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2:11 AM
Q: What is the meaning of the "Tall Trees" joke in Groundhog Day?

JConstantineHere's some context from the movie: Somebody asked me today: “Phil, if you could be anywhere in the world, where would you like to be?” I said to ‘im, “Probably right here... Elko, Nevada.” Our nation’s high at 79 today. In California, they’re gonna have some warm weather tomorrow, gang wars and...

2:34 AM
Q: In A Few Good Men, why was Lt. Col. Markinson worried that Santiago's letter would leak?

AlexandreIn the movie, Col. Jessup, Lt. Col. Markinson and Lt. Kendrick have a private meeting to discuss PFC William T. Santiago's letter in which he pleads to be transferred off the base and in return, he would disclose information about an illegal fenceline shooting. Lt. ...

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12:49 PM
Q: Identifying film with specific comedy scene with pencils

Steven Frazier-RobertsLooking to identify a film that has been stuck in my head for about 2 decades. I believe it’s a black and white comedy. One scene features a woman (possibly love interest/main character) in the man’s apartment alone , when the phone rings. She has to write a message down but cannot find a pen pr ...

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2:13 PM
@AnkitSharma this is part of the Tomorrowverse.
It is the successor of DCAU.
@AnkitSharma i mean we had to witness the death of Oliver. What a loss.
@steelersquirrel, TS has three front covers in Time Magazine, btw. Somewhere in the multiverse, we would be having three front covers of Fed chair Jay Powell.
Michael Kosta of The Daily Show quipped TS is nothing but Phoebe of Friends getting electrocuted. (He had to flee the country after that).
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4:17 PM
@User1865345 <face palm>
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5:20 PM
@User1865345 that I know but crisis needs multiple universe and few clips gave me DCAU vibe. I am not following tomorrowverse but I did watch DCAMU which was running before this
@User1865345 DCAMU , DCAU means something else
DC animated movie universe was which started with Flashpoint and ended with apocalypse dark war where flash reset it all and then we her tomorrow verse
DCAU is old animated series universe which have some films , last one was JL vs fatal five
5:37 PM
@AnkitSharma 😮😮
@AnkitSharma ah I see.
@AnkitSharma hm. Now that you said this, I am confused too.
@steelersquirrel no worries. If recent history is all to go by, then it would be a bad omen for TS. Elon was on. See X/Twitter/his penchant with whatever the hell he does. Zelensky is not in good situation either. The war is stalled at all fronts. Biden and Harris were also there. Now they are barely in the polls. See? Time Magazine is disastrous for the front pagers.
5:52 PM
A: What is the best order to watch Batman animated movies?

Ankit SharmaAs made clear from your comments, you want to know about all the animated films Batman is in, including team films. Here is my take on it by continuity/release order: Stand-alone films: The following films are stand-alone films with Batman in them, and do not share continuity with each other or o...

this partially answeres it
The DC Animated Movie Universe (DCAMU) is an American media franchise and shared universe centered on a series of superhero films, produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment and distributed by Warner Home Video. The films are part of the DC Universe Animated Original Movies line, based on the comic books published by DC Comics, and feature plot elements inspired by The New 52 continuity. It began with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and ended with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War for a total of sixteen films. The DC Showcase short Constantine: The House of Mystery was released...
DCAMU started with Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox and ended with Justice League Dark: Apokolips War.
Constantine: The House of Mystery is also from the same universe but didn't see it yet
The DC Animated Universe (DCAU, also referred to as the Timmverse series by fans) is an American media franchise and shared universe centered on a group of animated television series based on DC Comics and produced by Warner Bros. Animation. It began with Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and ended with Justice League Unlimited in 2006. Animated feature films and shorts, comic books, video games, and other multimedia adaptations are also in the continuity that continued to be released years later. == List of DC Animated Universe media == While there are many animated projects based upon DC Comics...
DCAU ended with Justice League Unlimited Tv show but they made two movies later in same continuity
Batman and Harley Quinn and Justice League vs. the Fatal Five is from DCAU
Hm. That sets up the order.
5:56 PM
@User1865345 this link is confusing me but flashpoint movie from DCAMU was very good
The issue is DC was running multiple continuities at same time.
That's the whole point.
Even in Arrowverse, they decided to have a closure by bringing in all the shows they had ever.
Justice League vs. the Fatal Five came in 2019 which is from DCAU where 3 DCAMU movie also came. Why DC why
@User1865345 and Erza miller too when movie Erza didn't mention arrowverse
DC should take 5-year gap and dump everything on HBO max which they have and forget it all and reboot everything
My answer need fixing now
@AnkitSharma so damn true.
@AnkitSharma and fans thought Grant Gustin would appear there.
@User1865345 I heard he got edited out but not sure
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10:41 PM
Q: Role and Impact of Einstein's Character in 'Oppenheimer': His Conversations and Presence

Iman MohammadiI recently watched Christopher Nolan's 'Oppenheimer' and found Albert Einstein's character intriguing, especially in his interactions with J. Robert Oppenheimer. Can anyone explain the significance of Einstein's responses to Oppenheimer, particularly in their final conversation? Also, what was th...

11:22 PM
@User1865345 searched a bit can't find any evidence supporting that rumour

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