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4:46 AM
Q: Can Wonder Woman fly in DCEU?

VishwaI've read this question here, and it was while ago and answer by KutuluMike was only focused on first WW movie and BvS. With the second installment, WW84, She seems to be on air for a while, but uses her Lasso as a aid. In comics and DCAU, she have the ability of actual flight. But so far in DCEU...

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10:03 AM
Q: Is NCIS self-parodying in that "two people one keyboard" scene?

WoJA scene in NCIS shows Abigail and Timothy typing together on a single keyboard in order to stop a computer attack on the "public firewall". It does not end well (apparently they were not typing fast enough). I was always wondering whether this scene was to be taken seriously or was some kind of s...

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12:29 PM
Q: What Was Ramius Shouting On the Bridge?

MissouriSpartanIn the Hunt for Red October, when Jack and Ramius are coming back to the bridge from the fight in the missile room, Ramius shouts something, presumably in Russian. It sounded like: ”Espectronaush Espectronaush!!” What was he saying?

1:17 PM
Q: What are they burning and why are they doing it?

Yu ZhangIn Episode The Drowned Giant, Love Death and Robot season 2, what are they burning after the humans have dismembered the body of this dead giant?

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4:32 PM
Q: Should I watch Lucifer?

MasterOfGalaxyI started watching S1 last day, and have already seen 8 episodes. So far, the series seems lackluster and is really sluggish. All the episodes feels like fillers, and I can't really perceive any apparent story or character development. Is it always like this? Should I continue binging the show, n...

5:21 PM
Q: What kind of Computer Dwight had in his room? Is it iMac?

Abhijeet ShuklaI am watching The Office (US version), Season 4 Episode 7. This episode originally aired on Oct 18th, 2007. In this episode Jim and Pam go to Dwight's BnB for a night stay. During their stay we get to get inside look of Dwight's house. Everything seems reasonable (for Dwight) but I notice a fancy...

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6:54 PM
Truly inspiring for new users this question is , it started with - 2 now it rose to HNQ.

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