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4:35 AM
Q: What was the first wish Dom asked Tess for?

Jack CollinsAt a pub, Tess informs Dom about a screen grab she found on a traffic cam and stored in God's Eye. She mentions a hit in Rio and asks if he has enemies there. Dom simply responds with "Reyes." Tess recognizes the name as Hernan Reyes, who is deceased, but has a son named Dante: Dom: So you're go...

4 hours later…
8:59 AM
Q: What does the community want to do with identification questions?

OldPadawanThere have been several topics and discussions about whether identification questions should be on-topic or off-topic. Now, anytime such a question is asked, pros and cons come with their arguments. But I feel like that's nowhere close to being resolved, as it goes on and on again, and related to...

12 hours later…
9:28 PM
Movie of the day: Oblivion
10:24 PM
Q: Why is Hugh Ransom Drysdale so upset?

user55665484375So Hugh Ransom Drysdale comes up with a plan to kill Harlan Thrombey ..but why does Hugh seem more special than the other grandkids? Why did Harlan Thrombey decide to tell Hugh (of all people) that he was going to give his inheritance away..? We as the viewers I think are made to believe that Hu...

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