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5:34 AM
Q: Why did Smiley attach Polyakov pic to bishop, a chess piece?

J Mac BrownIn Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), Smiley attach Polyakov pic to bishop, a chess piece: Why did Smiley attach Polyakov pic to bishop, a chess piece?

6 hours later…
11:45 AM
Q: Why are the Sith Inquisitors allowed to be Sith lords?

LWCI mean, maybe they're not called "Lords". But in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series, they walk around doing Sith/Jedi tricks in the middle of cities in plain sight while serving as commanders to Stormtroopers. Does this not completely break the Rule of Two that was established as early as the-phant...

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3:01 PM
Q: How realistic for jet fighter pilots to communicate via gestures instead of wireless comms?

Yu ZhangIn the movie Topgun Maverick, Maverick and Rooster are intercepted by two enemy fighters one of whom communicates with Maverick and Rooster using gestures, trying to identify friends from foes. Realistically, for the two enemy fighter pilots, when trying to tell if Maverick and Rooster are hostil...

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4:12 PM
@NapoleonWilson Come in and tell me how awesome the birthday party was!!!
Q: What is the title of this movie?

Carl OrtizI wanna relive my life when I was a kid back in 90s or early 20s. I have this movie that I could remember much, but I would like to watch it again. I will just state some scenes that I could remember. Scene 1: A girl with a star shaped glasses is walking with a wagon cart full of containers. Ther...

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7:07 PM
Q: Was Charles Xavier's 2nd seizure in Logan consistent?

Pro Effects MAXSince Charles Xavier's seizures mentally paralyse those within range, that would explain why, in Logan, when he had his 2nd seizure, the car crashed normally however, when Logan killed those men in the hotel that were attacking Xavier and Laura, wouldn't their bodies technically have just fallen ...

7:31 PM
Q: How realistic is Maverick's career progression in Top Gun (2022)?

Alex RMaverick's military rank is a recurring theme during the movie. Was this supposed to be satirical/funny or is it telling us something about the character? How realistic is it even?


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