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1:28 AM
Q: What is the image of at the beginning of Better Call Saul's next-to-last episode?

ruffdoveIn the opening credits of the final episodes of Better Call Saul's final season, the usual title and grainy images of ash trays and foot massagers and matchbooks in urinals are increasingly interrupted by what appears to be the wearing out of the VHS tape that they are apparently recorded on. In ...

10 hours later…
11:08 AM
Q: What does this scene mean?

Yu Zhang In the latest movie, NOPE, a standing shoe is shown during the scene where actors are viciously attacked by a monkey. A surprisingly long shot is given to this standing shoe, but I do not get how it is related to the whole movie plot.

11:33 AM
Q: Is the device Beca uses in Pitch Perfect 3 a real musical device?

Play with PororoIn the Pitch Perfect 3, Beca creates sounds "Ah~ Oh~" with this loop pedal device that don't have labels. I don't know what's name and I haven't been able to find anything by searching for it online. Is this a real device? And who is the manufacturer of this?

3 hours later…
2:54 PM
Q: Did the writers forget the poison from Ernst Blofeld's birthday party in No Time To Die?

rickyBefore the interrogation scene with Blofeld a huge deal is made out of the woman applying the Heracles robot poison to her wrist, and James Bond then grabbing her wrist. I'm assuming to make us think "oh no, he's got the poison on him". However, far earlier in the movie, James Bond is already spr...


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