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4:41 AM
Q: "Charade" (1963) How did Cary Grant know that Walter Matthau was really Carson Dyle?

Cinemartist63In the thrilling finale, when Cary Grant sees Walter Matthau and yells for Audrey Hepburn to stop running, Grant recognizes Matthau as Carson Dyle. How did he know that was Carson Dyle? I don't recall any plot point that serves this recognition on Grant's part.

3 hours later…
7:15 AM
Q: What is the movie?

The Poor JewI watched a french movie a while ago (this year, although not in the theaters) and I forgot its name. I was searching for it on the internet but I couldn't find it, so I would like the help of you guys. The plot goes like this: There is a couple. The boyfriend writes a famous sci-fi novel which b...

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10:15 AM
Q: Where did the watch come from?

Michael TaylorIn the movie Somewhere in Time, Christopher Reeve's character is given a pocket watch by the old woman. That woman turns out to be the elderly version of the woman he falls in love with and travels back in time to be with. He took the watch with him and it was left behind with her when he was wre...

4 hours later…
2:08 PM
Q: IMDB movie ID vs Netflix movie ID

Bunyamin KurtIMDB and netflix have different id for same movies. For example: movie id on netflix for V for Vendetta is 70039175, movie id on imdb for v for vendatta is tt0434409. Is there a way or any dataset for mapping netflix and imdb movie ids?

2 hours later…
3:51 PM
Q: Did any theatre get all endings to Clue?

SQBThe 1985 film Clue famously has three different endings, with different theatres getting a different ending. Were there any theatres that got all three endings? Or that set out to acquire all three?

1 hour later…
5:08 PM
Q: How many of you cried when bing bong dies in "inside out" movie?

Amruth AJust asking how many of you cried when bing bong sacrifices his life and falls to the memory dump, to push joy outside the memory pit?

5 hours later…
9:52 PM
Q: What The Lion Guard episode Kion and Fuli gave each other a high fives?

So WhatIt's been a while since i watched it's episodes and does anyone know that they did a high fives?


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