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1:35 AM
Q: Pulp Fiction Scene

Daniel KeilingHow did Butch manage to open the cab door with his boxing gloves on? Esmeralda was in the driver seat when he got in. He was still wearing his red boxing gloves.

1 hour later…
2:53 AM
@Memor-X initial shooting is long done, reshoot was plan, nothing new happened
3:16 AM
@AnkitSharma well reading the summary on Wikipedia it sounds like Saw: X- Men
and also Magneto's wet dream
> ha, ha, ha, ha, yes! it's funny because they don't have a third movie
3:33 AM
3:45 AM
4:35 AM
Q: Do they have SuperVillains?

VishwaThe Boys is set in a universe where super powered people are recognized as heroes by the general public. usually, in super hero stories, public sees heroes emerge upon rise of the evil. Without evil/villains, there isn't much use of a super hero nor the need nor inspirations for their heroism. In...

4:51 AM
@MovieReel wont it be a twist that all the super heroes in it are just Super Villains who already destroyed all the Super Heroes
5:13 AM
@MovieReel did you frogot superpowered terrorist? @Vishwa
5:35 AM
@AnkitSharma isnt that his source same compound V? I'm asking why the public needed the supes and what's the use of them to the public? cops and army can handle the normies (like we see in our reality). without evil, what is the need of supes? @Memor-X
@Memor-X destroyed who? did I missed that somehow in the story?
@Vishwa no it was just pure speculation. never seen the series
was imply that the super heroes aren't super heros
and that they are actually Super Villains who already killed their super hero counterparts
@Vishwa that is different question
5:54 AM
Q: Anime withouth manga

TK-421I am curious and want to find out, how much of anime is not based on manga? What is the percentage of anime based on other sources, or on original scripts?

@Vishwa anyways tried to answer that
@MovieReel i think too broad
@Memor-X I mean do I need to cpunt all anime ever exissted and see which si absed on manga O.o
@AnkitSharma Yeah
@NogShine posted CV, moved forward
@Vishwa anyways second seaosn is bringing Stormfront who was literally nazi in comics.
6:37 AM
@Memor-X that's some deep thoughts bruv
@AnkitSharma appreciate it :)
@AnkitSharma still... if all the heroes are actually not heroes, that left us with Starlight as a clear choice of hero and others in Seven are related-similar to Stormfront
Anyways, I've high hopes for Amazon original Hunters
@Vishwa no idea about it
@AnkitSharma look for it, it's about 1970's and Nazi hunters. it even has Al pacino
@Vishwa Queen Maeve in show is also not bad, in comcis she was more jerk then show. A-Train and Homelander are clear psycopaths, the Deep is molester so we can say villain, Black Noir we barely know, Translucent seems like just a pervert
I will even count Madelyn Stillwell mix of Lex luther and amanda
6:55 AM
@AnkitSharma thats my point bruv. we see them as their true selves, but general public doesn't in that universe. so I wonder why they need supes, why adore them so much? why let them work among public while almost all the threats are from ordinary people which popo can handle
You mentioned Naquib and we don't know whether he's a villain or someone acts that way on self defence or someone reacts to the foreigners who attacks in his country
so, we are yet to determine if he's a villain or not eh? (in TV)
@AnkitSharma probably in S2, we'll see some more
7:08 AM
@Vishwa he was terrorist. So.............villain
Anyways research for your answer inspired em to ask my own question from teh show
7:52 AM
Q: Why they avoided Martian Manhunter?

Ankit SharmaThe Boys is based on the comic book of the same name, in comics they have a team called The Seven which is a clear parody of Justice League: The Homelander(Superman parody) Black Noir(Batman parody) Queen Maeve(Wonder Woman parody) Mister Marathon(Flash parody) The Deep(Aquaman parody) Jack Fro...

@MovieReel why no edit O.o Is it perfect :O Or everybdoy else busy :?
8:16 AM
@AnkitSharma aline?
8:42 AM
@AJ alien
alien hero?
@AJ other are human so there face don't need CGI or makeup
cheaper hero?
wait i will edit
@AJ now
looks fine
9:11 AM
Q: Does the Mind Flayer return to the Upside Down world?

Hello ThereDuring the seasons of Strager Things we can see that the Mind Flayer can join a human and has power over the host. Will was the first one to sufer this but they could take it out before the portal was close by Eleven. Does the Mind Flayer that was inside Will return back to the Upside Down world ...

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10:32 AM
Q: Linking to Youtube

RappaportXXXso when answering this question Why did the dad try to shoot Victoria, and what happens to the real mom? I came across a video on youtube that shows the opening sequence to the movie but its clear someone has recorded their television using a mobile phone or some other recording device. I know...

11:09 AM
Q: Do you know non-one subject movies?

Murat DenizMaybe title is not explanatory because of my english so I search movies which have more subject of story instead of the only one main story structure like general technic.I want to write a screenplay which tells a part of character's life.

5 hours later…
4:23 PM
Q: In The Blues Brothers, what is the significance of the food order?

PuyalluputianIn The Blues Brothers, Jake orders four whole fried chickens and Elwood orders dry white toast. My best guess on why Jake orders the chicken is a reference to the song “Back Door Man” (“...I eat more chicken than any man ever seen...”). This seems to jive with Jake’s personality. I have no idea w...

5:22 PM
Q: Who is Jerry ranting about in the Bridget Everett episode of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee?

JoshIn S11E10 of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, Bridget Everett mentions a friend of hers, but his name is censored by the show. Jerry Seinfeld immediately launches into a rant about the guy, who Jerry claims has a history of attacking Jerry out of jealousy for Jerry’s superior comedic talent. Jer...

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7:01 PM
Q: Is there an over-arcing term for this style of movie?

BlazeI am wondering if there is a label-term for the particular style of movie that provides just enough plot upon which to hang some specialist features. The three top examples would be: Porn (thin plot setting up detailed sex scenes), Musicals (thin-to-medium plot to set up elaborate song & dance...


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