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Should Movies & TV SE participate in the 1 reputation voting experiment?
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10:59 AM
Q: Is Luc Deveraux still a protagonist in the last Universal Soldier film?

Etack SxchangeIn the Universal Soldier franchise Luc Deveraux (mostly played by Jean-Claude Van Damme) is a Universal Soldier created by the government to go on several missions to save the country and its people. But in the last installment (Day of Reckoning), the government looks to be the real villain and D...

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2:45 PM
Q: Meaning of 'using the other two'

Gear54rusSo we're in the first half of the movie and Muir has just slithered his way into the room where buncha spooks are trying to find a way to get rid of responsibility for Bishop and abandon him in the Chinese prison. Muir suggests an alternative of leaking the info about Bishop's capture to the pres...

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in English Language & Usage: Multi-Layered Discourse Room, 5 hours ago, by user 726941
The steelers still pwn da RAIDERS >8(
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Q: Is the motivation behind the villain's actions in Bon Cop Bad Cop somewhat relatable?

user14094230It probably depends on location. I doubt many would go to that extremes, but do some people watch it and see where he's coming from?

9:06 PM
Q: Should people be expected to explain details to those who haven't seen the film or show?

user14094230I've seen comments where people ask things since they haven't seen it. Should that be taken seriously on Movies & TV SE?

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10:44 PM
Q: Which Deadshot is more accurate?

EthanIn the Suicide Squad movie, Will Smith's portrayal of Floyd Lawton is a man with a code and principles who deep down is good and will only kill other bad people. On the other hand, Arrow's portrayal of Floyd Lawton is more of a true villain, a psychopathic killer you uses more inhumane means and ...

@user726941 Uhuh :P
@MovieReel lol

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