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1:35 AM
watched The Crimes of Grindelwald the other day. don't get why people think it's trash, sure it's got some weak moments but it's still entertaining. weakest moment is the whole Lestrange boy plot as it amounts to almost fuck all
1:46 AM
weird thing is that Prime7 advertised the plot as being Grindelwald trying to stop Harry Potter before he is born which isn't the case from how i understand things. sort of a pain that they leave the end leading on like that because it makes it obvious they want to milk the series
2 hours later…
3:34 AM
Q: Need help finding this animated short film about a man ironing paper for a living

GalacticNebulaI along with some others have attempted to scour the internet for this animated short film about a man, who is like a wooden art mannequin, that is ironing paper for a job. The man's boss has a picture frame face. At the end there are a bunch of people on hangers being thrown into a fire. The man...

3:59 AM
Q: In this scene the main character is holding a flag walking down the street

1.21 gigawattsI’m looking for the name of the movie where there was a scene that one of the main characters was holding a flag during a war between two forces. The main character walked down the street holding the flag and both sides stopped fighting. IIRC it was a Marx Brothers movie. I don’t know how to do a...

Q: Why did Ocean say, "You don't hear Yen complaining"?

Eular FinnInside the vault, Yen placed all the detonators, but got his hand’s bandage stuck in an inlet. Outside the vault, Ocean and Linus had to open the vault by using the detonators in order to steal the money out of it. But the remote’s batteries died: Linus: Well, did you check the batteries? You kn...

4:49 AM
Q: Why have science fiction movies often been terrible?

releseabeIf you watch MST3K, scifi/horror films predominate. Perhaps the reason is that post ww2 there were a lot of scifi movies made or maybe since science fiction often relies on monsters, etc. plot and good acting are secondary.

5:13 AM
Q: What's the significance of car freshner?

Eular FinnCamera focuses on this car freshner in some parts of the movie: What's the significance of car freshner?

4 hours later…
9:06 AM
@Memor-X agreed.
9:20 AM
how's things been @AJ?
Okaish. Working from home. I listen to the sound of jackhammer and hammer everyday as the demolishing of other part of the house is going on.
@AJ good. working from the office but still have to remote into my PC because the wing i'm in doesn't have a secure network line. only in this wing incase of a medical episode they don't want me to be alone
@AJ as in your house or a conjoined neighbour's place?
9:38 AM
@Memor-X In my house. Currently we are getting half portion of the house demolished in order to get things moving. The remaining will be demolished when we move.
7 hours later…
4:49 PM
Q: Why was human uninverted but the wall?

wqeeqwqeIn Tenet, when someone got shot by inverted bullet, shouldn't the person "hurt" before getting shot and recover immediately after the inverted bullet shoot him, if not, then why was the wall recovered immediately after being shot, but man is not?

5:39 PM
Q: How did Elwood know that the Illinois police force were in the audience?

Mozibur UllahIn the final scene of the Blues Brothers, Elwood gives the following speech: We're so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight. And we would especially like to welcome representatives of the Illinois law enforcement community, who have chosen to join us here in the Palace Hotel Ball...

6:28 PM
Q: Mrs. Thatcher and South Africa’s sanctions

cmpIn The Crown, season 4, The Prime Minster refuses to sign a document towards sanctions in South Africa. The Queen was rather insistent that this was really important for the commonwealth. what are these ‘sanctions’? why didn’t she want to sign it? She was rather forced into signing only after t...

1 hour later…
7:43 PM
Q: Why did the South African authorities allow Cry Freedom to be screened when the book itself was banned?

Mozibur UllahCry Freedom is a 1987 film about Steve Biko, an African South African and an activist against the then South African apartheid regime and was actually shot in location in Zimbabwe and Kenya due to political turmoil in South Africa. Quite incredibly, the film was released in South Africa despite ...


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