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2:50 AM
Q: What does "pop-ups are fallin' for base hits" mean?

Nelson BlakeIn 12 Angry Men (1957), twelve jury members gather together to decide whether the 18-year-old defendant is guilty. They discuss an old man who was present at the crime scene: he heard the defendant yell, 'I'm gonna kill ya!', heard a body hit the floor a second later, and ran to the door to see a...

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6:54 AM
Q: Why did King Henry V have Cambridge and Grey’s heads cut off?

Cal BloomIn Netflix movie The King (2019), what mistakes have Cambridge and Grey made to have King Henry V have their heads cut off? Wikipedia article on this movie didn't give me clear explanation on this.

2 hours later…
8:31 AM
Q: What was the question about reparations that Josh Lyman almost asked, then didn't?

uhohI can not yet identify the specific West Wing episode, but there was a conversation between Josh Lyman and an advocate for reparations to African Americans that took place in Lyman's office. I remember Lyman appearing to want to ask a question, starting to, but not following through; something a ...

8:56 AM
Q: If Cinderella's shoe fit perfectly, why did it fall off?

YashWhat was the reason for Cinderella to fall off her shoe? After all we all know that the shoe she wears is perfectly fits in her fit.

@MovieReel Yeah yeah, it just a Reddit meme
9:20 AM
Q: Why was Rachel's dilation measured in centimeters?

cholo14In Friends episode 8x23, "The One Where Rachel Has A Baby, Part 1", Rachel is at the hospital waiting to give birth to her child. During the episode, the doctor checks how much Rachel is dilated and it is only 3cm. Is it a common practice to measure the dilation in centimetres in the US? Why did ...

10:09 AM
Q: How audience does not notice voice difference when "singing-voice" dubbing?

ScienceDiscovererHow audience does not notice voice difference when professional singer, with totally different voice, performs musical number and than lip synchronized to the actual actor? For example, Marnie Nixon was "singing-voice" of many popular actresses in musicals, but how people don't notice difference ...

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1:09 PM
Whoops, I hit the wrong button. Please don't review-ban me :-)
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4:40 PM
Q: is there any meaning behind the letters: GMO - A scene from Brahms: The Boy II

FooBarI was watching "Brahms: The Boy II" when I noticed some letters somehow hidden in a scene. The shot is from 00:41:02. Here is an improved version:

5:05 PM
Q: What do the tentacles signify in the movie "The Lighthouse"?

Kartik ChauhanI watched the movie The Lighthouse recently(a great movie, IMHO) and a lot of questions popped up inside my head. I was able to get the answers for most of them by reading here & there on the internet. But there's one question which bugs me the most and I'm unable to find an answer for it. In one...

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9:11 PM
@Randal'Thor only corner of shame for 3 hours 😂

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