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1:26 AM
Q: What does "this one" mean?

Marco SivVeronica Rawlings, the widow of Harry, is on a mission to recruit other widows for a daring heist to steal $5 million from Mulligan’s home. During a meeting with Amanda, another widow, Amanda expresses her feelings. She apologizes for not showing up at the spa, explaining that she was scared: Ve...

Q: Why is Kelsie reluctant and embarrassed to admit going to the canyon for drinking and partying in "Killers of the Flower Moon"?

galacticninjaIn Martin Scorsese's 2023 film Killers of the Flower Moon, there was a courtroom scene where Kelsie Morrison (played by Louis Cancelmi), a witness, was being questioned by the prosecutor (played by John Lithgow). After candidly describing how he and Byron murdered Anna Brown in a secluded canyon,...

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1:44 PM
Q: tag getting cutoff in the UI

LucianoI was editing a question today and noticed that the ? link was being cut off in some tags, it seems to affect the ones with a long name. Looks like a bug in the website UI.

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6:34 PM
Q: I really need help i believe its a haunted possess and had groups of people idk either couples or teens, or i dont know

Anthony OrtegaIts basically a movie i watched as a kid that there was i think a group And i guess they all died and i think each or some were possess, i dont know the location But i know that in the end two survivors, it was a man and a woman, and the man turns around and sees the woman eyes where she is posse...


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