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1:55 AM
Q: Why Did Loki and Mobius Eat Green Pie in TVA in 'Loki' Season 2?

Iman MohammadiIn 'Loki' Season 2, there's a scene where Loki and Mobius eat green pie in the TVA. This happens right after they try to get information from X-5 (Brad Wolfe) without success. Why is the green pie important in this scene? Is it just for fun, or does it have a deeper meaning related to the story o...

2:43 AM
Another terrible Star Wars joke
> What did master Yoda say when he saw himself on a 4k TV?
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5:25 AM
Q: After surfacing between 2 allied destroyers, how did the U-boat gun crews stay alive for so long firing their guns?

user1147844See screenshot below. As soon as U-boat surfaced, Dicky and Greyhound would have started shooting. I know that U-boat slipped under destroyers' mounted naval guns, but destroyer crew can still shoot small arms at U-Boat, like rifles and machine guns. How did U-boat crew manage to climb out up fro...

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1:36 PM
@User1865345 Yessssss!!!! It's a must see every year!!!
@steelersquirrel yes!!!
This is me when I see Santa
And Mariah Carey!
Christmas Vacation, Elf and Christmas Story are all must sees every year!
@User1865345 I would take Mariah Carey over Taylor Swift. Everyone in here is a Swiftie. Besides me ;)
1:39 PM
She's still alive?!?!?!?!
@steelersquirrel i think at this point all are Swifties.
I will never be a Swiftie! Never! lol
@steelersquirrel indeed 😌
@steelersquirrel lol
@steelersquirrel few days ago I happened to come across Quora post comparing MJ with Swift. Guess who the winner is.
Let me guess...
I'm sure it was TS
@steelersquirrel true that.
1:42 PM
<face palm>
But everyone agreed MJ had the real talent which was unparalleled. He was legendary way before social media came to existence. He was a pioneer. The pitch especially in Earth song. The ground shattering moves as in Billy Jean and the videos.
What if there was a MJ+Swift duet?!
Yeah, MJ actually had real talent
He has been in the industry since he was 8-9
I love watching old Jackson 5 stuff. OMG. He was the star of the show. He was so talented at such a young age
@steelersquirrel yep. Jackson Brothers. But he was successful in making his own place. My favorite will always be the Thriller album.
@steelersquirrel totally
@User1865345 Oh, totally!!! The Thriller album was AMAZING!!! We use to do the Thriller dance at recess. We had a Thriller "club" and you had to be able to do the Thriller dance to get into the club. LOL
@steelersquirrel thriller club. Wowww.
He alone could have surpassed the Eras tour, I guess.
Anyway Kiss is having their final tour. Emotional.
1:51 PM
Yeah. I saw that
Are they touring Australia?
I ask because I think the final Kiss should be down under :P
Jolly good.
1:58 PM
@steelersquirrel I like Mariah too as she is no less drama 🤣
@AnkitSharma Are you saying that you like Mariah MORE than Taylor Swift?
@steelersquirrel dilemma!!
@steelersquirrel I love drama above both 🤣
Guessing time who goes for Kiss and who for Mariah:
@user85795 you have people coming from Australia to see Kiss.
2:03 PM
Yeah, they are the blue print for AC/DC
Then there will be always a grinchy article, this time from Daily Beast: It’s Time for Mariah Carey to Leave Christmas Behind
@user85795 AC/DC! Another gem
@steelersquirrel anyways I am thinking to get our own Christmas tree for the first time, lets see if I come around to really do that as for now job hunting started
@User1865345 I don't think she will, whichever way others try
@AnkitSharma hell yeah!!!
@AnkitSharma meanwhile the National Christmas tree had a rough field day... National Christmas Tree toppled by strong winds near White House
2:10 PM
@AnkitSharma Ohhhhhh...nice!!! You should have no problem where you live!
@steelersquirrel I wanted something in budget,
I know it's too late already for North American standards but I still have time 🤣
@User1865345 I had a political joke about it but gonna refrain from it 🤣
Well we all know what it could be. Let's give some respite. 😁
I am in Canada, also I wanted the artificial one, at least they are reusable next year with new decorations
I see. It's not that late either. You can get a good deal at this time too.
Black Friday my poor husband ordered so much stuff for both of us he needed to have one week rest 🤣🤣now we will buy Christmas stuff
2:21 PM
That's great 😁
3:13 PM
@User1865345 LOL
@AnkitSharma OMG!!! NOOOOO!!!! You can't live in Canada and get a fake tree!!! That's a total sin!!! :P
@steelersquirrel Parcel him yours :P\
3:48 PM
@steelersquirrel I live in small condo
@AJ she will parcel me Taylor Swift instead 🤣
4:16 PM
New Mad Max movie:
Hm. Did we need another one? Well what to say.

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