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1:19 AM
Q: Why didn't the Great Protector try to stop Xu Wenwu from destroying the Dark Gate?

user57467I am wondering why the Great Protector didn't try to stop Xu Wenwu from destroying the Dark Gate with the Ten Rings. When Xu Wenwu started to blast away at the Dark Gate, the Great Protector was down at the bottom of the lake, being either asleep or oblivious to what was going on up at the Dark G...

12 hours later…
1:48 PM
Q: Why was Louis Roulet seemingly surprised at what "DJ" Corliss testified?

GreendrakeIn The Lincoln Lawyer, the state prosecutor (Ted Minton) puts a prison cell snitch ("DJ" Corliss) on the witness stand to testify about what the main antagonist (Louis Roulet) allegedly told him when they were in a lockup: The main protagonist — the "Lincoln" lawyer (Mickey Haller) had actually ...

4 hours later…
5:33 PM
Q: Meaning of kisses in "Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain"

BrunoAt the end of Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain (2001), Amélie gives Nino three kisses in very specific places (cheek, neck and eyelids) and silently asks Nino to do the same to her. Does these kisses have any special meaning?

1 hour later…
6:48 PM
Q: A horror movie about a group of young people who sneak out into a haunted mansion

The LibertyMe and my friend would be really grateful if you could help us to find a horror movie. We’ve been struggling to find it for a really long time. It was a mockumentary horror movie. I remember there were 4-6 friends, who came to a haunted mansion – to film paranormal activity. Right before some of...


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