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3:58 AM
Q: Why Was the DM CFO in Charge of Discipline and Branch Visits?

MissouriSpartanIn The Office (US), we see David Wallace come to Dunder-Mifflin Scranton to talk directly to the branch employees or Michael directly. Either for discipline or some initiative they are doing, or calling Michael directly to discuss a company policy or some new idea Michael had but pawned off on Dw...

1 hour later…
5:12 AM
Q: Why did Noah say, "tic-tac-toe"?

J Mac BrownBefore they bring an asset up from Casablanca, Noah's team are following movements of Neal Daniels, a CIA station chief involved with Treadstone and Blackbriar: Noah: Give me the subject's location. Man: Subject is now on foot and entering Hotel Velasquez. Hotel is 2.2 kilometers from the bank. ...

6:01 AM
Q: 90's Movie about Teens trapped in Haunted Mansion or Museum

Claiborne ClaiborneI am trying to find the title of a movie I watched about a group of teens trapped in a haunted mansion or museum. . The movie is a late 90's movie. It is about a group of teens in medieval costumes trapped and isolated in a haunted mansion or museum. .The group of teens notice the mansion is sudd...

7 hours later…
12:55 PM
Q: What kind of tape was found from the lake bottom?

Yu ZhangIn the movie, The Endless, Justin and Aron found a tape from the lake bottom, it looks like this: Later they played this tape on TV and it functioned like a VCR tape. What kind of tape is this?

9 hours later…
9:56 PM
Q: Can't find title of Korean Movie, sci fi/fantasy, hero runs up side of building

prograhammerTrying to find a Korean live-action, sci-fi/fantasy/futuristic movie from early 2000s that featured a hero who wears a white super hero suit with a half mask. Several anime style shots like the hero runs up the side of a building. He also fights a villain on the top of a tank. I feel like the mov...

Q: How does Carl see his own dead body?

Yu ZhangIn the movie, The Endless, Carl is trapped in his own endless loop that lasts a few hours, after each loop, everything is reset within his own small sphere. But how do we and himself manage to see his own already dead body hanging from his cabin? How does two Carls appear in the same loop?


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