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12:51 AM
Q: What does this tattoo mean in Nobody?

Yu ZhangIn the movie, Nobody, Hutch is about to get into a fight in a tattoo shop when asking questions about two home-invaders who allegedly stole his daughter's bracelet. Moments before this fight is about to break out, an older man sees this tattoo from Hutch's wrist, getting scared and runs off. I am...

4 hours later…
4:52 AM
Q: What's with dark "shining" in old black and white TV?

Mason WheelerI've been watching What's My Line on YouTube lately, and one very odd visual glitch keeps popping up. When the light hits Arlene Francis's jeweled pendant just right, you'd expect it to shine and sparkle, but instead it consistently appears to create a dark flash around the pendant. This is a ve...

Q: Identify this Movie, 5 or 6 friends get into a cabin, they get attacked by ghosts, aliens and in the end it was a reality show

FoxtrotI don't know how old this movie is.. maybe around 2005-2010 movie. About some friends who get into a cabin. I don't remember why, but some of them start to disappear leaving traces of murder... The thing is... the movie starts to be about ghosts, then start to be like one of them is a killer, the...

3 hours later…
8:21 AM
Q: identify a movie in which a man builds a secret tunnel under the prison before coming to prison

Mikey In this movie, a man goes out of prison by a secret passage under the prison to the building around. He did his own thing, like murder. He returns to prison after doing his work outside prison. After killing a prisoner in his cell, the prison authorities take him to a solitary confinement cell, w...

1 hour later…
9:46 AM
Q: Is there an animated TV show about dinosaurs that ends with reality tv

Joseph McCarthyI'm trying to rememember a short lived animated show about dinosaurs, where the series finale is the destruction of the planet while all the dinosaurs are distracted by watching reality TV, does this exist or did I dream it?

6 hours later…
4:00 PM
Q: How to resize pictures in questions and answers?

MovieGoerI have answered a question recently and I've put two pictures in my answer. But the problem is that one of them is small and the another one is so big. I want to resize the big one in my answer to become as small as the first picture, but I don't want the quality to decline.


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