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1:00 AM
Q: What was the purpose of Bullock's maneuver regarding Otis Russell?

Mike SIn Deadwood season one, episode 12, "Sold Under Sin", Seth Bullock beats Otis Russell near to death. Afterward, he asks Dan Dority to relay a message to Al Swearengen insinuating that, for Al and Dan's sakes (as well as Alma Garret's), Russell should not be allowed to leave the camp alive. He the...

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2:23 AM
@AJ am detecting a pattern with the naming of these films
first one major conflict was during home coming
second one major conflict was far away from Peter home
maybe third one will have peter lost in the Multiverse where is where Strange and Wanda come into it for Multiverse of Madness
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3:31 AM
Q: What's Agatha's final fate?

Nikhil EshvarSpoilers for WandaVision finale: At the end of the finale, Wanda transforms Agatha into her sitcom version "Agnes". However by the end, Wanda removes the hex and so the "sitcom" characters are back to normal in the city. But what about Agnes? Shouldn't she transform back to Agatha or is it part o...

3:57 AM
Q: I'm trying to find what this movie is called, can you please help me find what it's called?

AnaWell, the movie started out with a mother and a son. They both went on vacation to an island, I believe so. The mother and son were with a group of tourists as well. One day in the morning the son decided to go to the beach and meet with a girl and the mother woke up and realized her son wasn't i...

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6:20 PM
Q: Who was the ghoul in the basement of Hill House?

PausePauseIn episode 3 of The Haunting of Hill House Luke uses a dumbwaiter to explore the property, with Theo's assistance. After a mishap with the dumbwaiter buttons Luke is lowered to an uncharted basement and is attacked by a ghoul. Most of the ghosts the Crain family encounter are explained later as f...

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8:27 PM
Q: I'm looking for a movie I watched 6 years ago

ARAYIKSo 6 years ago I watched the first 5 minutes of a movie, and since it was late night, I fell asleep. But I remember exactly what happened during those 5 minutes. So, there's this family: father, mother and the little daughter. One night the kid asks her father to check all the rooms to see whethe...


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