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1:36 AM
Q: What is this tool shown to us?

Yu ZhangThe Boys, season 4, ep 3, during the make-out scene between Sage and the Deep, we are shown a sharp tool with its tip stained with blood. What does this scene suggest?

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3:41 AM
Q: In John Wick 2, why did it matter if John was killed before the "excommunicado" took effect?

Paul WilliamsAssuming the following facts about John Wick during the events of "John Wick 2" and "John Wick 3": At the start of John Wick 3: Parabellum, someone tries to collect on this bounty. John remarks, it's "too early". My question is, would it have mattered that John was killed "too early"...

4:02 AM
Q: In Head, why does Peter Tork say, "where there is choice, there is misery?"

Miss_UnderstandsIn this scene, the Yogi says it, but he repeats it in the next scene. Plus, Pete wrote the movie (with Nicholson). It must have to do with, "Where there is clarity, there is no choice."

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5:05 AM
Q: Una madre pierde a su hija y una secta la tiene y ella tiene que recuperarla y para eso tiene que matar a un papá y ver un mapa en su cabeza

Corona LlantaBueno la película trataba de que a una madre le robaron su hija una secta y que ella la busca y llega con un papá y le quita la cabeza y el papá tiene un mapa en la cabeza y después llega con la secta a lo que recuerdo y parece una iglesia donde metieron a tres niños en ataúdes y en uno de ellos ...

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2:17 PM
Q: Will Family Guy seasons 1-22 get new storylines in late 2024?

Ryan McClearywell i think Family Guy will have major changes in late 2024 with characters like Olivia Fuller, Jillian Russell, Diane Simmons, Neil Goldman, Connie D'amico, Patty Patterson, Ruth Cochamer and Esther Estherderm returning as main characters in seasons 1-22.

7 hours later…
8:59 PM
Q: Unknown portrait in Cinderella (Disney / 1950)

nitrovatterWhose the portrait have been in the house in Cinderella (Disney / 1950)?

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