
Q: How did Joy escaped?

XR SCIn the flashback she was in the hospital, it seems that Bob was there. So he helped her escape? And where she was found?

2 hours later…
9:57 AM
Q: Why Kaa attacked Mowgli?

AtanuCSESpoilers Ahead.... We saw Kaa found Mowgli and told him that how she got into the jungle and why Sher Khan is after him. By doing so, Kaa was actually hypnotizing Mowgli. Then went to attack him before Baloo came to the rescue. Why Kaa attacked Mowgli? Was there any grudge from Kaa against Mo...

@MovieReel hey no character specific tag please
10:14 AM
@AnkitSharma Yeah, that's the biggest issue with the tags on that question.
10:51 AM
Q: How did they survive by jump in Game of thrones?

MarkNsuHow is that theon greyjoy and sansa stark survived by jump? It was a big distance between wall and land. How did that happen?

11:07 AM
@DrRDizzle You're right, it really is.
@NapoleonWilson /s a million times.
11:54 AM
@Catija wow 6"5
Wow everyone moving to Germany :O
12:16 PM
Q: Why Bruce became angry at falls?

user146603In Bruce Almighty(2003), Actually Bruce should get live anchor at falls, suddenly Evan speaks for him & then directs to Bruce, so he finally get live anchor chance. But Bruce became angry, So why Bruce became angry at falls live anchoring scene?

12:33 PM
@AnkitSharma Just us Americans ;)
Catija and I don't want to live in US if our only options for President are Clinton or Trump ;)
Is Clinton also bad
Don't know much about her
I hate her as much as I hate Trump.
I don't want her to win just because she's a woman.
Just like I never wanted Sarah Palin to be Vice president just because she's a woman. That woman is crazy
I just don't about any of the candidate except Trump
12:39 PM
I want trump to choose Sarah Palin for his running mate. Solely based on my desire for Tina Fey to return to SNL :P
OMG. I signed up for this mrman thing Mike was talking about yesterday. I know have a gazillion emails about porn. Ugh ;)
@steelerfan Any of Sam Elliot?
@DrRDizzle My sister found something. It's definitely not "full" frontal, but it's close. She was on that thing all morning ;)
I was impressed by Fassbender!! O_O. My, my, my...
12:46 PM
all that bitching about the gay porn ads and it cost $6/month and you signed up for it... :|
Well, yeah. Curiosity got the best of me ;)
12:59 PM
@steelerfan Are you friggin' kidding me? You really signed up for that thing?
@NapoleonWilson Don't insult my site.
I mean, errr, someone elses site.
shifty eyes
1:19 PM
@DrRDizzle You have subscribed to that site :O
Hillary Clinton defended a child rapist. :O
@AnkitSharma I made that site.
First Marvel fanboy and now nude guy pics collector :O
@AnkitSharma Speaking of, have you seen Captain America: Civil War yet?
(I'll let you figure out which of those things relates to Captain America: Civil War)
It's not Friday yet
And no special screening nearby on Thursday :(
Even other MCU film had special screening on Thursday
@DrRDizzle O-o
1:58 PM
@NapoleonWilson Er, what was the question again? ;)
Is it not wrong spider-man costume?
And given more footage in poster
@NapoleonWilson It's my sister's fault. She wanted to look for Sam Elliott. I had no interest whatsoever in that site ;)
@steelerfan Uhuh.
I already cancelled it anyways ;)
2:02 PM
You just couldn't wait this damn single day till we watch the next episode of The Night Manager!
I'm rethinking Mr. Fassbender as a boyfriend one of my favorite actors, though ;)
@NapoleonWilson Wait. Are we supposed to watch that today?
Keeping track of your changing list of boyfriends are too tough
I don't have any boyfriends anymore ;)
You made so many Hollywood actors single in just a second
@steelerfan I see.
2:06 PM
Gheez, Ankit. I don't think of every second celebrity as my boyfriend, I am saving my heart for that special someone. I'm not that kinda girl :P
@steelerfan See, I told you he is boss!
@NapoleonWilson Yes. He is very boss ;)
Uhuh. <intimidated emoticon>
@NapoleonWilson Awww. No need to be intimidated. You are far more boss than Fassbender :)
2:09 PM
@AnkitSharma That's fan made.
@NapoleonWilson Consider yourself flattered that I have no more boyfriends anymore ;)
@DrRDizzle Who is the guy in the far right background?
@NapoleonWilson There are two people; Crossbones on the left, and Zemo (although Zemo looks literally nothing like that in the film) on the right.
@DrRDizzle One of the top online ticket booking site in India is using it for mailing promotion
@AnkitSharma Well, I know for sure it isn't official.
2:12 PM
@DrRDizzle Me too specially because of spider-man's costume
That's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 costume for a start.
@DrRDizzle I recognized Crossbones. So you mean Daniel Brühl is actually some weird superguy in the comics, rather than the mere human he was in the film?
It's Captain America: The Winter Soldier Cap too.
@DrRDizzle Looks like they used his comics look
@NapoleonWilson From Wikipedia; "The Moonstones grant Helmut Zemo a massive array of superhuman powers such as energy/gravity/light manipulation, molecular phasing, strength/durability augmentation, the ability to create spatial warps, flight and more."
2:14 PM
@DrRDizzle k
@NapoleonWilson Are we supposed to watch the Night Manager today or not?
@DrRDizzle Wow, and he can't do anything in the film. That sounds like that Mandarin thing every comic person is up in arms about.
@steelerfan Well, we could if you want.
@steelerfan A bit early to judge that, though.
@NapoleonWilson That's not true, he can read a red book really well :P
Spoilers, btw
Imma shut up about this film for now.
So far there aren't any spoilers here.
Baron Zemo is the name of two fictional supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. They have appeared in various Marvel Comics comic books, notably Captain America and the Avengers. The original Baron Zemo was first seen in The Avengers #4 (March 1964); the second Baron Zemo first appeared in Captain America #168 (December 1973). In 2009, Baron Helmut Zemo was ranked as IGN's 40th Greatest Comic Book Villain of All Time. Daniel Brühl portrays Baron Helmut Zemo in the 2016 film Captain America: Civil War. == Publication history == The original Baron Zemo was created...
@NapoleonWilson MCU have done this to so many characters. Like falcon, who can talk to a redwing(bird) and he is orange in comics
2:18 PM
@NapoleonWilson I will have to go downstairs to watch it on DVR is the only reason I am asking.
They made quicksilver slower the TV version of Barry.
quicksilver is jay garrick
And his sister is too weak in compare of her comic part
@KutuluMike No please, he is too slow, he can't catch bullet , he is dumb
he just needs to steal some of flash's power, obviously
Even X-men quicksilver is way way interesting then him
Even with that dumb looks
@KutuluMike Hmmm, valid case but that QS is dead now
2:20 PM
no sweat. just use a breach to travel to the x-men universe.
Q: Chaotic Animation: Legion summoned by Prince Mudeenu

Bruno AugustoI believe this is not an off-topic question, even that it fits both sections of "What topics can I ask about here?". It's not a really useful information for the general audience, but it might require analysis of an episode plot. In the 10th episode of the first season, "Castle Bodhran or Bust ...

Q: Why was Hodor renamed in the TV show?

Darrick HerweheIn the Song of Ice and Fire books, we learn early on that Hodor's real name is Walder. However, in Season 6 episode 02 of the show, we learn in a flashback that his name is Wylis. There are assumptions made on the Game of Thrones wiki for why this was done, but it is speculation: Episode 6.2...

Q: Black & White Animated Cartoon with War Between Mice and Cats

ChrisCan anyone identify an old black & white cartoon featuring a war between mice and cats. It would be similar to Fifth Column Mouse, but it would have come first. Scenes would include mice in halftracks, using a meat-grinder as a kind of machine gun, etc. Thanks for any help or suggestions you can ...

Q: Why did Paul Reubens use a pseudonym for Flight of the Navigator?

PsychonautIn the 1986 film Flight of the Navigator, the ship's computer REX is voiced by Paul Reubens. Reubens was not credited by name, but rather under the pseudonym "Paul Mall". Why is Reubens credited as "Paul Mall" in this film, but not in any of his other roles? It couldn't have been a result of h...

/kickban movie reel
Wow, was moviereel sick
@NapoleonWilson Nope. My mind is already made up that you are the bossest ;) (if that's even a word)
@steelerfan It's all your decision.
2:23 PM
@NapoleonWilson Alright. I was downstairs last night. It actually wasn't too bad. I will let you know :)
@MovieReel I hope Mos people don't get crazy over this spoiler ;)
@AnkitSharma It's none at all (but ok, it' also SciFi). ;-)
I know but its mos as u already know
Anyways they changed whole Rob's wife character and nobody raised an eyebrow.
Might be worth to scan for potential "the show is ass!" comments, though, especially if it gets hot.
@MovieReel bleah bleah bleah
Is it even allowed and with this wording
2:33 PM
@AnkitSharma ?_?
> bleah

> (slang, US) Expresses negative feeling. The quality of the emotion expressed is more negative than that of 'blah' and has a slight feeling of disgust, verging on nausea.
@AnkitSharma Sure, I was wondering what drove you to utter such an emotion with regards to a question.
@AnkitSharma Funny. I believe that I expressed that same emotion after learning that Trump is the Republican party nominee for President ;)
> I believe this is not an off-topic question, even that it fits both sections of "What topics can I ask about here?". It's not a really useful information for the general audience, but it might require analysis of an episode plot.
> bleh bleh bleh
> Well... That's precisely what I would like to know: The proper way to write the name of this legion would be very helpful for the subtitles I'm creating for the show.
@steelerfan I'd hate to be American right now. Clinton or Trump is like the inverse Sophie's Choice.
"Can't I let them both die?"
2:39 PM
@steelerfan I did googled about Clinton and found some bizarre fact about her. Poor Americans
Is US election have a choice of none of them while voting?
@DrRDizzle Yeah, I know. Catija, her husband, the baby and I are moving in with Napoleon ;)
@AnkitSharma Yes. It's called not voting. That's what I will be doing ;)
@steelerfan Do he have more then one washroom ?
@AnkitSharma We are buying a bigger place, so it doesn't matter ;)
I will have plenty of extra money after I sell my house ;)
2:42 PM
@steelerfan Are there no independents running?
@DrRDizzle I honestly have no idea.
And here i am tense how to arrange money to buy furniture till year end :D
Awww. I'm sorry. I'm downsizing, so I am getting rid of a lot of my furniture.
I honestly just want to sell everything I own and just buy all new stuff when I get another place. I don't know. It's causing me anxiety even thinking about it ;)
3:12 PM
Q: Comedy Movie Where Dead Body Keeps Getting Moved

ChrisI am trying to identify an old black & white comedy (probably 1940s or so) that primarily takes place in a rich person's house in which a young man (perhaps a reporter) has seen the body of a murder victim, but each time he tries to lead the police and others to the body, the body has been moved ...

I'm officially depressed now. OMG.
Not only do I have to go take a shower, but there is a kid over in Mos who is only 15. Yes, I now want to kill myself ;)
3:50 PM
@AnkitSharma Oh, not at all. He's very cool. I'm just old enough to be his mother. OMG :'(
Don't be
I will be better once I can get out of this frigging bed!
I swear to God. If I didn't already promise @NapoleonWilson that I would be good, I would really try to get up and go outside for a walk after my sister left ;)
Q: Romantic comedy movie

jamieChubby man jogging in park, gray sweatshirt and pants, white sweatband on head. Has a watch on that keeps track of his heart rate. While jogging in park, a friend of his is walking next to him, as they are talking, his watch starts beeping, the chubby man ignores it, and keeps talking with frie...

3:56 PM
@MovieReel The money pit
@steelerfan Yeah, don't! I'll stay with you on the phone to distract you, though.
Take rest
Don't do stupid stuff
@NapoleonWilson Argh! That's right!
No stupid stuff. I promise <hangs head>
@NapoleonWilson I wonder how far I could push you before you just lost your s**t and started yelling at me ;)
@steelerfan Uh...wut?
Some guys don't get angry... Andy doesn't. If something really upsets him, he gets quiet... and then I have to figure out what's wrong.
4:03 PM
@NapoleonWilson Nothing. I'm just kidding :)
@Catija That's exactly what I do. I just want to be left alone when I get angry.
@steelerfan No you through stuff
I remember that nacho throwing story
@AnkitSharma Well, I wasn't seriously angry...and it was a taco, not a nacho ;)
It takes a lot to get me seriously angry. I'm a pretty mellow person.
Anyway taco are heavier then nacho
For me it's easy but i know to control my anger now
I don't burst much this days
4:07 PM
Definitely! Tacos fly better through the air when aimed at someone's head ;)
Hahahaha, agreed
@steelerfan Don't let Wad hear that you're wasting tacos by throwing them at people...
@Catija Haha! I don't dare for fear of a billion taco gifs being posted ;)
He don't come here anymore
Until someone leak this news from here
4:09 PM
Yeah, but I am over there a lot
Time to watch Arrow with a glass of whiskey, taht might help me ignore my hunger for a while
Mos made me hungry
I'm starving.
Oh, lord. Whiskey on an empty stomach is just a recipe for disaster with me ;)
I am a lazy cook
so might settle with maggi
I hear ya. I am worthless with domestic duties ;)
4:15 PM
@steelerfan Is Napoleon aware of this? This might be an issue...
It's my room-mate's turn and stupid is stuck in office
@Catija Yes. I have warned him that I suck at cooking and laundry. He still wants me around for some reason ;)
Q: Why does Davos care about Jon so much?

Chanandler BongIn the second episode of the sixth season of Game of Thrones Davos approaches Melisandre and asks her to use her powers to resurrect Jon Snow. This means that he decided to ask a woman he strongly dislikes to use her magic (that he distrusts) to perform an act so rare in the GoT word, that it's ...

@steelerfan Men are weird.
4:18 PM
I am really good at cleaning, though. I am kind of a freak about cleaning.
@Catija Amen to that!
@Catija :O
@steelerfan wanna visit orlando?
we have disney
Ah. Yeah. I let Andy do most of the cleaning... The reality is that he sees things as being "dirty" sooner than I do... I've always been messy... but I like certain things neat... My books are alpha by author, the non-fiction is by topic and then in alpha order... my kitchen is an "everything in its place" space...
We had a roommate for a while that was a terrible drunk... but when she was buzzed just the right amount she would clean everything
so it was ok.
@AnkitSharma You aren't aware of this? I'm pretty certain it's a culturally universal concept that, at least between themselves, women think guys are odd.
I'm pretty sure that there are many Bollywood films that prove it's a concept understood in India, too.
4:22 PM
I know the reverse truth ;)
@Catija Sometimes i doubt that you have seen more bollywood film then me ;)
@AnkitSharma Have you seen more than 10-15? Because that's about all I've seen.
I never kept count but it must be way more then that ;)
4:35 PM
@KutuluMike Could I eat your snacks? ;)
My husband cooked and did the laundry. I did everything else.
@steelerfan yes, my snacks are your snacks.
i don't mind laundry but cleaning is bad for me. can't be inhaling all that dust and bleach and whatnots.
I am kind of a clean freak, like disinfecting stuff. I guess it's my profession. I seem to screw up the laundry. I have to do it now, but my clothes are pretty easy to wash.
@KutuluMike Are you asthmatic?
Oh my. No wonder!
Are you on oxygen?
4:52 PM
only at night.
that started this week, though, and I hate it. i almost never use it. it keeps me awake.
my symptoms aren't nearly bad enough to need that crap. they just did some test that came back like 0.1% too low for a few minutes over the course of a 10 hours
I bet. God, I'm sorry for you. That really sucks :(
I forgot that it's Cinco de Mayo!! I might have to have a shot of Cabo Wabo later ;)
@NapoleonWilson Do you have any tequila? We can do shots later!
@steelerfan No, sorry! :'(
Okay. I will do a few by myself :P
5:03 PM
Currently only whisky and amaretto. Even my grappa is gone. And the stores are closed today.
No worries. I will do a shot for both of us ;)
I think the last time I did a shot of tequila, I was on the phone with you ;)
Hehe :)
@steelerfan Hmm, don't overdo, though. Don't forget that you're already on drugs.
@NapoleonWilson I promise. Remember that I am at the mercy of my sister. She probably won't give me any :(
I wouldn't take 2 shots anyways while I am on this medication. Tequila + pain meds? Good lord. I don't know what shape I would be in :P
5:19 PM
@steelerfan Pretzel shape.
@Catija That wouldn't be too far from the truth ;)
Poor @NapoleonWilson would never speak to me again. Hehe :)
@steelerfan Though, pretzel shape can be useful in other applications.
@Catija Haha! True!! ;))
A: Weekly Topic Challenge - Ideas

ThunderforgeShakespeare week The Bard had a profound influence on English literature, and many prominent movie and TV actors began their careers training to act for his plays. Since 2016 is the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, let's honor his contributions with questions about the film and TV adapt...

5:38 PM
I'm going to take a nap. See you guys later :)
Bye o/
Q: Pirates of the carribean-At worlds end 9 pieces of eight

Shaan_BCan any one explain me exactly what do you mean by 9 pieces of 8. I know that it took 9 pirate lords to bind calypso and the movie also shows the 9 pieces. But what is this statement

@steelerfan Rest welL!
@NapoleonWilson That is exactly what I think of every time.
Great film. :D I have that on DVD even...
5:41 PM
Indeed, I really like the two of them.
They make a good pair.
@NapoleonWilson Haha! OMG!!
I do like Sandra Bullock but never seen that film
I love Sandra Bullock. I don't think that I have seen that movie either.
MY fav film from her is Gravity
5:45 PM
You two disappoint me. It's great. :D I think her comedy is really awesome. I also really love The Proposal.
I think i have seen some Hugh Grant films too
I fell asleep during gravity
@Catija I do liked that and seen that too ;D
Oh, I loved The Proposal
I just watched Miss Congeliality
I liked the dog scene
5:46 PM
Hahaha! Me too.
@steelerfan I tired to pick it up from middle but failed
I loved how the dog's name was Kevin ;)
Now i remember , i have seen Hugh in Love Actually
Alright. Nap time. @NapoleonWilson If I don't answer my phone, just keep trying me in case I am still asleep ;)
@steelerfan Seriously? It's really nice.
5:50 PM
He is in Cloud atlas too :O,
@Catija Added in watchlist
@steelerfan ;-(
@steelerfan I am disappointed with you
> You failed the city
@steelerfan Ok.
@AnkitSharma ... He's also Iron Man...
Hey, My attention span only goes so far ;)
5:52 PM
@Catija :?
Sorry. Brain dead. Trying to work and be here simultaneously.
I am dam sure i have seen him more but can't track
He's in lots of stuff... mostly rom-coms.
He is in a film based on Bengal (India) :O
6:24 PM
For those that want it; my 100% spoiler-free review of Captain America: Civil War has now been published.
I've also posted it on reddit here, here and here if anyone fancies giving me a signal boost.
Q: Movie with old lady dying, couple buying her haunted house

meqanrose670I remember seeing this movie maybe 2 or 3 times, it dates back to sometime in the 90's, maybe even late 80's. It's a suspense/scary movie & I don't believe it's very popular or well known, although I think it's good from what I can remember. I remember that an old lady lived in a big mansion alo...

7:01 PM
Q: Looking for a Roy Jenson movie

Scott deVriesRoy Jenson's most obscure movie was "Sudamerica Matar o Morir" (1989) directed by Victor Herrera Zenil. I'm told it's been seen on DVD at swapmeets and similar outlets. Anyone seen it? I've been looking for years. Thank you all

2 hours later…
8:34 PM
Q: Would the Microbots from Big Hero 6 be possible?

ThePlumBOB179I am a tech savvy and am really into tech. I was wondering if the Microbots from Big Hero 6 be a possibility in the future? If yes then how, if not then why?

@MovieReel Oh, look... Ankit... something for you to kill.
@DrRDizzle Sorry, I don't do reddit... it confuses me.
@Catija me too
9:35 PM
Q: Cartoon movie that had mercenaries and weapons merge

RhapsodyOk, first I'm going to apologize with how little I have, and I hope this isn't some weirdly vivid dream. I vaguely remember some cartoon, I believe it was a movie, from the 80's or 90's most likely, and there's only one scene I remember. Medieval fantasy setting, there are these typical bad guy...

10:13 PM
Q: Outbreak(1995) climax explanation

NINCOMPOOPIn the climax of Wolfgang Petersen's film "Outbreak(1995)", we see Ford(Morgan Freeman) relieves McClintock(Donald Sutherland) of his command and arrests him for "withholding information from the president".Ford is a Brigadier General which is supposed to be subordinate to Major General McClintoc...

@Catija Haha, that's fine
1 hour later…
11:36 PM
I don't even have an idea what on earth that reddit thing is, other than some kind of forum stuff.
It has a cute alien logo. :D
11:49 PM
Q: A movie about a mysterious man helping his neighbors

Alex GI'm trying to remember a movie name. The plot that I remember is a mysterious man that avoid connection with people is helping his neighbors to fight criminals. He is being seriously injured by the criminals and his neighbors take care of him. One of his neighbors fell in love with him and she ma...


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