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3:23 AM
Song of the day Murder by Numbers by The Police
3 hours later…
6:04 AM
@steelersquirrel ohh
Uff I have to make some answers but not getting time
@steelersquirrel Did I tell you my bf going Toronto, Canada in a month
1 hour later…
7:26 AM
@steelersquirrel Wihout even a movie? Who's defying the law now?
@NapoleonWilson lol good point
6 hours later…
1:14 PM
@NapoleonWilson Uhm...I was doing it based on your movie! Duh!
@AnkitSharma Yay!!!
@steelersquirrel WHAAAT?!
C'est incroyable!
@NapoleonWilson I didn't do a movie of the day because you already did it, so I just did the song. It wasn't complete. I made it complete!
Now you're just toying with me. lol
A place for everything. Everything in it's place
@steelersquirrel But that was a whole day later!
Your squirrel ways are making a mess and confusing everything!
@NapoleonWilson Not for me it wasn't. It was still within the same 24 hour period. Gheez!, keep up! ;)
@NapoleonWilson Pfft! That's exactly what squirrels do. Hehehehe!
Also, you wasted the song. What now when someone declares Murder by Numbers as the movie of the day? O_O
1:24 PM
@NapoleonWilson OH.MY.GOD!!!! Then, you would have a movie AND a song with the same name!!!!
Well, not anymore, because the song has been used already. :'(
Uhm...who made the rule that a movie and a song can't be used twice?
The same people who made all your rules. Noone!
But it's kind of common sense to at least let the song and film rest for a while.
Unless a film is so amazing that it is actually movie of the week or movie of the month, like Raw for example.
Sure. I'm not saying to use that song tomorrow or something.
Calm yourself, Napoleon
@NapoleonWilson Uhuh
Phew! Thank you.
Movie of the day: Midnight Run
Song of the day: 2 Minutes to Midnight by Iron Maiden.
1:30 PM
With colons even!
I know it drives you crazy that I don't use colons
Oh, so you're doing it on purpose? :'(
No. I have never or rarely use colons. It's too much work. I didn't know that it annoyed you until the other day
Since when does lack of proper formatting not annoy me? ;-)
@steelersquirrel Like ever, in real life? O_O
1:34 PM
@NapoleonWilson No. Just in here doing the movie of the day thing
I use proper grammar and punctuation when it counts. lol
I get annoyed when people don't use the semicolon the way that it is intended or leave it out altogether :(
I know, we don't actually matter to you. :'(
1:36 PM
@NapoleonWilson OMG! lol
@NapoleonWilson Seriously?
I don't really know how a semicolon is used in flowtext. Although, I type it many times a day.
@steelersquirrel I often use "however", at what place should I put a semicolon there?
Example of a proper use of a semicolon: The salad was full of delicious vegetables; however, it was underdressed.
See...I even used a colon. Just for you ;)
But the second sentence very clearly connects and relies on the first one.
Yeah, it's optional. You can use a period if you want to
but, the cool way is to use a semicolon!
Also, why are we suddenly so popular among the mathematicians? ;-)
1:41 PM
Because we're talking about proper punctuation :P
13 mins ago, by Napoleon Wilson
Phew! Thank you.
@steelersquirrel I see.
@NapoleonWilson Who are mathematicians?
I don't know.
Is @Rand in here under some sock puppet? :P
Possibly. ;-)
1:44 PM
Pardon me for interrupting your grammatical/mathematical discussion; but, I finally got around to watching the 1997 version of 12 Angry Men and I'm still kicking myself for forgetting about it for so long :(
@user4539917 Oh! Nice! I have not seen that movie. I have seen the original from the '50's
Excellent film. It was the first version I saw, too. Although, the original is also great.
Yeah. Henry Fonda was in it. Super awesome!
That should be the next movie of the day, @NapoleonWilson!!!!
George C. Scott gave a powerful performance.
@steelersquirrel In the remake it's Jack Lemon. And the remake also has Tony Danza! ;-)
@steelersquirrel Yeah, too bad we wasted it just a few minutes ago.
1:48 PM
It was more race oriented than the original.
@user4539917 As always!
@NapoleonWilson Don't you mean too bad you wasted it a few minutes ago? :P
@user4539917 Possibly. It was certainly more overt.
@steelersquirrel I had to act quickly before you'd do something mean, like choosing Murder by Numbers. ;-P
@NapoleonWilson Jack Lemmon has 2 M's, silly bean!
The squirrel is on the spelling and grammar today!!! Muahahahaha!!!
1:50 PM
Odd indeed.
@NapoleonWilson Jack Lemmon + Tony Danza = AWESOME!
I think the pandemic and George Floyd made the movie so much more powerful in today's world, but I'm going to rewatch To Kill A Mockingbird before I finalize that decision :-)
@user4539917 If you're looking for an in your face race related movie, try the remake of Candyman. It's a horror movie directed by Jordan Peele.
Will do, thanks for the recommendation.
I personally thought that it was a little too over the top with the race issues, but if that's the kind of movie you're looking for, it's a good choice
@user4539917 You're welcome :)
1:54 PM
I didn't know Jordan Peele remade that.
he did!
The original already covered the race and poverty issues rather siginficantly, and excellently so.
I liked the original better as I felt that he strayed away from the original story line in the remake
and he hits you over the head with race related stuff instead of it being more subtle in the original movie
Time for work. Gotta go :)
Good luck!
1:59 PM
Btw, if the raiders don't fix their racism issues this year; I may be joining you as a Steelers fan :P
(note the lower case "r" on the raiders :)
2:45 PM
Q: Why do most survival horror films and shows have that one hateable character?

CrafterIn many films and TV shows, most of which are horror or survival or both, there is always that one hateable character. Although most are female, there are also many male ones as well. That one character who does all the dumb things, the one who almost gets the group killed. In addition, they also...

2 hours later…
4:44 PM
@user4539917 NICE!!!! I have converted Napoleon as well!! :)
5:20 PM
Q: How many different languages are spoken?

matt_blackEverything Everywhere All At Once is a fairly insane experience in many ways. There is an enormous and sometimes very rapid flow of images, for example. But, less remarked, there is also a wide variety of languages being spoken (English cinema releases have a lot of subtitles). The lead character...

@MovieReel All of them?
I have no idea. I was just answering you with bullshit ;)
No shit?!
Me too, though. ;-)
5:34 PM
All I know about that movie is its title, so it seemed like a fitting response.
I've never heard of it
6:12 PM
Q: What Earth is (Zombie Body/Spanish Speaking) Stephen Strange From?

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4 hours later…
10:04 PM
Q: What is the oldest piece of visual media involving computerized dating services?

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