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1:10 AM
Can anyone help identify this tower heist movie? I saw only the trailer, probably 3-4 years ago. The cast was three young actors, whom I didn't recognize. Each worked as staff in the hotel, such as bell hop, deliver meals to guests, etc. Some terrorists or thieves attacked the hotel, and these three men fought them back. It is not Tower Heist nor Skyscraper. I believe it was a comedy. Anyone know the film?
1:38 AM
Q: Did Felix Leiter ever show up in the Brosnan era?

Walter ThurschwellWas there ever an actor in the Pierce Brosnan era of James Bond in the late 1990s, who played Bond's steadfast ally in the CIA, Felix Leiter, for even the quickest cameo? By the first Brosnan film, GoldenEye, Bond is already relying on American agents who are separate characters, like Jack Wade,...

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9:12 AM
Q: Is the rabbit real?

Shadow Wizard is VaccinatingIn The Hunt (2020 film), we see a jackrabbit which appears when Crystal is dying: Any way to know if the rabbit real, or just her imagination? The answer has big impact, in my opinion, on the movie's final message: If the rabbit is real, it means it was "sent" by some higher force, let's call i...

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12:17 PM
@Village is it this?
Game Over, Man! is a 2018 American action comedy film directed by Kyle Newacheck, written by Anders Holm, and starring himself, Adam DeVine, and Blake Anderson, all of whom previously collaborated on the sitcom Workaholics. The film follows three down-on-their-luck housekeepers who must save the day when the Los Angeles hotel they work at gets taken hostage. It was released on March 23, 2018, on Netflix. == Plot == Three friends who work as housekeepers at a luxury hotel in Los Angeles are on the verge of getting their video game financed when their potential benefactor is taken hostage b...
> The film follows three down-on-their-luck housekeepers who must save the day when the Los Angeles hotel they work at gets taken hostage.
2018 which is 3-4 years, 3 housekeepers working on a hotel which is taken hostage. sounds and being a comedy. seems fairly close
i was googling "tower heist comedy terrorist staff" and was getting Tower Heist so i changed Tower to Hotel and started getting it
12:49 PM
I miss Walt more when I see IDs :/
1:43 PM
@Memor-X Yes, thank you!
2:19 PM
@AnkitSharma *pat* *pat*
3:07 PM
Q: I'd like to ask for a specific detail in the plot of a movie that I am not likely to be able to view, would that be that on-topic?

uhohMy 2nd question ever here was Was Nancy Pierpan a spy? (Page Eight) and the first comment that appeared almost immediately was something like "Have you even seen the movie?" to which I could happily reply "Of course I have!" in that case. Now there is a movie I have not seen and am not sure I wil...

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6:03 PM
Q: Ghost playing piano scene

RAWOKATOI remember watching a movie where the protagonist at his home, hears his piano playing and comes to know that a ghost plays his piano. He gets terrified and runs out of his home to a bar and then drinks a lot. While in the bar, he hears his car honking outside the bar, he comes out to check it an...

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7:19 PM
Q: Is there any significance to Frankie Avalon's apperarance on Casino (1995)?

SidWhen Robert De Niro's character launches a short-lived talk show in the movie Casino (1995), his first guest is singer Frankie Avalon in a cameo appearance. Why was this singer selected for this role? Did it have any special significance?

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10:16 PM
Q: Why doesn’t Carla Jean run away from Anton Chigurh?

NickMiltiadousIn the movie No Country For Old Men why doesn’t Carla Jean Moss just run away after finding Anton Chigurh sitting in the chair? He isn’t pointing a gun or dangerous weapon at her. It seems she should rather have run away and then give the police a description of him and maybe they would of caught...

11:06 PM
Q: Anton Chigurh shares a similar trait with Gd. Read for my interesting thought

NickMiltiadousJust like no one may see Gd’s face and live, no one may see Anton Chigurhs’ and live either which I think is kinda badass. Don’t get me wrong, it’s completely sick and twisted and wrong but from a fake movie POV it’s pretty sick. He never gets caught for long and no one knows what he looks like...


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