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5:06 AM
Q: Dune: part 2 online release date? Is it available to buy/rent on YouTube movies?

Shenuli RajapakshaIs it available on youtube movies to rent? Or any other streaming services? Heard it is releasing on 16/Apr. But some had posted that they were able rent it on YouTube movies USA.

3 hours later…
8:34 AM
Q: Besides Nagakado, what is the situation of Toranaga's children in "Shōgun"?

galacticninjaIn the 2024 miniseries Shōgun, only one of Lord Yoshii Toranaga's children makes an appearance: his son, Nagakado. Toranaga has another son, who has not yet made an appearance in the show. We see Shizu, Toranaga's daughter-in-law (and not Nagakado's wife), pregnant and later giving birth to Toran...

5 hours later…
1:32 PM
Q: Was the bird machine in The Prestige real?

yoloIn The Prestige (2006) we see a bird trick in which the cage collapses, killing the bird. Later in the movie, John Cutter gives Angier a suit with a spring loaded mechanism that collapses the cage automatically, keeping the bird safe. Was a real machine designed for the movie?

6 hours later…
7:16 PM
Q: Love Stephen and Jane

Jessica Lang JohnsonAmen , mind over matter ...emotions over physical feeling ...definition of love period. All of it , not one part can be left out of these two's heroic and devotional life together and apart right or wrong sad or happy loss and gain this is what it's all about and it is the only way it is the answ...


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