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3:43 AM
Q: Is is true that most human beings are afraid of gluten?

Martin SteveMulch say to Interrogator: Mulch: Try to imagine if humans suddenly found out there was a world of magical creatures living beneath them. Most human beings are afraid of gluten. Is is true that most human beings are afraid of gluten?

4:07 AM
Q: Why would a company retire its logo in favor of another new one, just to use their old logo ocassionally again?

Rob JacksonWarner Brothers retired the world famous (and gangsta I must add) still logo of the shield with the clouds in the background, in favor of the next, CGI one, which shows the steel that makes up that same exact logo, with the reflection of the Warner Bros. lot in Los Angeles on that gold steel, as ...

4:32 AM
Q: why would Myer's first statement from other case help to solve present case?

Martin SteveIn Just Mercy (2019), Idealistic young Harvard law graduate Bryan Stevenson moves to Alabama hoping to help fight for poor people. He works with Eva Ansley on the case where Walter "Johnny D." McMillian, who was falsely convicted of the 1986 murder of Ronda Morrison. Bryan suspects witness Myers...

4:57 AM
Q: Why is it that despite buying Turner, New Line in 1996, many of the company bought by Warner Brothers felt nothing like Warner?

Rob JacksonI'm talking the logos, the way the trailers were made, etc, etc. Cartoon Network until recently still felt like Hanna Barbera was before Warner bought it. New Line Home Video, from the FBI warning, to the bumpers showing "Now available from New Line Home Video," yada, yada, yada, etc, didn't have...

5:22 AM
Q: Why did Man say, "Hello"?

Martin SteveIn Just Mercy (2019), lawyer Bryan meets Walter's family to find out Walter's location at the time the girl was murdered. Woman: Now, how he supposed to kidnap some crazy white man all the way in Evergreen, then drive back to Jackson Cleaners to kill that girl at 10:15 if his truck ain't got no ...

11 hours later…
4:19 PM
Q: Which movie/show is this line from?

Rajdeep Sindhu "Your curiosity is gonna get you killed" Me and many of my friends recall this line from a movie or a TV show but can't recall which movie/show it's from. It's most probably from the Marvel Cinematic Universe because that's something that we all have watched but I'm not sure. I don't know if qu...

3 hours later…
7:44 PM
Q: What does the three numbers used by Ramius when giving directions mean in The Hunt for Red October?

LunaramethystAround 28:20 in the movie, after Ramius' opening speech for Red October's mission and while the crew is singing the Soviet anthem, he gives the numbers 2/5/0 to his navigator to use as a direction. I've seen this three-numbers system used in a lot of sci-fi and I always brushed it off as technoba...

3 hours later…
10:43 PM
Q: In Interstellar, do TARS and CASE represent Murphy and Tom respectively?

tjheslin1Rewatching Interstellar I couldn't help but notice the similiarities in the personality of Cooper's two children, Murphy and Tom and the two of the robots he encounters during the film, TARS and CASE. This has likely been picked up upon in the past but I can't see any references. I believe TARS r...

11:08 PM
Q: In Vertigo, how did Madeleine get inside her hotel room without the key?

user3453281One of the first clue that Madeleine is possessed by Charlotta's ghost is when Scottie sees her through a window at the McKittrick hotel, where Charlotta lived, but when he goes to the front desk he learns that no one checked in that day and the keys are still at reception. How did Madeleine appe...


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