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@AnkitSharma I see 🤧
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Q: How did Christopher Nolan's use of IMAX contribute to the storytelling in 'Oppenheimer'?

Iman MohammadiIn Christopher Nolan's film "Oppenheimer," there is extensive use of IMAX technology. I'm curious to know: What were the reasons Nolan used IMAX so frequently in this movie? And how does this use of IMAX in "Oppenheimer" differ from its application in his previous films? Any insights or examples ...

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Q: Significance of continuous rain background in "Dhootha" web series

ArulkumarIn the Dhootha web series, I noticed that the entire series is set against a backdrop of continuous rainfall. The opening scene features a weather prediction mentioning a storm in the Bay of Bengal as below Rainfall prediction in the Bay of Bengal. A storm is definitely on its way. This weather ...

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Q: Why Andi’s email might be discovered if Miles were to commit murder?

Max PowerAndi, Helen’s sister, sent an email to several people, including Birdie Jay, Duke Cody, Claire Debella and Lionel Toussaint, threatening to use a red envelope she found to burn down an empire. The next day, she was found dead in the garage with sleeping pills in her system. Helen went to Detectiv...

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Q: Did Helen treat yelling for the truth as a fight to obtain the envelope, as suggested by Benoit?

Max PowerDetective Benoit advises Helen to find a way to get the envelope that nobody will question or follow, even if it means picking a fight and losing. Later, Helen confronts the Disruptors and yells for the truth. Duke approaches her: Duke: I'm tired of pretending. You're the loser. That's the truth...

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Q: Do I need permission to write a movie script about a person?

ValkoI want to write a movie script about a person with the intention of making a movie. Almost all the information I have about him is from a book he wrote and published. Do I need his permission, legally, to write the script and make a movie? I would credit his book at the end of the film.


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