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12:13 AM
@NapoleonWilson What kind of effed up movies are you watching? :P
Movie of the day Top Gun
Song of the day Major Tom by Peter Shilling
12:40 AM
@steelersquirrel I happened across it on TV. But I also just watched it again on rerun because it's absolutely brilliant.
@steelersquirrel \o/
1:02 AM
@NapoleonWilson It sounds like that guy in Germany that allowed his lover to eat his penis while he was still alive...it must be a German thing :P
Well, it's a French-Belgian film.
1:21 AM
It's a human thing, I suppose.
1:34 AM
@NapoleonWilson Its a human thing to want to hurt yourself or others for sexual excitement?
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2:48 AM
Q: Why doesn't Vincent kill Annie first?

temporary_user_nameOn rewatch, a friend noticed that Max picks up Vincent right as he drops off Annie - which is to say Vincent was already at the location for the first of his targets. Why does he save her for last instead of killing her first? And even if there's a reason for that, why does he go to her building ...

2 hours later…
4:28 AM
Q: Why didn't Smily arrest Polyakov?

J Mac BrownIn Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011), Polyakov is taking information from the mole and passing it to Soviets. So why didn't Smily arrest Polyakov?

6 hours later…
10:47 AM
@steelersquirrel Other than you, noone said anything about hurting people anyway. ;-P
3 hours later…
2:11 PM
@NapoleonWilson Biting his sister's cut off finger or biting himself during orgasm...that's not hurting anyone? Okay, then. Silly me.
2:35 PM
Movie of the day Spaceballs
Song of the day Space Oddity by David Bowie
@steelersquirrel lol
@AJ Have you seen it?
but it reminded me something funny.
OMG. Spaceballs is awesome!
do you know what else is awesome?
2:42 PM
Like...the game?
I read that there will be a major international tournament of Cricket in US in 2024.
Really? I have never even seen anyone play cricket except in the movies
I didn't know that anyone in the US would be interested in cricket tournaments
That's just an attempt from ICC (Internation Cricket Council) to get US people take interest in the game.
2:48 PM
@AJ Oh, I see. Well...they're still trying to get us interested in soccer. lol
We're a football nation
@steelersquirrel In any case, a lot of weird and disturbing primordial things are inherently human. You'll notice humans are a really deranged kind of animals. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson blah, blah, blah. Sure :P
@steelersquirrel I thought you're a baseball nation.
@AJ Football is by far the most popular sport in the US
@steelersquirrel blah, blah, blah.
2:50 PM
@NapoleonWilson Pfft!
@NapoleonWilson What are you doing today?
Hanging around?
hanging around doing what?
2:51 PM
hanging around who? ;P
I'm probably supposed to go shopping, but I don't really want to.
Why don't you just shop on line like normal people? ;)
@steelersquirrel I also need to get food.
Yeah...shop online for your food!
I totally do that now
It's awesome
@steelersquirrel What if he needs a haircut? Can he do that online? ;P
2:53 PM
@AJ He can watch a youtube video on how to do it himself. lol
@steelersquirrel Meh.
@steelersquirrel Spoken as someone whose only hairstyle is ass-long hair pulled up somehow. ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Why is that meh? You don't like shopping, so just do it online
@NapoleonWilson Girls are different. They should never cut their own hair. It doesn't matter what boys hair looks like :P
Then I don't need to cut it at all anyway.
There ya go!
Well, that's my normal approach, until I get it cut.
That being said, it's usually done by a friend of my mother who's a former hairdresser. So instead of going to a genuine public place, I just go to my mother's for a free dinner instead. ;-)
3:00 PM
So...you can't make any awesome food today because you need to go shopping?
@NapoleonWilson Yep. Typical man thing to say ;)
@steelersquirrel Well, I would need to go shopping in order to make food.
@NapoleonWilson Uhm...that's what I just asked, silly!
I'm still confused as to why you don't just do it online
You can shop online and just have your food delivered to you in like an hour
@steelersquirrel I have zero experience with online food ordering and I never really considered it to be a genuinely reasonable thing. Also when would this crap be delivered, on monday?
3:04 PM
@steelersquirrel well, he will at least get to go out from his house in a while that way.
@NapoleonWilson No! They have one hour deliveries here!
@steelersquirrel That's called delivery service and I occasionally do that, yes. ;-)
I also need to buy new trousers, though. And a present for my cousin's son.
@NapoleonWilson You can also do that online
There's this super cool company called Amazon...
Well, the latter, yes. But I'm not a big fan of buying clothes online, though.
How old is your cousin's son?
3:10 PM
Almost 2.
What are you going to get for him?
I don't know yet. That's part of the annoyance of shopping for presents. If I knew, I'd already have bought it. ;-)
That's why you get it online. You can google "age appropriate toys for 2 year old" Boom!
I guess. I do have some hints, though. Apparently the hot topics are cars, trains, lions and tigers.
Yeah. A 2 year old will pick up a piece of trash on the street and play with it. LOL
@NapoleonWilson Are they having a super fun birthday party with a bunch of 2 year olds running around like mad?
3:19 PM
O hell, I hope not! But I really doubt it, since I'm invited (and likely others my age). ;-)
But maybe they'll do another one with kids at a different time.
Wait until the kid gets older and friends start coming to birthday parties. Those are SUPER FUN!!!
You can dive into the ball pit with all of the kids. Woot!
OMG! And jump on the trampoline with all of the kids!!
Well, my cousin has a swimming pool. But I'm not sure it's fit for 2 year olds.
It will be perfect for when the kids are 5-6 years old.
Especially if there's a trampoline next to the pool.
It's so fun to launch kids on the trampoline. It's even better if you can launch them into a pool from the trampoline! Woooooot!
Well, you're without a doubt an asset to any party anyway.
(Well, maybe not some terrible Catholic funeral or whatever. But I guess that's not actually a "party".) ;-)
@NapoleonWilson Awwwww :)
@NapoleonWilson You need to let me know what you end up getting
3:35 PM
I'll try to.
When is the birthday party?
Next saturday.
OMG. I will totally come in here and stalk you until you post a pic of what you got. lol
A picture even? Why? Can't I just use words?
Uhm...I need a picture
3:42 PM
@NapoleonWilson did you get a gift for your 2 year old cousin yet?
3:59 PM
@steelersquirrel I don't even have a 2 year old cousin. ;-P
@NapoleonWilson Your cousin has a kid, that makes the kid your 2nd cousin, but he's still your cousin!
I'm not sure that's really how it works.
That's how it works
When this kid has a kid, that will be your 3rd cousin and so on and so forth
4:30 PM
Q: What is the term for video quality that is intentionally made to look old or degraded?

FlanManWhat is the term for video quality that is intentionally edited to make it look older or degraded, even when the original was captured on high quality video? For example, video quality can purposely be made to look grainy, jumpy, scratchy, faded, etc.

5:20 PM
Q: How much cantonese/mandarin is in Everything Everywhere all at Once?

thesofakillersCan someone that doesn't speak cantonese nor mandarin get away with watching the movie without subs? I ask because I am in a foreign country where the movie is shown in English but the subs are in the native language.

5:45 PM
Q: Wouldn't Miller's planet by fried by blue shifted radiation?

blademan9999In Interstellar, wouldn't Miller's planet by fried by blue shifted radiation? The 61,000x time dilation multiplier would make even cosmic background radiation photons into Extreme UV photons.

6:10 PM
Q: Is it a coincidence that Tarantino’s eighth film has “Eight? in the title?

GendoIkariQuentin Tarantino is known for caring about the numbering of his films. Going by his own numbering, which counts Kill Bill as a single movie, The Hateful Eight is his eighth film. Has he ever said whether he intentionally picked a name with “eight” in the title, or waited until his eighth film to...

4 hours later…
9:54 PM
Q: Why does Bender say "Please insert girder"?

Rebecca J. StonesIn Futurama, How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back (season 2, episode 15), Bender loses his brain (which looks like a floppy disk), causing him to repeatedly say: Bender: I am Bender. Please insert girder. I'm a little confused, since the definition of "girder" is: girder: A beam, as of ste...


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